Your Fictional Band's Name

  • The Astral Weaks An Irish group from Dublin. They were well known on the live circuit due to the five piece wearing wizard outfits and their low key stage pyrotechnics. The Drummer, Pete Periwinkle, recently died in a motorway accident, his Reliant Robin was crushed under a spilt load of pigeon coops.

    The Anaemic Vampires Infamous Goth rockers led by Bazz Boorer the self styled 'King Of The Penrith Vampires'. His most notorious act was to bite the head of an eel during a set at the Reading festival in 1984. He now presents the weather reports on CFM during Mike Suede's breakfast show.

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  • I have not contributed to this thread in a small while (or indeed the forum large) though I am heartened to see it still finds life.

    A Jellyfish, An Illiterate!: an insult spoken by the brilliant philosopher Epicurus in response to the pettifogging criticism of one Nausiphanes (the full retort was "[Nausiphanes is] a jelly-fish, an illiterate, a fraud, and a trollop!"). It would be a pleasing name for a band, in honor of someone which I hold in high esteem.
    Coelacanth Coelawonth: the "coelacanth" (derivation from the Latin origin meaning "hollow spine") is of the most beautiful, fascinating, and ancient sea creatures that, if you are unfamiliar with, is certainly worth a read in whatever brevity. I enjoy the consonance of the name (Coele-can't-h, Coele-won't-h).
    Cover Myself With Your Eyes: line from a song by the excellent hip-hop instrumentalist duo Blue Sky Black Death.
    The Cronostasis Saccade: commonly known as "the stop-clock illusion", in which then first instance of observing a clock seems to be longer than succeeding seconds (something I feel many people have idly wondered at some point).
    Molotov's Bread Basket: Soviet-made droppable bomb dispenser (minus the possessive syntax).
    Mortal Viscosity of Cauliflower: something misheard (from a British accent) describing the non-Newtonian liquid corn flour when exposed to certain frequency harmonics. Oh yes, google it.
    The Pathetic Fallacy: the treatment of inanimate objects as if they had human feelings, thought, or sensations.
    Tmesis: the only English word beginning with "Tm-", meaning the injunction of a word into another word, seperated into two parts (for example, "abso-f*cking-lutely").
    Sinusoidal: having a succession of waves or curves. Waves! Beautiful waves!
    Vashta Nerada: a fictitious creature from Doctor Who; the name means "the shadows that melt the flesh".
    The Venerable Bede: English philosopher and the only Englishman to make it into Dante's Paradiso.
    We Phantoms in Fifteen.: song title by the neo-classical band "Goodnight, Sleep Well" (and yes, the punctuation is inclusive).

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    ^ Where have you been?! ;p

    You, me and RussellChap - we could rule the world if we willed it! Only two pages into page 7 and you've posted the best ideas in the thread so far :D

  • Temple Glade
    A new age rock band. Formed by the former vocalist of White Bread, Barry Bottom, and session guitarist, Willy Wilkes, after becoming disenchanted with the Satanic excesses of the rock'n'roll lifestyle of '80's LA. The duo met bassist, Mike 'The Thumb' Masters and drummer, Dave Davis, in the stinky snake club immediately forming a long lasting friendship they formed Temple Glade where they could investigate their pantheistic beliefs through music. They split a decade and two albums later after Barry Bottom became a born again Satanist.

    The Leprous Leopards
    A Nu Shoe Gaze band with Isolationist influences. They formed in 2011 in Brighton, England and split up in 2012 due to the drummer destroying his drum kit in a fit of rock'n'roll frenzy.

