Let's Play !!

  • Let's Play !!

    Which is the Last VideoGame IN ANY PLATFORM(Playstation any edition, PSP,XBOX, XBOX 360,PC, GameCuBe,Game Boy, N DS) you have RECENTLY played ?

    Like I´m old school, I play tetris :D and sometimes play Online Sudokus and Zoo Keeper.(yes, I´m thaaaat old school...)

    And like mostly, I have to work a lot (Geek girls are often workaholics)I can't play Star Wars Games anymore...

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  • You mean they still made games after coming out with World of Warcraft?

    meh? who knew?

  • Pokemon FireRed...

    • siloma said...
    • User
    • 4 Jan 2007, 06:18
    The sims 2 (platform - PC)... that's the game I use to play.
    At first it can seem a bit boring but once you start you can't stop... I mean come on!! It's all about controlling a life!!!

  • I've been playing a lot of Warcraft III (DotA) lately, as well as Final Fantasy XII.

  • I've been playing NetHack lately... But the last "serious" game was Neverwinter Nights almost a year ago. Don't have time for palying :/
    But when I finally buy Wii I will play, oh yes :D

    And for the Sims - I played the Sims like 5-6 years ago. I loved to send my family to the swimming pool and remove ladders, so they had to die there. Or I was burning them... Yeah, that was fun. Curel, but fun anyway.

  • Currently playing FFVI.

  • Just got The Sims 2 for mac, I'm discovering the new house building mods and objects. Apart from that Diablo2,Unreal Tournament2004,Simcity 4 are the games I've been playing recently..Also Bookworm and Solitaire games..

  • I've bought Nintendo Wii recently. Yeah, that's sooo cool! I'm playing Zelda now and I love it! :)

  • omg HARVEST MOON! for the Ds, the graphics looked rubbish on the box, but Im addicted now. I have chickens, a horse, a dog, cat, and Im saving up for the kitchen expansion! Since I have the Wii, which like Falkowata said, is brill.
    Luckily got it for Christmas...Sorry, going on a bit, anyway, Since Ihave the Wii, Im saving up so I can buy the Gamecube wersion! Also just played Dokey Kong Bongo thing, I was rubbish, but better than my sister. Must go on Anmial Crossing now, so I can hear KK. Slider! by they way: I have wi-fi, but only my wii can stand our security, so when wifi comes out on that multiplayer with good games, codes please :)

  • Update!! Jeanne D'arc for PSP is a definate time burglar

    • heshamo said...
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    • 19 Apr 2008, 18:59

    i am new and arabic


    • feefafo said...
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    • 27 Jul 2009, 12:23
    Oh gosh! TETRIS!

    I totally joined Tetris Friends - it's the best website ever!

  • At the moment Im playing Silverfall; Earth awakening the expansion, just playes through the first one.
    Before that I finished Silent Hill 2 :)

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