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    • 12 Jun 2012, 17:44
    Some rumours are that after Supernatural (just out) and Seasons (out mid-November) the final two EP's may be University and Fantasy. In University you can play as a student but can progress beyond graduation to become a post-grad and a research assistant or a professor, where you can develop a research tree exportable (unseen) to other online players, including the creation of new career paths and quests/opportunities. Now that we have Soccer, new games may include Capture the Flag and Paintball. Fantasy may see the long-awaited release of an in-game Edith script flowcharter mode, and another new character class: Superhero. Just as architects can redesign buildings in-game, Superheroes can exhibit godlike powers and modify a subset of the behaviour (bhav script) of many objects, the internal procedures used by stimulus/response and some animation sequences. And a flavour of MMO is added as Superheroes (like Showtime stars) can warp between neighbourhoods and users, allowing for the first time a true multiuser fantasy environment.

  • I only have the base game :(
    But that sounds awesome.
    I wish I had money to buy things like that.

    Maybe I'll change this every time I get online:

    I no longer work for an evil corn corporation.

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    • 4 Oct 2012, 18:31

    Proposed Table of Quantic Correspondences:

    Layer Poles Dims Static frame Uniform velocity Accelerating
    ----- ----- ---- ------------ ---------------- ------------

    VI (p) ? (?) 2 Psychostatic Psychomagnetic Qualia
    V (v) 5 (vafwe) 16 Vacuostatic Vacuomagnetic Akashon/Shakton
    IV (a) 4 (W+W-ZH) 12 Flavostatic Flavomagnetic W+, W-, Z, Higgs
    III (f) 3 (r,g,b) 10 Chromostatic Chromomagnetic Gluon
    II (w) 2 (+,-) 6 Electrostatic (electro)Magnetic Photon
    I (e) 1 (m) 4 Gravitostatic Gravitomagnetic Graviton

    EDIT: Added the sixth layer (mind/buddhi)

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    • 4 Oct 2012, 19:20
    Hiya Purpleater :) How's things?

    So far mine keeps crashing every few hours, even with 3GB and the /3GB switch
    (bcdedit /set increaseuserva 3072). This motherboard won't address more than 4GB (3GB ram + 1GB graphics card) and I can't afford a shiny new 8GB 64bit box.

    Rumour also that Sims4 will be out Easter 2014, but that's rather hush hush at the mo ;) I guess it may be 64 bit only, as they're having somewhat a bit of a problem with only a 4GB address space (a limit of 32 bit buses.)

    Oh, and I still have a bad gender balance (large families of women) in my hood. Must be a virtual mannequin fetish of some sort...

  • My game is still going strong. I'm more distracted by building shit than playing my family lately... Spend two days on a lot, and then start another one... also recently updated to the latest patch. Basements? We have basements?!? I don't even understand.

    Maybe I'll change this every time I get online:

    I no longer work for an evil corn corporation.

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    • 5 Oct 2012, 09:40
    Yep, basements have been around for quite a while now; much easier than using the constrainfloorelevation hack. I guess they came with world adventures for the tombs etc.

    When you download an update (or install a new EP, such as Supernatural or whatever) it updates the base game (TS3W.EXE) as well as adding new content. So you get the multiuser feature from Showtime, the memories feature from Generations, the subways from LateNight, etc. etc. even if you don't buy the actual EP's. So if you don't want the neighbourhoods or EA clothing & furniture, just wait for the next update etc. AwesomeMod needs the latest update all the time as he invalidates the mod regularly (which is very annoying but hey it's free so we can't moan I spose).

    I spend a fair amount of time designing new lots and sims and then saving them to library, exiting to Windows, backing them up to USB stick, and then placing them in a new neighbourhood afterwards. So if it crashes I can just delete the hood save game without losing either the custom sims or the buildings. It only gets annoying when CAS crashes while I'm customising a sim and haven't saved her yet, as there's no file created until you exit CAS. (This happened with Mary Krisman a couple of days ago; nearly an hour wasted.) So I now go in, design the face and hair etc., set the everyday, set the traits and voice, save, exit, re-enter from library, then set the formal/athletic/swim/sleep outfits. Then save, and rename the library file to the sim's name and family info. More tedious but less distressing.

