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    • 2 Jul 2012, 18:38
    RussellChap said:
    Right I'm gonna make three names up right now...GO!

    Left In The Bin

    No Horizon

    Wet Willie's Walkabouts


    Woah! Don't overdo it RussellChap! :p

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    Whilst I wait for my curry to cook, in the spirit of RussellChap's heroic efforts i'm going to see ho many band names I come up without any references, sources or reading material to hand whatsover!...

    Tropical Swords
    Ignorant Coffins
    Tetsuo Is Not The Messiah, He Is A Very Naughty Boy
    Cando Lalrissian
    Dolphin C-Print
    Hilent Sill
    Expert Aimlessness
    Console Mrs. Pac-Man Amy
    Gorilla Loincloth
    Pick Any Film Beginning With The Letter L
    Vanille Has Nice Thighs
    Whining Hope
    Sir Daniel Fortesque
    Hirsute Pincers
    Vic Reeves VS. Rolf The Talking Nazi Dog
    Emerge With 20 Buttocks
    S&M Casino
    Pooed On The Table
    Fruce Borsythe
    Duncan Bannatyne's Irrepressible Sexual Abominability
    Why Does Q In Star Trek: Voyager Have Blue Lips?
    Shouting Bogan
    Gypsy Ball Z
    MC Stefan Lochner
    Brixton Spider Crab Attack

    ... ... .... nnnnnnnope... thats it, my imagination finally broke...

  • some 2-word names

    Light Pollution

    Radical Birkenstock (these from todays newspaper)

    Pyramid Constructions (from misspeaking "period" & "contractions")

    Unintentional Breakdancing (from when I fell on the wet, soapy floor @ work right before my shift ended last night.... took all the force on my left wrist, quite gracefully, too!)

    Next, I will try some 3-word ones......

    I support & endorse the free speech of all the peoples of this Urf, even if they arent college students who live in Alaska. Not responsible for typograffik erorrz (sic). Void where prohibited. Vices subject to change without notice (although they probably wont)
  • Ready, steady, GO!

