• The best ways to listen to music digitally...

    25 Nov 2013, 01:56 by ringwraith10

    I almost always buy my music in CD format. It is one of the best ways to support the band or musician, and I can see what music I have in a physical collection. Unfortunately, some music is hard to find in CD format, and can only be reasonably obtained in digital format. Aside from this setback, I also usually listen to my music digitally (after ripping it to my computer) when I am not driving (my 2006 Scion is too old to play music directly from my MP3 player or phone). Below is an ordered list of my preferred methods of listening to music digitally, with notes. Enjoy!

    (Note: I do not use Apple, so iTunes is not included here. I am also only listing options that can be accessed online -- everyone has their own favorite music player for listening offline)

    1) Last.FM: Though Last.FM has made some changes recently, it is still one of the best ways to listen to a variety of chosen music (picked by genre, tag, musician, etc.). Unfortunately, the biggest setback is that you cannot listen to a straight album on Last.FM.

    2) Amazon Cloud Player / Google Play: Unless you subscribe to Google Play, these are only good if you have either purchased music from one of these digital venues or have uploaded your music to their respective clouds. You can scrobble them if you use Chrome and download the "Last.FM Scrobbler" extension. If you have music available on one of these resources, though, you can listen to your music commercial-free.

    3) Spotify: Before you consider using Spotify you should read Sam Rosenthal's thoughts on why Spotify is hurtful to the music industry. Because of this I refrained from using Spotify for a long time, but I have recently begun to use it to listen to music I already own. My rational is that if I have already purchased the music, the musicians will gain no more money from me every time I listen to said album. If I listen on Spotify, however, the musicians will at least earn a few more pennies for my music plays. Spotify does, however, incorporate occasional commercials if you do not pay for a subscription. It can also be scrobbled with an in-program extension, which is linked on the Last.FM website.

    4) Pandora: I have put Pandora low on my list because it has several issues. I used to listen to Pandora frequently before better options became available, but Pandora does not let you skip more than five or six songs, yet has a tendency to play the same tracks over and over again. At times you may hear the same obscure song that you made the mistake of giving a thumbs up three or four times in the same hour. I do still occasionally go to Pandora, though, because it is a good way to find new music. It can also be scrobbled in Chrome with the "Last.FM Scrobbler" extension.

    5) YouTube: This is my final resort music option. I only use YouTube when I can't find the super obscure band I want to listen to anywhere else. Music on YouTube is usually illegal, and the musicians do not receive any compensation or royalties for the songs you play on YouTube. If you must use youtube, however, it will scrobble with the "Last.FM Scrobbler" Chrome extension. You also have to either create a playlist or search for your songs one at a time when you use YouTube. This is not a method I recommend.

    I hope this helps anyone who is looking for a digital music listening venue. :)
  • Invitada en Algarabía a Cucharadas

    3 Aug 2009, 21:13 by DiosaCoronada


    Sólo para comentarles brevemente, este martes 4 de Agosto una segura servilleta estará de invitada en el programa cultural Algarabía a Cucharadas
    por Código Radio , a las 21:30 horas, comentando con Pilar Montes de Oca (Directora General de la revista) , Victoria García Jolly (Directora de Arte Editorial) y Francisco Masse (Editor Adjunto), sobre el contenido de la nueva revista #59; los cuentos de Las Mil y Una Noches, el Che en el Congo, las bondades de la leche cuajada según Borges y Bioy Casares, ¿Qué es el arte?, y muchos otros temas de interés del mes de Agosto de su revista Algarabía

    Acompáñenos !

    Necesitarás WMA, RealPlayer, ó AAC+ para oir la transmisión, checa detalles en la página de Código Radio

    Checa acá la programación.

    o lee aquí Mi Artículo

    *Si te la perdiste, podrás descargarla en el sitio.

    De antemano gracias !

  • Spintastic Poledancing

    2 Feb 2007, 19:37 by DiosaCoronada

    I have a new Hero, Alena Downs of PoleJunkies:

    Alena, You're My Idol.

    More: Poledancers Group
  • LET'S SHARE MUSIC / Compartamos Música

    30 Nov 2006, 18:30 by DiosaCoronada

    Well, I recently opened a GoEar Account.It's Located at:, or In the User Search, You can find me by Nickname (DiosaCoronada)

    This Way, you can always listen to a song before shopping/downloading it, and, if all you open one accont, we can know better to each other.

    Greets !

    Acabo de Abrir una cuenta en, en Tambien pueden localizarme en el buscador por usuario con el Nickname DiosaCoronada, así podrán conocer un poquito mis gustos musicales sin tener que bajar/comprar nada.

    Si compartimos nuestras cuentas, podemos ver las canciones que tenemos.