    I only really started playing again when Supernatural came out -- I wasn't really interested in Pets or Katy Perry so didn't get them.

    Seasons out mid-November; University out mid-January. No date for Fantasy yet.

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    • 14 Oct 2012, 18:42
    I think (hopefully) I've found out what was making my game lag, like pause for about 15 to 20 SECONDS(!) whenever I rotated a somewhat complicated 64x64 community lot (a town centre with several buildings) with the middle mouse button.

    I previously thought maybe my box wasn't powerful enough, or the graphics card.

    Recently upgraded it from 2GB to 3GB of RAM, and it still lagged; just on that one lot really badly.

    So I started removing rabbit holes and other objects, and made a temporary savegame.

    In the end, it turned out to be a bl@@dy FENCE round the back of the lot. Probably confusing EAxis's Routing Algorithm.

    Removed the fence all round the 64x64 lot, and it DOESN'T LAG ANY MORE :D


    (Why have we got four Last.fm accounts? We were testing some multi-user music player quite a while ago.)

    • Immat said...
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    • 15 Oct 2012, 12:07
    So long, Marianne, there seems to be something wrong in your theories - I can still hear you.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 17 Oct 2012, 17:36
    Hi Immat,

    Well it was probably the RAM as well that helped stop the lagging and random crashing, but when I put the fence back, those dreaded 15 second lags came back. (And I'm not taking the RAM out again to prove it, as it cost me over 35 quid)

    And apologies for the random quantum metaphysics stuff, my brother MicroLarry was on here too :D

    Oh, and we found a way to get rid of the zombies when it's full moon too (without disabling them from the Game Settings tab, which you can't)

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    • 17 Oct 2012, 19:36
    EDIT: After a small esoteric discussion with my older sister and her boyfriend, it appears that something very wonderful *is* gonna happen on 21 Dec of this year -- the return of an old and infinitely wise friend, K. We should definitely *not* be scared, even if it seems to our partially-unknowing eyes that things are collapsing. The five will become seven again, and falsehood will lose many of its followers as they realize their blind obedience was somewhat taken advantage of. We may need to choose to get rid of many things, to avoid dependencies on them, but we will realize we are far better off without them, and never really needed them anyway. There will be territorial trust, a freedom from interference, and a clear wide awareness. Namaste :)

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    • 18 Oct 2012, 09:22
    "When the four doors are aligned, a fifth door will open."

    As mentioned above, each of the four 'elements' has a magnetic component as well as a (more well-known) 'static' component, and these interact because all real-world motion has an acceleration component, not just position and velocity.

    Imagine now what would happen if the four were phase-locked... you would have a room-temperature condensate :) The quint (fifth) essence, akashon (or shakton), a negentropic field.

    If you had everything you need, there would be no need for greed or territorial disputes, for nobody would have 'more' than anybody else. The authorities would also have everything they need, so would not need to persecute the minority. The beauty of this is that there would no longer BE a minority, as this would be available to everybody!

    (This program has been brought to you by 377 ohms, 7 hertz, and the number 137. Oh, and the forthcoming solar phenomena).

    Prediction: When they can eventually measure gravitational forces between rapidly-decaying antimatter particles, they will find a gravitational *repulsion*, because these particles have predominantly imaginary mass.

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    • 19 Oct 2012, 08:12
    Right then, here are the frequencies used in the original 'K' engine (thanks Wireless World). Although pure sinusoids (e.g. tuning forks) may work, I think the bandwidths are intended to have a Gaussian distribution, probably using
    spread-spectrum synthesis (thanks Hedy Lamarr). Some sort of DSP software should be able to manage this (which would also facilitate phase-locking).

    V. mercury 2500 320 negent
    IV. tin 2300 500 weak
    III. lead 700 1150 strong
    II. copper 320 800 e/m
    I. iron 500 1000 grav

    The 'layers' refer to the Quantrik table a few posts back, with the addition of the chemical elements too.

    P.S. All this stuff's in the public domain already, so no IP is being intruded on, it's all out there already. And we might need it in nine weeks anyway.

    P.P.S. Palladium was used by F&P, but it needs to be very pure to form a BEC, which is why they sort of failed...

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 20 Oct 2012, 03:37
    (Not really a nightmare, quite the opposite. Read on...)

