What's your music taste?

  • What's your music taste?

    Well what kind of music are you listening to? (just tags)

    I listen to trance/dance/house/electronic/techno/industrial/ebm and sometimes grunge and alternative.

    • BadSkin said...
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    • 8 Dec 2008, 13:28
    Alternative is a genre now? damn....

    I listen mostly to Ska/reggae/rocksteady/2 tone and Punk/street punk/Oi!/UK82/second wave punk

    here's and estimate on how much i listen to them percentage wise:

    80% Punk/street punk/Oi!/UK82/second wave punk
    10% Ska/reggae/rocksteady/2 tone
    10% other (black sabbath, Motörhead, different comedy stuff etc.)

    • 25zero1 said...
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    • 9 Dec 2008, 14:19
    mostly 80's hardcore, and punk in all of its many variety's, i listen to some other random shit (ex: wu tang, gorillaz, and jrock)

  • Ugh.. hardcore kids have aids you know.. O_o lmao

    All I'm sayin' is, some motherfucker kicks me in a pit, and I'm pulling out a gun.. lol

  • Obvious enough... hip hop, drum n bass, trance, house, electro and funk plus some reggae. But on my library I only have rappers currently.

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