• Ghost Ornithology by TEXTBEAK and TNDROND

    21 Mar 2014, 17:05 by onetruetextbeak

    Ghost Ornithology
    Textbeak and Jason Adams - Watching Birds Fall 03:26
    Voctave - Fauxmotion 04:52
    Textbeak - Iris 03:11
    Bath - Foldre (Textbeak Version) 03:06
    Voctave - Inflect 04:48
    Bath - Fold (Voctave Remix) 05:51
    Bath - The Folded Grin (The Ceremonial Dagger Black Cat Remix) 09:45
    Textbeak - Iris (Peter Percept Remix) 04:10

    Ghost Ornithology is the second collaborative release as TEXTBEAK and TNDROND and is a follow up to 2012's The Spirit of Opposition (on I had An Accident Records). TNDROND is an acronym for the cult-like organization The New Deal Representatives of Northern Disco, which is an umbrella for Textbeak's musical collaborators including members of the 1954 crew and his band Bath. The name is a reference to the crew's usage of cold beats and atmospheres which are quite evident on this esoteric release that swims in icy waters between bass grooves and haunted skies. The title Ghost Ornithology is a nod to the arcane witch house warlock The Ceremonial Dagger and his Ghost Triangulations series of releases.

    Released by DARK DAZE Records

    Distributed by Sub Culture Records

    Mastered by Carlos Perón at

    Pre-mastered by Brant Showers of ∆AIMON

    Cover drawing by Carmen Incarnadine ART aka Coco ᴐaᴚᴃoᵯᴃ

    Ghost Ornithology is available at these fine sites:
    Urban Download:

    Ghost Ornithology opens with an unheard live in-studio one-take recording of "Watching Birds Fall" featuring deceased 1954 and Bath member Jason Adams (aka Agate) on synthesizers and Textbeak on vox. It also features two tracks from Voctave (aka Rob Ngy) in his cerebral funk style and three remixes of the Bath classic "The Folded Grin" (featuring Bath members Christie Elizabeth and Textbeak on vocals) by The Ceremonial Dagger (Black Bvs Records), Textbeak, and Voctave. Also included on this release is two versions of Textbeak's "Iris" including a chaotic glitch jazz edit by Andréas Marchal (of Vaatican Records France) in his Peter Percept guise.

    23 Dec 2013, 06:24 by mystichosis

    I know that these lists are redundant, but judging by the amount of trolls and people who actually have similar taste in music as me, mine is probably much better or worse. I'm thinking of making a mix of some of the best tracks from some of these albums, so let me know if you're interested in hearing it and I will go through with that.

    Fuck Buttons - Slow Focus: While it's going to be hard to ever top Street Horrsing, this record was just as good if not better than Tarot Sport. I just wished it was longer.

    Bleached - Ride Your Heart: Filling the gap that Vivian Girls left in noise pop/punk which Veronica Falls, Colleen Green, and others have been unable to fill.. I really enjoyed this record this year.

    Factory Floor - Self-Titled: This isn't a house or an industrial record, but it has elements of both. It's an experimental electronic record with a post-punk and noise influence which is why I liked it, and most purists didn't.

    Rainbow Arabia - F.M. Sushi: I still don't get why this band is so underrated and overlooked compared to contemporaries like Gang Gang Dance or The Knife. In a lot of ways they are more pop than them, but maybe it is the noise element that they are missing. Regardless, this is easily one of my favorite albums of the year.

    Dirty Beaches - Drifters/Love Is The Devil: While it can be argued that he went in the wrong direction with this record, this is still one of the best albums of the year.

    Dum Dum Girls - Too True: In heavy rotation right now. I'm glad the Dum Dum Girls went back to their noise pop roots and produced their best album since I Will Be. Favorite tracks: Rimbaud Eyes, Lost Boys And Girls Club (obviously), Too True To Be Good, and Trouble Is My Name.

    The Knife - Shaking The Habitual: This was a fun experiment and being a fan of noise and experimental music, I enjoyed it but they should probably go back to doing what they do best (ie - Making pop music) now.

    James Ferraro - NYC Hell 3:00AM:
    Totally understands that pop is the new noise and continues to amaze, albeit in a completely different way. Now if only Sam Mehran would abandon the underground and step up to the plate.

    Zola Jesus - Versions: It's truly amazing to me how overlooked this album has been just because she traded synths for classical instruments. In a lot of ways that makes this album more minimal, and even more beautiful.

    Blouse - Imperium:
    Sure, they abandoned their lo-fi sound like most bands have but came out with an amazing softmore album which most other bands are incapable of doing. Despite this, it has been criminally overlooked.