    This is not quite a complete rendition of the dream, as it's quite hard to write down a dream in full detail even immediately after waking, particularly at 3 A.M., but I think it captures the essence of it.

    I was at a large railway station, a terminus, on the way to work in the morning.
    At the back of the station, near the exit, there was a small franchise-kiosk, with a cake stand. I stopped at the kiosk to look.
    There was just one cake left, a small sweet cake with violet icing on top.
    The young lady at the kiosk said, "It's the last one. If you're interested in the cake, there's a tour tomorrow morning. You'll be given full credit for attending."

    We all came back the next morning for the tour. The inspector opened a tall metal locker against the wall, one of many, which was the receptacle for used tickets.

    We were told by the inspector, "You'll be here a couple of hours, you'll see what happens to the tickets, we'll have a look at the logic behind the departure board,
    a tour of the staff area, and at the end we'll go on a little train journey. The tour will take a couple of hours, and then you can all go home early, you'll have the rest of the day off.

    Why are we doing this? It's not just a work experience tour, we like our selected passengers to know what's going on behind the scenes, we're quite open about this. There are many other things to do here, not just collecting tickets or driving trains.

    Now, we need to make sure you can all get home afterwards.

    Is there anyone who has a travelcard or a return half, hold them up, as we don't want you to get lost, we love you.
    You should still have it, don't give it up accidentally. Good.

    All those with single tickets to here should have already surrendered them, and they should be in this pile.
    If anyone has a single ticket to here, please hold it up. We like honest people.
    Nobody? Good.

    Finally, has anyone got an onward-bound ticket, for any reason?
    A ticket where you travel onward from here after the tour. Such people are rare.
    You shouldn't give it up, but you're still welcome to this tour. It won't hurt to be here.
    Nobody? Good.

    Right, we'll begin."

    Then I woke up, and as my eyes opened I was told,
    "There are several sorts of passenger.

    Those who have a single ticket that terminates here have chosen to spend their lives here, they love us and we love them.
    Those who have a travelcard are going on other tours and want to find out more; they will go back to their home afterwards, and remember what they saw here.
    Those who have a return ticket will also go back to their home afterwards, but will be changed by the tour.

    Those who saw the cake yesterday but weren't inspired, didn't attend or don't have a ticket. They'll be back eventually in their own time.
    Those who are dishonest (with themselves -- that's all that matters -- there is nothing else relevant) aren't yet ready for the journey.
    We're not forcing them. We're concerned about safety though.

    There isn't just one main line leading to this station, the one you all came in on; there are many main lines, and a large number of branch lines.
    There are also a number of sidings, they all lead somewhere, but it's easy to get lost in them. They all pass thru this station, but some don't alight here.

    There will also be a number of other tours over the next few weeks; we need to show everyone who is genuinely interested, but many are not able to come because they have to work elsewhere today or have other commitments which prevent them being fully here now.

    There will be a large conference this Xmas; everyone will see it in one way or another. Nobody will be turned away, and many many people will learn."

    I then saw the name of the station. It was "Reve Elation". It means "Enlightening Dream".

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 20 Oct 2012, 10:18
    In any relationship, there must be an impedance match for optimal communication to occur. Otherwise, much of the energy will be reflected at the interface rather than transferred to the other entity. This applies to information transfer in the same way. If there is an impedance mismatch, one entity emitting bosons will see a boundary, confining and limiting its spacetime (refraction), and feel constrained (bad SWR) rather than free. When there is no impedance mismatch, the two entities can transfer bosons freely, and feel no limits to their relationship. (A sort of 'quantum love').

    VII. *--, Gold
    ) Advaita
    VI. *--+ Silver
    ) At-One-ment
    V. *--+ Mercury
    ) Communion
    IV. *--+ Tin
    ) Agapé
    III. *--+ Lead
    ) 137 Eros
    II. *--+ Copper
    ) 377 Affection
    I. *--' Iron

    When there is a perfect impedance match between the first four layers (earth, water, fire, air), the spiral can unwind (base-loaded antenna) and propagate via the fifth (quint) essence (vacuum) to the two transcendent planes above, [VI] the Moon (silver, Buddhi) and [VII] the Sun (gold, God).