    1. The Fringe Benefits (A moptop mod group from New Zealand)

    2. Cyclists Brew (A flowerpower pop combo led by Sir Eric Derrick)

    3. Fallen Over The Curb (An angry garage band famous for wearing pink capes)

    4. The Spleen Teens (Young doctors make an attempt at pop stardom)

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    • 7 Jul 2012, 13:17
    Adroa: A small one-eyed bat-winged demon in the game Final Fantasy 13 whose name just so happens to be same as the creator god of a Ugandan tribe caled the Lugbara. I'm imagining some sort of EBM/aggrotech band like Amduschia with a deliberately eclectic and cross-cultura fusion approach to various kinds of world music. They would always sport fantastical album art filled with strange biomechanical monsters and would always feature a cyclopean mascot that resembles a vaguely reptilian gothic angel.
    Ginger Ponytail: Flat, alienating and impersonal IDM weirdness in the vein of ELEKSEVENEKS or Polygon Window.
    Live Rites: Name of a recent live album by the heavy metal band Pentagram recorded in 2011. I just think it would make a delicously conducive name for some of experimental open-door collective of musicians specializing in making unconcious music under ritual conditions. Would likely sound like a cross between the lovely NY salon primitivism of Lucky Dragons and the grim occult pulsations of Edinburgh based band Wraiths.
    Nautilus Cup: An ornate commemorative goblet made from the polished and decorated shell of a nautilus shellfish, heres a particularly good example of a sixteenth-century Dutch nautilus cup featuring a sea monsters head with red eyes and a handle carved into panpipe playing satyrs. I'm conceiving of a band with the keening ambient intensity of that Merzbow + Richard Pinhas collaboration, no frills doom riffage of Stonehelm, centred around gender-bending male vocalizations ala Antony Hegarty or Sopor Aeturnus.
    Now Now Pinocchio Be A Good Boy: Title of a charcoal drawing by contemporary artist Wolfe Lenkiewicz that shows Jimny Cricket stood on the tip of Pinnochio's nose chiding him, whose unerringly skull-like head sits decapitated atop a much more realisticaly rendered study desk filled with papes, an inkwell and quill and several bones.
    Oerba Dia Vanille: A ladytype character from the game Final Fantasy 13. Some sort of post-hardcore specializing in slow buildups and immensely resonantly violent breakdowns? Replete with sampled quotes from female anime/computer game characters.
    Ossobello: Italian for "beautiful bones" that was taken from the title of a ceramic sculpture resembling a pile of human bones crawling with ladybirds, by contemporary artist duo Bertozzi And Casoni. Imagine if a post-hardcore band like Twelve Tribes or Crydebris suddenly decided that they wanted to make power electronics but still retained a few of their old melodic habits.
    Sedia Gestatoria: A portable ceremonial throne that was used to carry popes around during festivities and important events. They eventually stopped using them in 1978 for I can only imagine were security reasons. A great name for a sort of catholicism obsessed noise project that appropriates the weirdest elements of indie norwegian electronics
    Tweeglitch: I think I was listening to that "artists that users" tag and one of those obscure electro-folksy acts that are so popular these days were described this way by a random user.
    van Utrecht: Surname of sixteenth-century Flemish painter Adriaen van Utrecht, famous for painting exceptionally detailed and overwhelming still-life paintings of hunting trophies, game larders, fish stalls, fruit and vegetables; and is particularly noted for vanitas, symbolic stil-life paintings that demonstrate the meaningless of material things that aim to make the viwer contemplate his or her own mortality and transcience. Overclocked gothic music that owes its existence to both former 'batcave' strains and latterday no wave punk without comfortably fitting into either camp.
    Vespid Schoolgirl: I've been playing Final Fantasy 13 A LOT this week. I probably need to get out of the house... :/ Annnnyway I imagine some sort of ultra geeky neo-happy hardcore unit who throw in elements of IDM and breakcore to spice things up, who when they aren't just directly ripping samples from old skool rave music and manga soundtracks, are nicking and mutating guitar work stolen from metal and d-beat music.
    Zweiter Akt: German (I think) for "second act". I'm thinkng of the not-disimiliar-to-Ed Banger-records house stylings of Adam Port and Vicarious Bliss but with heavy influences from the darker side of folk and noir music.

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  • New pop names coming right up...

    1. Bentley's Beatles Boots (A famous South African comedy group who do highly amusing Beatles pastiches.)

    2. The Dancing Doll Dervishes (Turkish girl group noted for belly dancing during the extended bridges in their songs.)

    3. Who? Me? (Avant-Disco producer who worked in New York during the early '80s. Best know for the 18 minute track 'Bubble Bath' that was the staple at the legendary club The Outhouse.)

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    I’m reading the updated edition of Stephen Farthing’s 1001 Paintings You Must See Before You Die and it’s a veritable goldmine of made-up band namage… :D


