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Created on: 1 Mar 2007
Pretty self-explanatory. Join and get the job done.

Basically, it has been brought to my attention that I am the Coldplay Jesus. Now, whether or not this evaluation (performed by the great BonyTerman) is entirely accurate or politically correct is definitely a decision you must make on your own. Regardless, I have decided to start the movement to get "Careful Where You Stand" into Coldplay's top 25 tracks played. While "Fix You" and "Speed of Sound" are both great tracks (I have yet to run into a Coldplay track I can't listen to) they are by no means Coldplay's best efforts. Of course, this is merely my own unique opinion and perhaps I will be labeled as the Coldplay Judas here in the near future because of my lack of taste for their most recent hit singles. Now, this group doesn't just have to work on getting "Careful Where You Stand" into the Top 25; anyone who joins should obviously be a fan of that song but also, as mentioned in the title, all of Coldplay's B-sides. There isn't a B-side in the top 30 and I believe that is a huge problem. My quest may result in failure but I can now rest easy knowing that I did my best.

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  • hpsss like us = help us :) please !

    11 Dec 2011 Reply
  • Mavtrzyrick

    Viva la Vida? Yes, yes.. it's awesome ;p

    24 Sep 2008 Reply
  • DerGewalthaber

    Whaa their new album comes on june 13th. What I heard of it was awesome.

    27 May 2008 Reply
  • closedmouth

    Get Careful Where You Stand Into?

    16 May 2008 Reply
  • bicranium

    Man our group picture is awesome. That's probably the best Coldplay picture ever. Just like this is probably the best Coldplay group ever.

    13 Feb 2008 Reply
  • Mavtrzyrick

    When they will play again?! Because the have break in play.. when the break will finish? :((

    18 Dec 2007 Reply
  • DerGewalthaber

    Do you know the x & Y Dutch edition? Some pretty good tracks on that too, like Things I don't Understand and Gravity.

    4 Dec 2007 Reply
  • Mavtrzyrick

    They play beautiful music :)

    5 Nov 2007 Reply
  • JohanPar

    Great group. I hope For you and see you soon are worthy too.

    26 Aug 2007 Reply
  • Lord_sNap


    27 Jul 2007 Reply
  • myparty

    we sure do :D

    6 Jul 2007 Reply
  • bicranium

    Man... We have some work to do. :-p

    19 May 2007 Reply
  • felipe8a

    This semester stats will probably change on june 30th, so wou guys must listen to Careful where you stand around 38.000 times in the next two months to fulfill your goal.

    9 May 2007 Reply
  • bicranium

    We now have a picture. I like blue things.

    4 May 2007 Reply
  • myparty

    roger that

    13 Apr 2007 Reply
  • brenda1222


    1 Apr 2007 Reply
  • felipe8a

    Hey there...did you know that Careful where you stand is not a b-side in my country? The Parachutes version edited for Colombia includes the song.

    9 Mar 2007 Reply
  • clearthought

    does Brothers & Sisters count? great song

    9 Mar 2007 Reply
  • das_eisenherz

    I agree, awesome b-sides! Things I Don't Understand is probably my favourite....Crests Of Waves rocks too.

    1 Mar 2007 Reply
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