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    • 20 Oct 2012, 12:47
    wooity said: (http://www.last.fm/group/GD+Game+Threads/forum/211572/_/2036602/_/18721100) from Wikipedia...
    The mass of an unstable particle is formally a complex number, with the real part being its mass in the usual sense, and the imaginary part being its decay rate in natural units. When the imaginary part is large compared to the real part, the particle is usually thought of as a resonance more than a particle. This is because in quantum field theory a particle of mass M (a real number) is often exchanged between two other particles when there is not enough energy to create it, if the time to travel between these other particles is short enough, of order 1/M, according to the uncertainty principle. For a particle of mass M+iΓ, the particle can travel for time 1/M, but decays after time of order of 1/Γ. If Γ>M then the particle usually decays before it completes its travel.

    The three modes of equilibrium ("The Three Bears"), dynamic (sattvic, like a cone rolling on its surface), static (tamasic, like a cone standing on its base), and unstable (rajasic, like a cone standing on its tip).

    These relate to real mass (static, tamasic), imaginary mass (unstable, rajasic), and complex mass (dynamic, sattvic).

    For continuous boson marshalling between layers ("eating the porridge"), you need sattvic (M+iΓ) energy. Tamasic (M) will give you gravitostatic relationships, useful for grounding, zero earth impedance (e.g. money, and baseline survival); and rajasic (iΓ) gives you virtual parallel microcycles within the Feynman summation (e.g. radioactivity, and quantum spookescence).

    The Three Bears are the Gunas, and Goldilocks is of course Shri Shakti Devi. The next impedance figure (up there) is 108.

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    • 21 Oct 2012, 02:11
    What makes something wonderful?

    Something that is unexpected attracts the attention more than something mundane and everyday. For example, the Mona Lisa has essential value due to its rarity, and this also gives it a great monetary value, because people want to own it. If there were a million Mona Lisa paintings, all indistinguishable, there would be less unexpectedness, so the inherent magic would be less.
    At the other end of the scale, sitting in an office all day entering figures, or stacking identical supermarket shelves, is boring because of its expectedness and predictability. There is no information flow.

    It is also connected to relevance. If you are a football fan, watching a saturday afternoon match may be tremendously exciting, whereas somebody who is not interested in sport would be bored stiff at exactly the same match.
    There is information flow in both cases, but the information is irrelevant in the second case, so no attention occurs.

    Entropy measures the orderedness versus the disorderedness of a system.
    A rare configuration has a low thermodynamic entropy, whereas a very probable configuration has a high thermodynamic entropy.
    (Note that information entropy (self-information) seems to work the other way:
    an unexpected sequence has a high information entropy, and a trivial sequence has a low information entropy. Wikipedia explains the various concepts of entropy in far better detail, and has ten or so different pages about its different topics. "By definition, the amount of self-information contained in a probabilistic event depends only on the probability of that event: the smaller its probability, the larger the self-information associated with receiving the information that the event indeed occurred.")
    (Probability, rather than entropy, is a more intuitive concept here. We may still need entropy in some form so we can include relevance.)

    Imagine you had ten apples and ten bananas. Put the ten apples at the left side of a box, and the bananas at the right side. Now shake the box. The entropy has increased, because there was only one way of arranging ten apples at the left and ten bananas at the right, whereas there are binomially more ways of arranging a random mix of bananas and apples at the left and the same at the right.

    You would be very surprised to find that shaking the box again would produce ten apples on the left and ten apples on the right! It would produce a lot of attention, as it would be so unusual. That's why you can't uncrack an egg, and it would be magical if you could.

    We can decrease entropy artificially, with a device called Maxwell's Demon, or a practical implementation of it, such as a diode, transistor, or living cell. But it takes energy from another part of the system to drive it, which is why animals eat and drink etc. Evolution and intelligence are other examples of this, which is why it's more fun to have a pet than just a cuddly toy.

    This is mainly about statistics, thermodynamics, and psychology so far; not much about quantum or the occult. However, consciousness is connected to a quantum phenomenon called 'The collapse of the wave function'.

