what beer do you drink?

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 6 Aug 2006, 03:00

    what beer do you drink?

    favourite domestic, favourite import, and favourite goofy ultra cheap strong beer.

    okanogan springs pale ale, becks, WILDCAT! 6% RAWR

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 6 Aug 2006, 03:37
    i drink water and lemonade but lemonade only at very wild parties

    i am so bored

    • jonnie5 said...
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    • 6 Aug 2006, 04:09
    The drink the kind you drink.

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  • Not a big beer fan but Miller Lite's okay.

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  • King Cobra Premium Malt Liquor....50 cents a can. I am cheap ^_^

  • Good thread.

    Blue Moon, Heineken, Steel Reserve.

    • GUMB4LL said...
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    • 6 Aug 2006, 09:23
    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Red Seal, Tuborg Gold and Breznak!

    • Sempron said...
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    • 6 Aug 2006, 09:42
    My favourite beer is Karjala. Best of all. ;)

    • vjprkl said...
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    • 6 Aug 2006, 09:56

    Like Type O Negative? Like Peter Steele? Please join Peter Steele
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  • The holy trinity:

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  • Schöfferhofer / Breznak, Pilsner, that other czech one starting with J or something, Budweiser (the not-tastes-like-piss one) / Köthener Export

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  • any lagers do me well. Cant go past a bottle of mac's gold mmm

  • I drink mostly "Karhu" or "Olvi" but i think the best is guinness.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 6 Aug 2006, 11:34
    Carlton Draught (Australian Beer)
    VB (Australian Beer)
    Crowns (Australian Beer)

    I can see a pattern emerging here.

    Just for the record, in my opinion every American beer I've ever tasted has been pure filth.

    • Weazel said...
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    • 6 Aug 2006, 11:37

  • I drink all beers, and all beers are drunk by me.

    Top of the charts are Stella and 1664. :-P

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  • My favourite is an import.

    Favourite cheapo ultra strong. Tennents =D

    9% volume

    • Haarry said...
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    • 6 Aug 2006, 12:35
    Will drink anything but VB, vb tastes like puke, actually, puke tastes better.

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    • Boonjam said...
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    • 6 Aug 2006, 13:26
    I don't really drink just one.

    I guess my favourite types are pilsners lambics and ales.

    As for american beers, Miller is ok, Honkers Ale is fine.

    They're only as bad as stuff like Asahi, which you all cream yourselves over because it's from Japan.

    • mireka said...
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    • 6 Aug 2006, 14:55
    vollmond and sprint from switzerland, budvar from czech.
    and heineken, occasionally.

  • Domestic:
    Heineken, most probably my favourite if the criterion is 'by volume'.

    Guinness, Guinness is good for you! Beamish is also nice, but i have not seen it outside of Cork.

    Do not know what it is called, but Aldi has really cheap (reasonably) drinkable strongish beer 8% vol, 0.5l for Eur ~0.45

  • vjprkl said:

  • Root Beer :p

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 6 Aug 2006, 15:11
    I generally like German beers because of the strict laws they have on brewing over there which guarentees good stuff. I can usually find Lowenbrau in the right places. Also, Czech Budvar is very good.

    Cheap beers are a false economy. 12 cans of carling won't get you as drunk as 6 decent beers.

    Oh, and american beer just plain sucks.

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