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    All My Ex‘s Live In Tesco‘s: An absurdist post-sensationalist found object sculpture by the artist Graham Hudson, consisting of a well-used set of step-ladders that prop a top heavy taped-up granuloma of disposed timber, lighting, electric fans and air filled plastic bags covered in paint. For fans of any weird post-Lightning Bolt-ish neo-skronk rock bands.
    Alvarado: A Tudor-Stuaart term for the rousing of soldiers at dawn by a drum beat or gunshot. If Burial Hex went all totenpop and switched the overt horror/esoteric references for more earthy though no less violent and awe-inspiring history of war and armoury.
    Beam Drop: Title of a performance/sculpture piece by artist Chris Burden, which involved haphazardly dropping steel beams into wet concrete from a height. Perhaps the pseudonym of a tech house artist who experiments with an improvised/unsubconcious approach to making electronic music.
    Butterfly Tag Team: I was looking at some Ryan Mosley paintings and was trying to find some nice sounding re-arrangement of some of the titles. This one just rolls off the tongue nicely. If the shoegazing indie band Grizzly Bear went all stoner yet retained the airy vocals.
    Concrete Globe: A name that invokes the aural impression of looped minimal industrial soundscapes. Self-contained rumbles of repeating noise cut and spliced with deliberately crisp and keening effects, similar to Anenzephalia’s New World Disorder album.
    Crust Yuppies: Appropriated from my Make Believe Album Game. Crust Yuppies are a noise rock/detroit techno crossover act with nervously fan-girlish soul/disco vocals that falls somewhere between Dope Body and Drexciya.
    Diversified Cultural Worker: Name of a series of paintings by artist Iain Hetherington that initially resemble blotchy abstract paintings contrasted with baseball caps, gold-chains and other elements of ‘chaviness’ that reveal ghostly profiles obscured by the surface application of oil. Conceived as a sort of anthemic heavy electronics band that compose songs as tributes to creative individuals and bold class-defying ideas. A unique cross between sort of rough n‘ ready cut n‘ paste dance of Dj Blush, the highly transportable punk approach of Birth! (LA), the ferociously purist industrial action of Iron Fist of the Sun and the ethno-digital approach to heavy-handed dark ambience created by Instinct Primal.
    Fruits de Ponnet: French for ‘Punnet of Fruit’ (I think, at least) I saw it on the side of a box of nectarines at work today and for some inexplicable reason it put in my mind the notion of a super-cute French electro collective who make faintly anime/folkish songs about good food and drink, easy relationships and odd apparel - like a more chic version of the band KateGoes.
    Ghost Of A Mountain: Title of an enigmatic Ged Quinn painting depicting a miniscule cottage amidst an enormous and foreboding fir forest clearing. Immense yet melancholic doom metal inspired by Bakersfield Style country and drone folk.
    Gigigigigi: Unusual word of the South African Tsonga people that means “to stand about dispersed and all looking intently at something in the distance”. I’m thinking of some sort of pseudo-dada interruptive collective of “non-happening” artists who show up to disturb the normalcy of reception during a gig. Throughout an entire performance the ‘band’ orchestras a series of immensely subtle and seemingly unrelated events. Some j-pop music might be playing somewhere in the background almost inaudibly, a middle-aged black man sits on the floor in amongst the audience and mumbles something unintelligible in broken Gaelic, two white cats nervously walk out onto the stage with tiny bells attached to their collars… All seemingly unrelated yet strangely extra-normal processes that are intended to be read as a carefully arranged display of sounds and “instrumentation”.
    Gluttony Elemental: The stage name of an obese goth/industrial extraordinaire known as much for his fashion and visual art practices as he is for his harsh yet theatrical approach to music. Sounding like a brutally expansive version of Skinny Puppy, Cabaret Voltaire and Sopor Aeturnus and the Ensemble of Shadows with elements of sadistic Government Alpha/Disk-3esque moog noise, Gluttony Elemental makes songs dedicated to the ugly and aberrant; all without any sort of tiresome misanthropy and negativity. The extreme vision and sound he peddles is intended as a celebration of the strange, obscure and monstrous.
    Gnagsår i Ørene: Norwegian for “blisters on your ears”, which is what you get if people talk to you too much. Bitter bedroom pop that owes a lot to DIY black metal aesthetics and atmospherics.
    Ignosticism: This is one is so distinct in the disturbed and receptive holds of my overactive imagination that I can nearly hear it. One man black metal in the vein of DSBM artists like Trauer and Thy Light... with elements of distinctly wintery and bleakly grand ambient stylings of Northuant and Kammarheit and extremely deep, gravelly, roaring vocals that crackle and hiss with the harshness of bands like The Rita and Wolf Eyes; yet the intent and thematic content is far from ‘depressive’.