    Abess: A female equivalent on an Abbot, a name just begging to turned into a metal logo. I’m imagining a band that would sound like Electric Wizard if it was fronted by power electronics producer Richard Dunn.
    The Aching Solitude Of Hermaphroditus: Description of Pan‘s disgust and rejection of the bi-gendered nymph Hermaphroditus. Raw cassette based cabaret music that buries Sopor Aeturnus-esque songs about unrequited love and taboo desires beneath howling walls of metal noise ala Torch of Decaying Log/Vegas Martyrs.
    Amenhotep Huy: …was the viceroy of Nubia (modern-day Ethiopia) during the reign of Tutankhamen. A sort of ‘witch-martial’ totenstep act that falls somewhere between an African-Middle Eastern centric Blood Axis alongside the heavily digitalized ambience of Daterape.
    Cult Of Demeter: Greek goddess of the harvest but was also associated with marriage, life and death, whose cults were notable for having many female members and ritual initiations involving pleasure. The kind of band that would emerge from the lo-fi murk of batcave goth, sludge and black metal to formulate some sort of electronically enhanced expression of dark music - or if its easier to imagine, just cross Gorgoroth with Blissed Out.
    Ego Sum Lux Mundi: Latin for “I am the light of the world”. How about a hybrid of the playfully melancholic indie of My Latest Novel and the distinctly European sludge of Karysun.
    Etruscan Erotic Scene: Coldwave bubble-pop informed post-punk gothic with a thematic focus on bisexuality and dangerous animals.
    Fayum: A fertile region near 3rd century Cairo built around an artificial lake. Would probably sound like a more summery and contemporaneous Daemonia Nymphae that wouldn’t be afraid to appropriate modern elements and even throw in a few surprise vocalists.
    Freeing Children From The Minotaur: As reference to the popular Pompeian mural subject of the Athenian hero Theseus after he has just slain the minotaur. A direct and unashamed hybrid of Kylie Minoise’s crunchy walls of microphone abuse and the ritual martial “trumpets of Jericho” style ambience of Combative Alignment.
    in situ in Pompeii: This isn‘t really a proper reference, just a particular evocative wording in the book describing the relocation of a Pompeian mural of Europa sitting on a bull to the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli.
    International Gothic: A 13th century genre of painting (typically of Christian imagery) that moved away from the stylized Byzantine method of image making towards a more realistic and three-dimensional depictions. Free improvisation filled with Chilton/Donovan-esque metallic menace, Tony Bevan’s more subtle and less ‘jazzy’ approaches to sax bass solo and ecclesial samples ala Current 93‘s Dogs Blood Rising.
    Kichijōten: A Japanese-Buddhist goddess believed to have been derived from Lakshmi (the Hindu goddess of prosperity) who was usually depicted as an idealized beautiful woman wearing the robes of the Tang court and holding a sacred gem in her left hand. I’m imagining some sort of anime-aesthetics ambient-spiritualism project that falls between Sachiko at her most gentle and the output of Hospital records with a far less misanthropic bent.
    Ladon, Atlas & The Hesperides: This one is a bit of a joke but still rolls off the tongue nicely. These are the beings that guard Hera’s golden apples that includes Ladon the dragon (often depicted as a serpent by early Christian artists) , Atlas the titan (who supported the earth upon his shoulders) and by Atlas’ nocturnal nymph daughters the Hesperides. I’m thining some sort of Urusai/Pure Reason Revolution hybrid.
    Lady Of The Southern Sycamore: A common title for the ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor - the sycamore fig tree was a symbol of life for the eighteenth-dynasty. Subtle electro folk that owes lot to Lonsai Maikov and neo-trance.
    Nebamun: A powerful statesman/craftsman from eighteenth-dynasty ancient Egypt who was modestly described as a “scribe and counter of grain” in a contemporary source. I’m thinking some sort of exultant blackened doom/psych fusion outfit whose sounds straddles the ethno-extremity of Master Musicians of Bukkake, the grim sludge power of Kongh and the overwrought violent occultism of Burial Hex.
    Parthian Frontality: Academic description for a style of first century style of painting hailing from Doura Europos (in modern day Syria) that positioned all figures (human and divine alike) facing forward from the image with their eyes fixed on the viewer. Might sound like a parred down Genocide Organ with improvisational surrealist vocal elements in the vein of Ghédalia Tazartès.
    Prior Superior: A senior member of a monastic order that ranks below an Abbot.
    Ram Bearer: A title and style of depicting Jesus by 3rd century Christians conceived in order to avoid Roman persecution. Based on a classical image of Mercury (wearing a short tunic and sandals) depicted as a shepherd carrying a ram on his shoulders. The mopey bedroom pop stylings of Jonny Telafone buried beneath eruptions of ferocious Iron Fist of the Sun style noise, yet somehow with the cavernous yet positive quality of psychedelic-electronics unit Truman Peyote.

