• "Build on Me" by Distant Fires Burning Out Now on U-cover Records

    15 Apr 2010, 07:25 by Doorchaser

    Today, U-Cover Records released the third album by Distant Fires Burning, "Build on Me", on it's sublabel U-Cover CDR Limited.

    It's a CDR limited on 155 copy's. For 9,50 euro u get 8 tracks of - and s. The difference with Messierobjekten and 7 Sisters is that for the first time my basic sound is created by using the Fender Jazz Bass. Tracks 2,6,7 and 8 start from a Bass-scape where additional synths were added to empower the feel of the Bass-scape. Tack 3 "Oppression" exists only of a Bass-Scape and effects. No synths were added there.

    I'm happy to see it released through [U-Cover Records because it's a label that understands my interests the best. They bring the best in , , and music and have no fear to support fairly unknown artists like Distant Fires Burning. Koen Lybaert runs the label and together with Esther Santoyo (Mexico) he makes marvelous music with and influences as Ontayso. Ontayso is an inspiration for me, as is Biosphere, Tim Hecker, Loscil and Brian Eno. It makes me even more proud to have a release next to edition 7 in Ontayso's Abstract Series.
  • poivreVert preview

    28 Nov 2009, 14:58 by Doorchaser


    I'm working on a new project with a friend (Pieter Delafortrie). It's called poivreVert. Music is gonna toggle between IDM, ambient, electropop and singer-songwriter.

    We're working on an entire liveset etc..

    But for now we wanna leave you with a small free downloadable preview

    World Smaller Sweet Coloured


  • 7 Sisters CDR available

    2 Sep 2009, 08:12 by Doorchaser

    The new CDR "7 Sisters" is available through the Music / Store on For 5 EUR (+2,50 EUR shippingcosts) you get a lightscribe CDR with 7 tracks in a jewelcase with minimal design by me. The first 50 copies will be handnumbered and will contain a small pen drawing.

    The music is inspired by artists as Biosphere, The Future Sound of London, Global Communication, Brian Eno, Loscil, Tim Hecker, David Sylvian, Pete Namlook, Deepspace, Bpolar, Tangerine Dream and Dead Can Dance.

    For the ones who don't have "Messierobjekten" yet, there's good news. You can buy "7 Sisters" and "Messierobjekten" together for 12,50 EUR (+ 3 EUR shippingcosts) .

    Go to 7 Sisters to listen. You will find a free download there of the track Celaeno. On you can find an exclusive download of the track Electra!

  • new 5 CD release FREE FOR DOWNLOAD from ksandr and I.M.M.U.R.E. (RUSSIA)

    21 Mar 2009, 13:58 by Ksandr10

    Here it is

    Ksandr and I.M.M.U.R.E.

    its a new compillation of free improvization works, recorded in 2009 by two Russian musicants ksandr and I.M.M.U.R.E.

    "Our new 5CD album called Inner Gravity is our improvization work. We use only self-made instruments and some effects for recording, so parts 1-5 are non stop live improvizations, cutted for tracks for more comfortable listening! So try to listen it track by track)) The 5th part we desided not to divide by tracks, its a single track!"

    I hope you like it!



    Представляем вашему вниманию наш новый импровизационный альбом Inner Gravity. Этот альбом - погружение в себя, размышление, атмосфера.... В работе использованы самодельные музыкальные инструменты (диджериду, колесная лира, колокола, фуяра, флейты), а так же варган и перкуссия. Для удобства прослушивания длинные композиции разбиты на треки, но последнюю часть мы решили оставить сингл-трековой.

  • my favorites so far.

    3 Mar 2009, 20:15 by sutlu_nuriye

    Svarte Greiner - Kappe
    flesh on bone, convulsing above the ground.

    Hecq - Night Falls
    an ambient masterpiece of nordic soundscape, choral passages are breathtaking.

    Elegi - Varde
    tales buried deep inside.

    Alva Noto - Xerrox Vol. 2
    very good album from alva noto, vol.2 is much better than vol. 1
  • New group: "Belgian Ambient"

    2 Jan 2009, 17:42 by Doorchaser

    Hi I decided to focus a bit more on my favorite music and decided to start the group Belgian Ambient. There are really great Belgian Bands and artists in this genre. And it would be a waste to let hem drown in the overload of electronic music on the net.

    So you're all free to join, discuss, recommend, listen, ... . . .

  • thx for voting

    25 Aug 2008, 09:08 by Doorchaser

    The remixcontest for Hit the Night from Arno's ( new album Jus De Box is closed. On was announced that Diskonnekted ( was the welldeserved winner. My project Distant Fires Burning was 4th in the contest which isn't that bad either. The Votes of the jury and of you each counted for 50%. So either everyone of you voted a lot or the jury liked it a lot. In any way I am very pleased with it. So thx :D
  • Distant Fires Burning - Messierobjekten still available

    7 Aug 2008, 08:33 by Doorchaser

    Just to inform you all about my CD Distant Fires BurningMessierobjekten. It was released on 01/04/2008. And I allready sold 126 copies of it.

