Best shows (concerts festivals, and the like) you've been to recently

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 4 Oct 2006, 08:56

    Best shows (concerts festivals, and the like) you've been to recently

    Mine would have to be the TOOL show I just went to.
    But other than that
    Stoned from the Underground
    in Erfurt, Germany was amazing.

    Boris and Pearls & Brass put on a mean show as well.

  • hmmm, i'd have to say Kaizers Orchestra, Tool, and Roger Waters.

  • Best Concerts i've been to

    2.Non Phixion
    5.Kaizers Orchestra
    6.Motorpsycho + Jaga Jazzist Horns

    In that order

  • recently? :O

    i guess you saw Audioslave, Foo Fighters, and Fantomas at Quart 05? :P

    Anyways i have to add Audioslave, Foo Fighters, and Fantomas too then :P

    And probably Serena-Maneesh

  • quart o five it was.. fuck recently.. i have seen some concerts on dvd recently..

  • Went to Bonnaroo this year. 'Twas sick, Radiohead is the best live act I've ever seen, Queens of the Stone Age being a close second.

    • Erikfar said...
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    • 5 Oct 2006, 22:02
    Recently I'd say Iggy & The Stooges with Kaizers Orchestra warming up was pretty darn good. BigBang had a big sentimental feeling seeing aswell, they're a good live act.

    Can't wait to see Motorpsycho live later this month. Will be a fuckin' blast :D

  • ahh, you bastard. i wish i'd be able to go to the iggy concert. and damn i'd like to see bigbang live. Radio Radio TV Sleep just blows my mind.

    • knkwzrd said...
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    • 8 Oct 2006, 00:07
    I'd probably go with Motörhead with Corrosion of Conformity opening. After that, probably John Prine.

    • Darax said...
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    • 17 Oct 2006, 19:47
    -Presidents of the USA and Living Color (on the Open air music festival Trutnov)
    -KoRn in Prague

    both in the Czech Republic;)

    All your milks are belong to me!
  • edit:
    Ohohoh, not to forget the With Full Force Festival 2005! Nothing can ever beat a Slayer/Iron Maiden/Motörhead/Anthrax headliner year. Not to forget Mastodon, Hellacopters, beatsteaks and other great bands playing! 2006 was crap...

    The Who @ Arena Treptow, Berlin

    It was planned to be open air with about 20000 visitors. They finally played in-door in front of maybe 3000 people (not even half the capacity of the arena). It was 35°C outside...

    they kicked ass.

    Dozer and Mastodon @ Kato, Berlin in 2005. wow!

    Fu Manchu @ Columbia Club, Berlin in 2002

  • A couple of years back Hermano played in Athens so for seeing John Garcia and hearing One Inch Man i'll have to choose that one.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 25 Oct 2006, 13:21
    Haven't been to too many recently, not much goes on here.

    Best gig i've ever been to has to be Clutch with Five Horse Johnson supporting. FHJ pretty much just did No. 6 Dance with clutchs drummer.. Clutch turned just about every song into a ten minute jam, and invited FHJ lead on stage to go wild with his harmonica. Pretty small but decent venue, and I got to meet Neil Fallon.

    Seeing Orange Goblin playing above some shitty Nottingham rock pub is second.. a real shamea band that good should be playing in a place usually reserved for terrible bands with 15 year old guitarists.

  • a

    the best show i' ve ever seen was qotsa in austria...awesome..alter bridge was also awesome..also apocalyptica or guns n' roses..tool....great gigs

    • Youch said...
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    • 28 Oct 2006, 10:03
    best concert this year, guess that would be

    TOOL and Opeth @ Roskilde -06

  • i saw tool in austria...they re great but i hate it that 50% of their songs are over 7min^^

    • krabola said...
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    • 7 Nov 2006, 20:08
    Recent gigs, hmm....This summer in Ilosaarirock (Finland) I saw a chinese punk band called the Subs, they really kicked ass. Their singer Kang mao is sooo cute.

    By far the best gig I ever seen was summer 2005 Metallica in Helsinki (Finland again). James Hetfield is a god!!!!

    Fantomas @Ilosaarirock 2001, blew my mind totally.

    • Erikfar said...
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    • 8 Nov 2006, 22:00
    Motorpsycho 29/10 ranks about one of my very best concerts ever now. Iggy is close behind I think.

  • Yesterday: Tool. Brilliant.
    Other great shows: Los Natas + Colour Haze, Hypnos69 (Belgian band, they're great, go look for their mp3's on, My Morning Jacket.

  • Recently: Colour Haze (fantastic, great band!), Eodm, Wolfmother and Iggy Pop (twice)

    this summer at Sziget Festival in Hungary: Cathedral (they are great!!!)and Robert Plant have been the best concerts, above all

    And soon Mondo Generator and Orange Goblin are coming in Italy...and i will be there.

  • look at this :P

    I've met Oliveri two days ago, i've talked wih him about many stuffs

  • Peeping Tom two weeks ago here in my very own student town Leuven. Perfect live show from eight talented musicians.

    Qotsa at the Werchter festival in 2002 (the tour with grohl, lanegan and oliveri - and without the fights already going on)

    Gogol Bordello at the Pukkelpop Festival in 2006. On records they are your average punk/world music fusion band, but live they're a party you'll never forget.

    Drive-By Truckers half a year ago in Antwerp. It's a shame to see how a group that keeps the three guitar attack alive in alternative country has to play the smallest venue we seem to have in this country.

  • Twilight Singers, Brussels, Nov. 26th, 2006.

    Totally, and by totally I mean totally, blown away.

  • haven't been to so many concerts or festivals, aamof ive just been to one festival and one concert, so the best concert is Deep Purple last year, fucking A.

    ah, have to add, at that festival i was to, i saw Twilight singers with mark, and High on fire, so thats the best festival i've been to

  • That have to be

    Sonic youth
    Primal scream
    Roger waters
    Bob dylan

    at roskilde festival

    Ta chi ananda
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