  • Terrible pun-based names for bands/projects I will never actually do:
    Sot Pilgrim (Scott Pilgrim) - Indie rock. Characterized by us drinking heavily during performances.
    120 Days of Soda (120 Days of Sodom) - I have no fucking idea, probably shitty electro pop.
    Spleen and Odile (Spleen and Ideal) - A duo, and I haven't decided what music we would play. I'm Odile and someone else can be Spleen.
    Hermione Gangrene (Hermione Granger, duh) - Melt-Banana influenced noise rock.
    If You See Kay - I don't know.
    River and the Reavers - We will sing songs inspired by Firefly.
    Stapled Gash - Noise project. Feel free to steal this name.
    Mazzatello - Either noise rock or neofolk. Named after a 19th century execution method used by Vatican City.
    Allecto and the Furies

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  • 1. Abbas Dabbas (A nu-disco outfit from Paris)

    2. Cherry In The Hole (A synth-pop gay duo from Hastings, England)

    3. Barry Bloomington's Boozer Brass Band (A brass band made up of skinheads doing covers of old Bad Manners songs)

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    I haz a couple… :3

    The Allsopps: My best friends surname when I was at school. Its quite an unusual family title that I haven’t seen anywhere else.
    Cabbagerose: A particular species of Rose with large bulbous petal ‘heads’, often pink in colour. For me old illustrations of flowers invoke tote pop, martial industrial and deaths head insignia.
    Central Stage Haemonculi: Orchestral and sometimes progressive Eldar Pop band [see Gravitic Wands]
    Gravitic Wands: Name of a band who belong to an imaginary genre I like to call Eldar Pop. Heavily inspired and united by a love for Andy Chambers novels from Games Workshop’s Black Library, Eldar Pop bands blend diverse electro influences (Midnight Juggernauts, Gesaffelstein, The Knife, Gusgus, etc) drenched in witch-gazer distortion and bedroom recording quality (Gary War, Blissed Out, The Warlocks, etc) often characterised by multiple vocalists and momentary 1960’s radiophonic freakouts. Gravitic Wands are a duo noted their particularly heavy reappraisal of rave/happy hardcore samples.
    Halted Stream Camp: A bandit’s hideout in the Skyrim game, if memory serves me, it might actually be a checkpoint for Whiterun gaurds - I can‘t remember. Whatever it is the name just rolls off the tongue nicely and invokes in my mind a sort of lo-fi drone version of Grizzly Bear.
    Hichard Rammond & Mames Jay: Yeah, I just switched the first and second names letters around for these two Top Gear presenters. Ignore this one…
    Katzroy: Another odd surname you don’t see often. I’m imagining some sort of electronica-licked indie rock outfit ala The Cooper Temple Clause or TV On The Radio with a healthy dose of Italian prog and southern Goatsnake doom. Would make heady concept albums about the macho image/stereotype of painting, brutalist architecture and alter-modernism.
    Oh my aching hands, from raking in grands and breaking in mic stands: My favorite MF Doom line from the Madvillain track Rhinestone Cowboy.
    Orc Prejudice: Have you noticed how Orcs get a really bad press in fantasy films, books, games, etc. Its just blatant speciesm and I just won’t stand for it! - Or, if you want to be more reasonable, just a cool name for some sort of garage/punk informed Tiger Sushi style dance act.
    Vect Must Pay: Particularly dark and minimal Eldar Pop band [see Gravitic Wands]
    Wiese Aix: I remember reading this name in a very odd dream I had that looked as if it took place in a Japanese suburb which for some reason I assumed was Nottingham. I was reading a magazine in a shop that looked like a fashionably minimalist lodge and I remember noting that ‘Wiese Aix’ was the only word in it rendered in English characters, the rest were distinctly Japanese. I’ll leave you to decipher what that could possibly signify.
    Working Class Scumbag: I’ve considered using this one for some sort of bedroom synth pop project. The sort of dreamy lush effortlessly homoerotic concept albums about ancient greek heroes and philosophers whose album art would be designed by Juliette Blightman.
    Yllithian: ‘Purist’ Eldar Pop band with a penchant for xeroxed band imagery [see Gravitic Wands]

    Feel free to make up more Eldar Pop bands if you so please.