  • SSatanick brew

    28 Nov 2006, 07:42 by Noisehead


    because we know you

    Britney SpearsThe KooksGreendayU2CramerThe Young KnivesRadioheadVenetian SnaresSquarepusherBitshifterHecateTiesto
  • free noise

    10 Nov 2006, 22:18 by Noisehead

    Apophallation - NxFxTxEx split

    Apophallation and nxfxtxex join forces to create the most amazing spit release that was ever to be seen with human eyes.
    half an hour of bullshit waste with no idea what the fuck

    download this shit or be gay like Radiohead
  • Best Latin University (English)

    6 Oct 2006, 13:44 by DiosaCoronada

    This Year UNAM (Mexican National Autonomous University) advanced 21 places in the international ranking, (Now it's number 74)as Published in The Times. No other institution in Spain, nor in Portugal neither in Latin America itself, can say the same !

    This "University Laic, proudly public is the very best hispanic insitution in the globe", said the Rector, Dr. Juan Ramón de la Fuente, and "will keep giving the best, as the new careers as Genomic Sciences, Mechatronics, Geomatics, etc"


    The Times
  • The Heritage In Me

    30 Sep 2006, 00:11 by DiosaCoronada

    As a mexican, I feel so proud of the heritage I have, and One way I can express it is by music.

    The arabs lived among spaniards for 8 centuries, until they together with the jewish were dumped out in the casual (?) date of 1942, u remember that year was the rediscovering of American continent. ( I hate all the people that say "America" Meaning a country, not a continent. America is America form Alaska until Tierra del Fuego

    Then which spanish step this wonderful land?

    Not like the conquest of U.S., the conquest of Mexico was also a conquest of culture. English conquerors carnaged the natives, Spanish conqueror lived, evangelized, even married them and the black people. So I can consider myself lucky.

    And that's the way music talks to me. Bossa Nova reminds me of Feijoladas, of going to zafra, of Manhas de Carnaval, of the Sambodrome... Raqs sharki smells like opium and coffee,and tastes like datils, of camels and sand, and ethernal journesy through the desert of changing shapes, and flamenco makes me feel like a Maja making veronicas and taurin shapes, it reminds me Madrid, Pamplona, Sevilla...where my ancestors lived, loved and died..

    As I can say when I hear a spanish tablao, I'ts just in my veins, when bellydance simply I am myself, when a dance a samba, it release the black slave of palo mayombe in me...
  • (Belly)Dance With Me

    22 Sep 2006, 20:59 by DiosaCoronada

    I remember life before It was reduced to go to the Mixup Store ev´ry weekend to see what's new. (I hate to listen to mexican radio stations, because they give lotsof importance to best sellers disks, Billboards, Mtvs'S... that crap, and we dont even know about the truly, great, talented mexicans musicians.

    Anyway, i think now I spend lotsof time >maybe more than necessary... much more<in my computer, Adding CD covers, pics, lyrics ( God Bless Ipod!), scrobbling, streamin... knowing talented musician I never ever heard before.

    Ok, I selected some of my "best of" bellydance singles and burn it to my bellydance class. Girls just adored it. The only problem is they can't stop dancing everyday, i even opened Another! group on saturdays (Ouch! my legs are still trembling, it's literally a pain in the ass.)

    If u want a copy of the CD, check out this playlist, seek the track, and here you have. Bellydance until you can't to!!

    Ah W Nos
    DrumGirls from Dagdad
    Desert Dancer
    Shiva's Daughter
    Salaam Shalom
    Dance of The Cobra
    Ahlam Geternah
    Ely Etmanatouh
    Tamally Maak
    Turkish Sword Swallower
    Ah Ya Leil

    And Thank T IanAR for his reccomendations !!
  • Primeros Vídeos de DANCE TO L.A.

    22 Sep 2006, 18:53 by DiosaCoronada

    Finalmente las primeras participantes de la competencia DANCE TO L.A., organizada por Nike Women están dando a conocer sus videos.

    Entre las amateurs (como NATALIJASWEET, en qué estaba pensando cuando subió su video???)que de repente se llegan a colar, hay bailarinas realmente buenas ( Mi candidata sería Dixi Brown, Francia, video #3), realmente tiene potencial.

    Lo malo: Sólo es un concurso para Residentes de EMEA ( Europa, Oriente Medio y África)

    Lo bueno: Te puedes desquitar vetando a las que bailan realmente mal.

    Lo mejor: Ya bajé todos los Demos de Nike, que son las "pautas" para las participantes, directo a mi Ipod.

    Tal vez los use en mis clases, o.... los venda a los traficantes de TEPITO records.. Mwahahahaha!!

    s.p.d: Crees que soy mala (?)

    Más:En la página deNike Women, of course, o en mi Blog