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  • yelyahayley

    Oh yeah and he's cute smile and... little teeth . It's so sweet :D

    May 2010
  • im_not_okay_

    I love Gee <3 He is cute and very hot ^_^

    May 2010
  • LuvGeeWay

    yeah and that pic was so faked you can tell easily \/ \/

    July 2009
  • ErosionOfSanity

    wow... Gerard Way pictured recently seriously drunk. Guess he hadn't given up the booze after all....

    October 2008
  • Vivian_Leto_Way

    My Love ^.^ Adoor0o0o o Gerard

    October 2008
  • jessyjam

    oh yeah!...love him♥

    August 2008
  • skuborssy

    i love gerard!!!!!!!!! he is amazing! wait, when is his B-day? im a new fan so.....ya.if any one knows, PM me.

    June 2008
  • Bonbonchik

    yea, it's me and I love Gerard!! <3

    December 2007
  • hUrRiCaNeXxX

    does any visit this page except me....?

    November 2007
  • hUrRiCaNeXxX

    hey check out the group THE.BLACK.PARADE

    October 2007
  • Gerard45789

    heyya everyone just wanna say Gerard Way is awsome and is hot!

    September 2007
  • fade-to-blck

    my sister...lol..

    May 2007
  • fade-to-blck

    hi! I agree completely and totally with the person below me XD

    May 2007
  • blckmariah

    Gerard is a genius. He's amazing. Yeah... that's all...

    May 2007
  • _kristen

    hey everyone! i just wanted to shout out an early happy birthday to gee! babe, you don't look a day over 20.

    April 2007
  • meronym

    helloo :D

    April 2007