  • One - The Dancing Ziggurats (Cosmic disco fun.)
    Two - Frank & The Belly Laughs (Cynical pop pastiches.)
    Three - Under Pseudonym (Post punk clatter.)
    Four - The Poodles Pants (Jazz daftness.)
    Five - The Cyclops Is Blind (Indie rock dullness.)

    Thanks for reading this. RussellChap.

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    • 31 Jul 2012, 16:23
    ^ The Cyclops Is Blind sounds like the kind of band that would be my top played artist in my library ;p

  • The Cuntstompers.

    Welcome to the forums, where everyone is happy.
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    Heres a bunch of arty names for an imaginary electronica label, specializing in a sort remodernist version of Kompakt's output.

    America As He Saw It
    Bright Vines
    Bus Crash Survivor
    Conception, Birth And Death
    Dictators In Extremis
    En Plein Air
    Grays And Whites Are Numerous
    Nash Landscapes
    Peasant Market
    Populist Socialist
    Pre-Easter Skeleton
    Restrained Monolith
    Senator 1947
    Truro Gas Station

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    • 14 Aug 2012, 18:37
    Sorry I haven't updated for quite a while, I haven't been doing much 'arty' reading of late. Heres a few titles of/references to artworks i've seen fairly recently...

    3 Suns
    Abdominal Thrust
    Absent Minded Yellow Blob
    Arbe généalogique
    Banded Jasper
    Building Up Hope
    Carpet For The Irish Pavilion
    Catskill Cadillac
    Columbo's Column
    Correction Fluid On Map Of France
    Dachshund U.N.
    Deepest Sympathy
    Electric Dress
    For Otiose Sailors And Girl Guides Only
    The Humble Snowflake
    I Am Not Exotic, I Am Exhausted
    Ikon Under Siege
    In Soot I Sleep
    Indo-Chinese Pun-Sculpture
    Jerry Can Cluster
    Macho Feminists
    Nakadaya Tea-House
    Near Gravelly Hill
    Our Appetite For Lies
    Péret Insulting The Priest
    Poem Of The Pillow
    Pyrite Radio
    Rhino In Fog
    Second Burial
    Sedgley's Corona
    The Sexual Needs Of People With Disabilities
    Shinichi Spring
    Slow Boat Stoke
    Square Wig
    Sunset Bonnet
    Tac, Tac, Tac
    Tatlin Banner
    Thanks Sam
    Tips For The Average Global Citizen
    To Modernize Morocco And Maximize Its Efficency
    Why Contribute To The Spread Of Ugliness?

  • Thaw A Mastadon

    The Ancient DisOrder of the Last FM Round Table
  • I like making up band names too, so here are some I "made" (its not that hard of a job)
    - my guide to nyotaimori participation
    - fat anime girls
    - cats and bad influence
    - tokyo safari with a disposable camera
    - dog fangs
    - korean discount store 2010

    i think i would use all these names for like one genre and thats like "pop songs on drugs" thingie. thats what i like to call it

  • The Collapsed Colons New York borthers who fuse Bhangra beats with Irish harp music thereby creating a malformed music that brings laugher for their small fan base (so small they have trouble attracting more than a dozen people to their concerts).

    The Art Damaged Manchester three piece who are infamous for singing songs about masturbating over works of art in local museums. They spilt up in 1988 after the lead singer went to a rave & never came back.

    Knocking One Out A side project of The Art Damaged. Their best known song is 'Can I put It In Yet?' which got played on Piccadilly Radio, by mistake of course.