    More soon... maybe? (It will be unexpected... hehehe)

    LarryCookerhead said: (http://www.last.fm/group/GD+Game+Threads/forum/211572/_/2036602/_/18772611)
    This difficulty is related to the problem of Maxwell's Demon -- a hypothetical intelligent being who can open a microscopic trapdoor between two compartments of a container of gas at equilibrium in order to let fast molecules through in one direction, and the slow ones in the other, so that work can then be extracted from the system. It became evident in the 1950s that something like a Maxwell's Demon could be achieved with little more than a trapdoor that opens in one direction only, and requires a threshold amount of energy (activation energy) to open it. This is realizable in solid-state devices such as diodes and transistors that act as rectifiers.

    Sorry, no impedance figure from this post...

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 22 Oct 2012, 12:37
    The Condensate spreads as a Wave, with many phase-locked Centres, until the entire Crystal is Unified.

    Seekers in the Field are 'Patted, and change Alignment, like the spins in Iron, and then there will be Peace.

    Minimum (thermodynamic) entropy is attained, Microcosm and Macrocosm.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 22 Oct 2012, 14:28
    To expand my sister's post:

    Both the "fr 33 3n3rgy d3vic3" and the spiritual unity are needed simultaneously.

    Note: this is usually where people alienate themselves, because they are *afraid of losing their identity*, their free will, and their magic. The only thing you lose at the completion is your preconceptions and slavery to obsolete traditions, your feeling of being trapped in a dead-end mundane existence, and fear of the future. Much of the work is with de-identifying yourself with these; you can't pour more water into a full glass.
    This is a quantum process, catalysed by the field of the presence of other awakening mystics.

    An attempt to evangelize to leaders and authorities will fail if their needs are compromised; nations have crucial ec0n0m1c dependencies on 01L and other limited territorial resources so we need the hardware mentioned above in order to replace it. They must not feel threatened or insecure. All nat10ns would get this fr33ly -- public domain. There are many sources on YouTube, Google, Wikipedia, etc. (Tesla, *among others*, has already done this. The blueprints are still in the Akashic Records, reachable from the sahasrara or by astral projection.)

    No, we don't have the plans or any more information; it will not be revealed to us or any other mortals. So it's no good burning us at stakes or nailing us to crosses; ask Him Up There after you have The Power, which *is* freely available if you Really Want It.

    We also need the software (spiritual enlightenment) resulting from the Awakening (Budh) of Our Lady. Each individual, as they awake, will discover something far more wonderful than greed, once they are cautious-but-daring enough to realise they will not lose their Self, their magic. And like a Bose-Einstein Condensate this enlightenment will enable others to awaken too.

    "Love is the Law, Love Under Will" -- Perdurabo.

    Mankind's purpose is to ascend the spiral staircase, phase-aligning our chakras ('rainbow cakes') as we go, so we can impedance-match the Power (Shakti) between and into all our kinds of love, and thus merge and expand them, where the consciousness can become cosmic, radiating to and shaktipatting others, in order to reach sufficient souls (square root of one percent of population according to Maharishi) and help to save the planet.

    If you think we're eccentric loony geeks then read this as science fiction. Then look round Google and Wikipedia.

    CAVEAT: We are not gurus, merely researchers. We hereby put all our posts on this page into the PUBLIC DOMAIN, so that no religious (or other) organization can hijack or steal them, nor copyright/patent them, nor use them for evil or military purposes.

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    • 25 Oct 2012, 00:16
    More info (via channelling):
    On or around 21 Dec (the winter solstice, when galactic alignment and solar maxima occur), the sun will interface bosons to the ionosphere, which will "ring" at its resonance of 7 hertz, the frequency of the pineal gland in the human brain. This will cause waves of enlightenment to occur in the higher brain, and suppress the 'mammalian' and 'reptile' brains. Six percent of us are predominantly using the higher brain, 94 percent still predominantly (subconsciously) the mammalian (ahamkara) or reptile brain. Only God can distinguish who's using which; this is what Christians refer to as the 'Last Judgement'. The planet will not be destroyed; however many people will 'awaken' and become more peaceful. They will realize that most of the junk they carry round (either as chattels or opinions) are redundant, and this may have pleasant ec0n0m1c implications. The only physical side-effects may be a loss of internet and/or cellphone usage for a couple of days during the 'second coming'; and maybe minor powercuts (UPS's would be nice). We'll all need to play the piano or talk face-to-face for a change instead (yes, television will be out too. Yay!) Caveat: This info is brought to you by channelling, and is for information only. It is neither more nor less reliable than the evidence may confirm. Best used before date on end of packet :)

    Oh, and we found a way to get rid of the zombies when it's full moon too (without disabling them from the Game Settings tab, which you can't)
    Zombies don't choose to swim or hot-tub, whereas you can. The other way was to attach them and ctrl-click the Zombie tag :) Just like real life actually!