    Ignosticism is a branch of theological philosophy that posits the rather enlightened notion that arguing wether or not god exists is an inherently flawed endeavour, for we have yet to reach a unifying consensus on the exact nature of god/s. He would wear a signature mask made in likeness of Edward Topsell’s 17th century illustration of a manticore, pose in bizarre animalistic/predatory postures in band promo photos and would be able to veer between disparaging subject matter with ease and heartfelt interest. A breath of outre air in a sub-genre full of lazily ‘anti-whatever’ ideology.
    Jerking Off The Dog To Feed The Cat: A rather grim though no less amusing metaphor to describe being broke. Its also the name of an installation by artist Alastair Mackinven of 16 black and white/greyscale paintings. Some art rock band who are surprisingly good even though the NME unnecessarily hyped them up as the greatest band to have ever formed.
    Letters To The Shades: Paraphrased title of one of Louise Despont’s highly intricate and symmetrical abstract illustrations rendered on antique ledger pages. Slow paced pseudo-martial occult despondency.
    Masturbação Infantil: If you can translate this one then I‘m sorry. Very sorry… :p Paraphrased from the title of an exhibition of the Brazilian artist Tunga.
    Nippitatum: Exceptionally strong beer from around about the 14th century (I think). Would sound like a more raucous and working class version of Free Kitten.
    Omar (Emergent): A truly bizarre sculpture by Steven Claydon that consists of a reproduction Greek bust thickly coated in red paint and given a remodelled triangular nose, atop a wooden hexagonal box and supported/surrounded by powder-coated steel frames on a hexagonal luminous yellow carpet. Would peddle a bizarre brand of “hitchhiker rock” with Absolute Body Control’s memorable approach to EBM, and even diversely sourced and faintly dated voice samples reminiscent of MF Doom’s Madvillain and King Geddorah projects.
    Penetrável: Spanish for ‘penetrable’. Slo-mo dance/neo-dance for fans of Gus Gus and Bloodgroup.
    People Name Their Band AIDS Wolf: Garish tabloid style text on a multimedia piece by artist Brendan Fowler created in response to an interview he had with the band AIDS Wolf after he raised his objections to their chosen name.
    Peter‘s Sitters: Name of a series of Bacon-esque paintings by Birmingham-born artist Hurvin Anderson. They depict individuals sitting in sparse hairdressers reminiscent of 1950‘s colour-field paintings. Imagine the direction Jarboe went with her album Sacrificial Cake and add the vocals/feature instruments that fall somewhere between The Memories Attack and Antony and the Johnsons.
    Physingoomai: An ancient Greek word describing the feeling of excitement one gets after eating garlic. Most likely a duo who craft bizarrely unfashionable skewed funk that resembles an unspeakably messed-up Czech Eurovision entry.
    Property Porn: A sarcastic name given to the kind of gushing weekly documentaries about people buying and/or redecorating/renovating houses. Playful high-resolution innuendo-laden coldwave/synth pop project in the vein of Seppuku and Iron Curtain.
    Real Special Very Painting: A large and grotesquely detailed mass of cartoon character limbs and face, graffiti dicks, colour blobs and infantile scribbling by artist Barry Reigate. Spastic upstart of a band that can’t decide wether its death metal, grindcore, punk, stoner, indie, art rock or shoegazer.
    Selbstporträt als tier: Translates as “self-portrait as an animal”, title of a photograph by artist Grit Hachmeister. Imagine a dark and deep witch house band like Vortex Rikers with D. Smolkis style vocals (Wolfmangler, Dead Raven Choir).
    She Fills Bags N‘eath Her Eyes With The Moonbeams And Cries ‘Cause The Worlds Passed Her By: Title of a multimedia Peter Linde Busk painting depicting a freakish neo-cubist creature with a red face with the vaguest suggestion of a bony body and a scraggly black and white beard rendered in flowing/dripping paint - wearing a fedora no less! The Lovecraftian ritual-sonorist-improvisation of Seesar accompanied by walls of brutal old school Prurientesque noise.
    Skunk Ape: A cryptozoological species of musk-emitting hominid ape said to inhabit swamps in and around Florida. Straight no nonsense HNW artists in the vein of Werewolf Jerusalem and Concrete Violin.
    Skvader: A fictional Swedish animal that resembles a hare with the wings and tails feathers of a grouse. Hit n’ miss freak folk ethno-fuck up music that veers wildly between short one-minute expletives and lengthy repetitive mantras. For fans of Sylvester Anfang II and Grumbling Fur.
    Sogo O Kuzusu: A Japanese term for a large delightful smile, translates literally into “to demolish ones face”.
    Typical Iranian Wedding/Typical Iranian Funeral: Diptych painting by Iranian symbolist painter Rokni Haerizadeh. I couldn‘t pick between either for they both roll off the tongue so nicely.
    Window, Smoke, Square, Room, Girl, Glare: Faintly poetic title of an altered-found image by artist Clunie Reid. Witch house informed act that draw influence from the Skinny Puppy-aping flattery of christian industrialists Judean Radiostatic, norsk smarty-pants electronica aficionado Fragnanze and even post-ravers Blissed Out.