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    Better Energy: One of those patronizing and bandwagon-jumping terms that arises whenever the subject of “green energy” rears its pimply face uninvited. When taken out of context however it sounds ambiguously utopian. I’d like to use this one, for some harsh ambient project perhaps?
    Dissolution Of The Wizard: A passage from an occult tome Brian Lumley’s character Titus Crow reads in an eccentric employers library in the short story Lord of the Worms. Musical production somewhere between horror soundtrack and minimal Magazine-label electronica.
    Eladamri: The name of an Elven general from the Magic The Gathering card game. It rolls off the tongue nicely, a decent enough name for some of doom-laden Elf themed symphonic metal band.
    Grin Pond: Based on the title of a Geng Jianyi installation called Happy Pond whereby the artist filled a pool of water with hundreds of floating ‘grins’ made of silicon.
    Halberd Of Intolerance: No direct reference here, it just came to whilst listening to some very raw punk music and reading a Magic The Gathering compendium.
    Heart Of Defeat: Black acoustic music heavily informed by and derived from .
    Intrecciato Leather: A process of weaving leather developed by a Italian leather company called Bottega Veneta. Would sound like a darker and more post-rock informed version of Massamiliano Pagliara’s electro.
    Magical Selection: As opposed to “natural selection”. You see what I attempted to do there… :3
    Misshapen Hell: Black metal of the most head-caving cosmic variety. Falls somewhere between brute primitivism and highly charged intellectualism.
    On Democracy By Saddam Hussein: A collection of the late Iraqi presidents musings on the subject of democracy published by artist Paul Chan. I thinking of some super contentious American group that poke fun at both the far-right and ultra-left branches of political thought via brand of music that is informed by but never entirely subscribed to grindcore, post-punk, faux-martial pop, d-beat, shoegazer and much more besides.

  • The Well-Thought-Outs.

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    • 23 Aug 2012, 20:36
    RussellChap said:
    Knocking One Out

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    • 26 Aug 2012, 18:00
    If I ever produce music I'm just going to go by my last name. It's easier that way, really.

  • The Biscuit Tins
    A cacophonous indie band from Brighton. They were 50 in John Peels festive fifty of 1986. The celebrate the trio went to their local and got drunk. They split the band up in the following morning leaving behind a body of work which consisted of a split single with The Jelly babies & a tape called Live at the bathroom 10/6/1986.

    Belly Laughs
    A Ska band from Sheffield. The five piece were active from 1978 to 1981 and released five singles and a mini album before calling it a day. The lead singer, Peter Peters, is now a script writer for the long running Scottish soap The Highland Way and is married to the ex- lead singer of The Biscuit Tins, Vicky Templeton.

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  • Proxanathrid-Q

    An imaginary drug.... that I just googled, and I guess there is already a "Proxana" (for "prostate health"), but I like the extra stuff at the end. The "Q" is b/c the drug is so good that there is a line ("queue") around the block of people waiting to get some? Wtf is a "thrid" Im not sure yet

    Oh and I guess theres already a band called "Light Pollution" after all --- sorry?

    I support & endorse the free speech of all the peoples of this Urf, even if they arent college students who live in Alaska. Not responsible for typograffik erorrz (sic). Void where prohibited. Vices subject to change without notice (although they probably wont)
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    • 4 Sep 2012, 17:08
    No overtly explained references or clever smarty-pants band names today. I'm just going to note everything I can remember reading this week and thinking to myself "shit homes, that would be a cool bandname!"... ;p

    Acquired Savant Syndrome
    All-Naked Radio Station
    Avoiding Venus
    Beheaded Snowman
    Black Princess Yath-Lhi
    Chinese Crested Hairless Dogs
    Dahmer Tours
    Eighth Wonder
    Furtive Zoog
    Hoop Snake
    It Feeds On You
    Lady Vampire VS. The Mummy
    Piscine Chimera
    Rags With Glinting Eyes, Flapping Wings, And Soul-Sucking Feelers
    Recluse Spiders
    Smurf's Petrol Station Terror
    The Transition Of Titus Crow
    Vampiric Moth

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