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 26 Oct 2012, 09:48
    The train to heaven is powered by continually unexpected rewards (negentropy).
    You may make many journeys before you find the express train to the terminus (see previous post: dream), or you may have unknowingly already made them, maybe via another route, and be lucky enough to get there straight away.

    There are five intermediate stations.
    You start your journey from Earth, when you are grounded and confident enough.
    Many never board the train; many get the wrong train, which always ends up here again.

    The first intermediate station is Water; feel free to get off and go surfing or swimming; there is a big garden here with many flowers. If you get a train which doesn't stop here, you can always get off at the next stop and come back; sometimes you may need to, in order to collect certain things. There is always something new here.

    The next intermediate station is Fire; you may choose to alight here, and recharge your torch batteries; you will need them later. You may also visit the three overlapping buildings of the power station.

    The next intermediate station is Air; many people love to fly around here, dance, or help the builders decorate the station to make it beautiful, maybe with flowers from the second station and flames from the third. There is always much happiness here, you will revisit this station often.

    The next intermediate station is Space; there is a vast library here, with many books, internet terminals, theatres, and a quantum telephone exchange. There are also many sparkling pinpoints of multicoloured light, and many interesting sounds, in all possible languages. The track seems to end here, but continues thru a tunnel, which bears a sign, "...lanck interfac...".

    The remaining intermediate station appears to be called "Mind the Gap", from the markings along the long platform. Using your imagination, you realize it is called "Mind, the gap". Some genius has graffitied a cartoon of a cat in a box on the wall; depending on what angle you look at it, it seems to be dead, but at other views it is alive. There is a huge server rack here, with two sides, which provides processing capabilities for the previous station.

    You continue to the terminus...

    When you finally make the express journey, starting at earth, the train will be accelerated towards water, but as it passes thru, its momentum will carry it past, drawn towards fire. Just before reaching fire, the expansion of air will suck it past; the train will momentarily slow down at air; look at the scenery and feel the gentle breeze. Picking up speed, the train is now attracted toward the many possibilities of space, which crossfades into the real and imaginary continuum of mind. The train coasts thru this station, whose twin platforms extend as far as the terminus; it is possible for those with a good map to disembark here and walk along the narrow platforms to the terminus; but nowadays more and more trains are expressing themselves nonstop there. Having got here, you may instantly travel to any other station on any other route, you have the ticket.

  • I don't know what's going on. I am scared.

    Maybe I'll change this every time I get online:

    I no longer work for an evil corn corporation.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 29 Oct 2012, 14:17
    Just a bit of alternative-reality halloween occult stuff. Don't worry about it.
    (We posted it here because nobody ever reads this forum,
    but it gets date-stamped just in case anything sp00ky happens)

    In other news, Seasons out soon, and AwesomeMod wants updating.
    Hope things are okay with you Purpleater :)

    If anyone has any spooky dreams or experiences please post them here (if they're not too intimate or personal) -- we'd be fascinated to see if anyone else picks up any 'vibrations' such as widened awareness, ESP, deja vu, return of innocence, tulpas, etc. in the next couple of months. (The alignment is claimed to last until the spring equinox 2013 around next March/April or so.)

    The spookiest thing at the moment would be if our 'Mary' sim randomly had a baby all on her own (like the game used to do) on or about Dec 25...

    Prediction: There will be two more posts on this page by some last.fm users in the foreseeable future, and then a new page will start :)

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 29 Oct 2012, 20:44

    Would you like the div

    In the absence of further external response, we now have two more research assistants, and the experiment is underway. As it may be considered sub rosa, details might not be published here.

    Namaste, Wanda :)

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    • Immat said...
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    • 30 Oct 2012, 10:23
    It is strange: this thread is still showing up in my reply tracker. Must mean I've said something, God knows what.

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