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  • Epic post ^

  • Tinnitus Abbey
    A heavy rock group from Cornwall, England.

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    RussellChap said:
    Epic post ^

    Cheers mate. I spent several days compiling that one :3

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    Intenational Competence

    Hit me up on Xbox Live if you want to play, or need some graphics.

    GT= GLR Crysis XC
    AIM= GLR Crysis
  • Metal Fatigue Soild
    A trio of cyborgs who create stealth techno who worship UR and Hideo Kojima. Nuff said.

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    RussellChap said:
    Metal Fatigue Soild
    A trio of cyborgs who create stealth techno who worship UR and Hideo Kojima. Nuff said.

    I want this one to be real Russell.

  • Pink Dragon - Glam rock/metal

    Album: Enter the Pink

    Yes, it's copy-written... lol

  • lol

    Pink Herpes
    A Nu-Disco duo who make booty shaking dancefloor bangers which nobody likes. Vocalist BB Cum 'Ere is castrato who was once a pearl fisher but took up singing after a giant lobster castrated him. Multi-instrumentalist & turntablist Gaz 'Garry' Combe is a boring individual who is teetotal and has never danced.

  • Lets see I got a couple.

    1. Moonlight Evolution- power metal band similar to Dragonland. Also, this is the name I used for my band on Rock Band.

    2.Avenge Thy Throne- melodic death, lyrics themes would range from everything from fantasy, human regression, and personal struggles.

  • Avenge Thy Throne is a brilliant name for a Death Metal group...
    ...I have a couple...

    Flint War Club
    A Pagan Power Metal (PPM) band from Estonia who are infamous for sacrificing Christians on stage.

    Brimstone Broth
    A Black Speed Technical Metal (BSTM) band from Finland who have never recorded a studio album preferring to release CD-r's of all their concerts. So far they've released one album.

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    RussellChap said:
    Avenge Thy Throne is a brilliant name for a Death Metal group...

    Agreed. The posters username (Lycan Supremacy) would make for a rather awe-inspiring martial black metal band, in my mind at least.

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    Always really bad in thinking of names.. but my band would be called:
    The Really Cool Guys

    My spoon is too big..
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    Always really bad in thinking of names.. but my band would be called:
    The Really Cool Guys

    My spoon is too big..
  • sHeeepz said:
    Always really bad in thinking of names.. but my band would be called:
    The Really Cool Guys

    That gives me an Idea. The Really Cool Guys sound like a group...'s some more Yacht Rock groups...

    1.The Brothers Soft
    Actual brothers, twins in fact, who started playing music at the age of 10 and performing their music on stage a year later.

    2.The Red Deck shoes
    Well known for their smart attire and close harmonies.

    3.The Smoothers
    This quartet have been touring the west coast of the US for 20 years never playing the same venue twice. They have also had the same light show for the last 20 years too which is directed by their granddaddy.

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    Here is my monthly "I wish I was in a br00tal-as-fuck power electronics band" contribution to the thread :P

    Abaddon Locust
    Bicranial Mutant
    Dentata Rostrum
    Hobbled Ruminant
    Raw Sternum
    Redundant Organs
    Slug Herder

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    Slug herder <3

    My spoon is too big..
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    sHeeepz said:
    Slug herder <3


  • After Slug Herder...

    Slug Saddle

    A Snail's Pace

    Terrestrial Gastropod Mollusk

  • Got some more...

    Conquest of Gaia
    Offered Mortality

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    • 19 Oct 2012, 15:50
    Thread Dormancy

    Company of Herpes

    Kernel Mastered

    Heavy Landmarks

    Minimop Arc

    Venus Goodship

    Square Park Surgery

    Lissi and Lyndi's Mobile 20

    Condensate Milk Hostel

    This Train Terminates Here

    Bar Bar Bran

    The Woo Woo Dolls

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