    I'm asking 9,00 EUR per CD (This doesn't include shipping costs). But you get a pressed CD with 12 tracks, in an 8 page Digipack! You can listen for free on my site ( ) and on the album page here Messierobjekten.

    It is my attempt at learning how to make a CD. I wrote all the songs, produced and engineered them, mixed them, mastered them, all by myself. I compiled the CD and did the overall mastering of the CD. It is pressed on 300 copy's by Multidisc ( and has stunning artwork by my good friend Hans Bloemmen!

    It's an album in the ambient-electronic style. My inspiration are the deep-sky objects that are visible with an aperture telescope, catalogued by French astronomer Charles Messier in the 18th Century. It's my soundtrack for watching the stars, but you can also see it as my attempt to bring distant objects / concepts closer to me. By any means it was a learning process for me, so my goal was not to make Big Money with it!

    You can find it on my website:, or in the E-shop of, or you can always send a mail to me: . And for the people who need to see things before buying you can go and have a look in the comic book store “De Stripkever” in Mechelen, Belgium :

    I hope you like it!

  • Pilot of the Future interview- Ambient C-64 music?

    18 Nov 2007, 02:31 by halcyon11


    Pilot of the Future are Jeremy and Mirko Ruckels, two brothers from Brisbane, Austrlia.
    Formed in late 2007, Pilot of the Future is an electronic/ambient experiment. They are influenced by the genre of music created on the Commodore 64 and ambient acts such as Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin and Peter Namlook. They use a variety of devices to create this music, including computers, guitars and cars. Both are involved in other musical projects: Jeremy in Dos Hell and Mirko in Deepspace. Their debut album is due in early 2008. Go to
    to listen to full length downloadable previews

    Here's an excerpt of a local interview from the University of Queensland with Pilot of the Future:

    >I interviewed Mirko and Jeremy POTF for my local university rag: I've included the text from the extended version here:

    UQ: Welcome guys. Tell us why you got together.
    M: We'd never really worked together before, and thought we'd do something.
    J: And I've just been getting into ambient stuff, so the timing was perfect. We were both off in our own little projects. I'm doing a band called Dos Hell.
    M: Shameless plug there (laughs).

    UQ: Are you guys doing this off your own bat, as in independent, or do you have a label in the south of france?
    J: We have several financiers from Ibiza(laughs) No, it's entirely independent.
    M: We have no money, or friends (laughs) so we're doing it ourselves. Good thing about that is, that you have no one breathing down your back, and you can pretend to be all indie-cred, and do everything the way you want.
    J: You can make records for peanuts these days. And we like peanuts, so we're making a record.

    UQ: What's the reference to computers? Are you making music that is meant to be played while playing games?

    M: Not really. It's inspired by our memory of the C-64. So it's not meant to sound exactly like the music that was made on it, it's just inspired by the composers who worked on some of those games. Like Rob Hubbard. Who wrote so many amazing pieces for the C64 that it's just mind boggling.
    J: I do recall boggling at one time.
    UQ: What games are you talking about?

    J: Stuff like The last ninja, which I never shut up about. It was such an awesome piece, and I'm constantly trying to write stuff like that.
    M: Ripping it off. (laughs)

    UQ: Back to the label and distribution stuff. So how easy is it now?
    M: Real easy. If you have a broadband connection, and a host, you can do whatever you want. Places like, myspace and a bunch of others let you get your music straight to other people's ears. It's just phenomenal.

    UQ: What sort of music do you both listen to?
    J: Right now, Boards of Canada. Of Montreal, XTC.
    M: A lot of independent ambient and electronic stuff. Telomere, Justin Robert, Mooma Phil Wilkerson, Solar Wind, Northcape, that sort of stuff.

    UQ: When will the album be finished.
    J: In about 9 minutes.
    M: (laughs) In a few months I'd say. They (the songs) are coming fast, so we're going with it. Shouldn't be too long.

    UQ: Thanks guys. Looking forward to it.

    Pilot of the Future

    Jeremy SouleUlrich SchnaussBoards of CanadaBiosphereDeepspaceBrian EnoRadioheadAphex Twin
  • Finally been Asked to make music!! :D

    13 Oct 2007, 19:55 by Doorchaser

    Ok So I was asked to make the music for a net-presentation for Kinto. Kinto is a brand that makes frames for glasses (I actually have one myself). First time i did something on demand, but it went off very well!

    You can find the movie here.

    Netoptic - Kinto

    movie was made by Hans Bloemmen and Ben De Wandel. Am glad to be able to work with them!

    Lemme know what you think of it?



    The Mental Attack