    Var - No One Dances Quite Like My Brothers: Came out of nowhere (well technically, the band Iceage) and put out one of the most interesting records of the year. Also, check out Lust For Youth's Perfect View.

    Outer Limits Recordings - Singles, Demos, and Rarities: I was sad when I stopped having to like Ariel Pink for aesthetic reasons, but luckily this guy has came into my life to fill the void left there. Not only is he better at doing Ariel Pink than Ariel Pink in my mind, but he's also got a zillion noisy and random side projects (rivaling James Ferraro) to check out.

    No Joy - Waiting To Pleasure: I'm a harsh critic of anything grunge. Despite that, I love noise pop, shoegaze, and this album definitely does it right. Oddly, their bitchy attitude in most interviews just makes me like them more.

    Purity Ring - Shrines:
    I'm almost embarrassed to put this on here, but the album is good. It's contemporary pop music which shows that you can be influenced by dubstep, but not allow it to turn your music into shit.


    Princess Century - Lossless: I could just be biased because I like her and she's been in Austra as well as Trust. This album was pretty good though, and it will be interesting to see what else she can do on her own.

    Austra - Olympia: Obviously not as good as Feel It Break, but not bad. I'm rooting for their comeback in 2014.

    Deerhunter - Monomania: Even a bad Deerhunter album is better than most indie rock out there. Hopefully they will recalibrate and come out with something better or more along the lines of Microcastle in 2014.

    Prince Rama - The Top Ten Hits Of The End Of The World: Since this album was released in late 2012, the world didn't end, and just because I can, I'm adding this album to the list. Listen to it if you haven't already.

    Melody's Echo Chamber - Self-Titled: Once again, this came out in late 2012 but to say that this is better than Tame Impala is an understatement. This is the best female fronted psych rock I have heard in a long time.

    Selebrities - Lovely Things: Unlike with Blouse, I'm not sure if I liked Selebrities softmore album as much as their first more lo-fi one. This isn't to say that it is bad though, as I think that it's still worth listening to for sure.

    Veronica Falls - Waiting For Something To Happen: I think that the name is fitting as this album didn't live up to my expectations, but admittedly I had really high expectations considering how much I like some of their tracks.

    Pharmakon - Abandon: I almost didn't want to put this on my list, simply because I feel like she's getting a disproportionate amount of attention being a female noise artist. Regardless, I think that some of it is warranted as Crawling On Bruised Knees is one of the best tracks of the year. Sadly, the album isn't quite as great.

    Marnie - Crystal World: An overlooked Ladytron side project. I am glad to hear that Ladytron hasn't broke up and this is just a side project, but it's not that bad.

    Black Marble - A Different Arrangement: This was released in late 2012, but they are definitely a new favorite band of mine that has improved greatly since I first listened to them and hopefully they will continue to.

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Mosquito: Just like I said with Deerhunter, even a bad Yeah Yeah Yeahs album is better than most indie rock. Regardless, I still hope that they return to the pop sound of It's Blitz.

    Tropic of Cancer - Restless Idylls: New to this band, but everything they do seems to be great. This album may have made it to my other list but I just got it so I haven't been able to listen to it that much yet.

    Yung Lean - Unknown Death 2002: Definitely one of the best rap albums of the year. I seriously mean that not only because of the production, but their sincerity and lack of pretense. This is lost in most music today, especially rap.

    Cold Cave - Miscellaneous: He didn’t actually release an album this year, but he released a bunch of singles.. Some of which were better than others. Either way, it has me psyched for his next album!


    Dum Dum Girls - Too True: I already have it, but I'm looking forward to their next video and tour.

    Xiu Xiu - Angel Guts: Red Classroom: I didn't care for Nina, but judging by their recent single Stupid In The Dark this album is gong to be great.

    Riff Raff - Neon Icon: This album is going to be a game changer. Anybody who disagrees with me on that is out of their mind.

    Grimes - Untitled Fourth Album: The problem with Visions is that it was a few good songs and lots of filler. I don't see her next album being that way, so I'm really looking forward to it.

    Trust - Joyland: His first album came out of nowhere and was amazing. However, I heard he isn't working with Maya (Princess Century/Austra) so it will be interesting to see what he can do on his own now.

    Crystal Castles - IV (presumably): Do I really need to write an explanation for this? While II is still my favorite, III had a darker edge so it will be interesting to see if they can bring the two together. If so, IV could be their best album ever.

    Cold Cave - Sunflower: Huge fan of this band, so I can't wait for this one.

    PS: To be updated, as I'm still listening to everyone else's best of lists which may help to expand/improve this one.

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    I released an instrumental experimental electronic hip-hop EP last month called STOBOR

    fans of kxnwledge, flying lotus, fat jon, georgia anne muldrow and eloquent might dig this. peep!


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