Gay Singers List

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 7 Aug 2007, 23:00


    Gina Schock of The Go-Go's

    • ron1245 said...
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    • 8 Aug 2007, 23:30
    Ivri Lider is realy that famous?
    Im happy.
    Im from Israel and I love him,
    I just didnt knew he's also famous in the world :P

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    • ron1245 said...
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    • 9 Aug 2007, 09:14
    David Bowie?

    Dana International - דנה אינטרנשיונל
    Jowel - ג'ואל

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  • Kele from Bloc Party

  • disgusting Soccerweb design

  • I was kind of busy, that's why i didn't ADD a lot of singers, thanks 4 ur cooperation!

    • ron1245 said...
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    • 11 Aug 2007, 14:18
    When you'll add:
    אמיר פיי גוטמן \ Amir Fey Guttman.
    male gay singer (:

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  • JC Chasez?
    What do you think about him?

    I think he's HOT and looking
    better than Justin Timberlake!

  • How about bisexual???

    Brett Anderson is bisexual...he is hot manly looking guy...I love him at the first sight when I saw his CD in HMV...that time I don't know he is bisexual...but I found that in the wikipedia...oh that's bravo...he is bisexual...haha!!!

    • ron1245 said...
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    • 31 Aug 2007, 14:43
    Skin is bisexual,
    Antony, from Antony and the Johnsons is transgender.

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    • Kamon69 said...
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    • 20 Sep 2007, 03:44
    add to gay artists:

    GACKT (he's japanese)
    Kimeru (japanese too)

    and band:

    Dead or Alive


  • Owen Pallett aka Final Fantasy
    Ed Droste from Grizzly Bear

  • Mika doesn't have a girlfriend and HE IS GAY !

    Beth Ditto from The Gossip is lesbian.
    Queen Latifah is lesbian too

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 7 Jan 2008, 18:44
    Gackt is gay?! How come?

    Please let me correct the spelling, it's Melissa Etheridge.

  • Ola Salo of Swedish Glam band The Ark is openly bisexual.
    I've also heard that Lou Reed is bisexual.

  • Sam Sparro is the rising gay singer in UK
    PS support him!!!

  • Moby has stated several times not being gay.

  • voxtrot

    Voxtrot! (lead singer)

  • Forgive me if they were mentioned already!

    Kyle Ord
    Tyler Adam
    The Divy's
    Wayne Latham
    Owen Tate
    Nelson Clemente
    Darren Hayes
    Ashley MacIsaac (he married my friend!)
    Melissa Ethridge
    Amanda Lapore
    Andrew Ash

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    • Bosc said...
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    • 18 Aug 2008, 07:27
    lead singer of Now it's Overhead

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 18 Aug 2008, 21:54
    markandey said:
    disgusting Soccerweb design


  • There are several that you guys have left off. You guys should look some of these artists up. They are all great.

    Michael Stipe of R.E.M.
    Waves On Waves
    Holcombe Waller
    Daniel Cartier
    Fred Schneider from the B52s
    Melissa Ferrick
    Chris Pureka
    Brian Grillo of Extra Fancy
    Levi Kreis
    Josh Zuckerman
    Mark Weigle
    Pansy Division (opened for Green Day)
    Billy Jo from Green Day (has admitted to being bisexual)
    Pink (openly bisexual)
    Lindsay Lohan
    The chick from Danity Kane
    Colton Ford
    Fredrik Ford

    etc. etc. etc.

    • Rayffle said...
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    • 14 Oct 2008, 16:37
    Clay Aiken
    Jeffree Star
    Lindsay Lohan
    and also Jess of The Veronicas

  • * Anthony Callea is listed at possible gay, but he is gay for sure.

    * Simon Curtis appears to be gay too.

    You betta werrrk bitch!
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