Why Depeche Mode?

  • Why Depeche Mode?

    Am I the only Numan fan who is not a fan of Depeche Mode?

    I've tried, a bit, to enjoy them, but can't find anything inspiring. Maybe some helpful DM fan can point me to whatever I am missing?

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  • I am with you Mr. Earwax: I've tried and tried but after almost 25 years (literally) it just isn't happening. It is hard to believe that in my mid-40s I'll suddenly change. Same goes with Japan for that matter ....

  • I never get into Depeche Mode, never liked them much, in my view they are one of the most arrogant bands existing, also the whole hype gets on my nerves

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  • I like a little bit of Depeche Mode and am interested in listening to more at some point, but they will always be heavily overshadowed by Gary Numan to me, who is easily far superior.

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