How do you define Futurepop?

  • How do you define Futurepop?

    Often people say that they know it when they hear it but can't say why (about a lot of things), but if you thought about it, how would you define Futurepop? Contrast it with Synthpop and EBM. It seems to me that many EBM groups are rather freely interchanged with Futurepop and vice versa. What I've noticed in bands tagged Futurepop in contrast to Synthpop is a little darker and edgier quality in both lyrics and sounds as well as a greater variety of sonic change throughout individual tracks, more interest. I find most futurepop tracks richer and more personally meaningful to me than most synthpop, classic and contemporary. What are your thoughts on what defines futurepop?

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    • 14 Jul 2008, 00:56
    I'd say futurepop is more melodic and more potentially mainstream-friendly than EBM. But the border between these two genres is so hazy, so on many albums, there are representatives of both these genres. For example: Assemblage 23's album Meta features both Binary (typical futurepop), and Truth (more like EBM with some industrial sounds).

    If it comes to synthpop, I think the meaning of term synthpop has been changing, as long as Depeche Mode as the most commercially succesfull synthpop group has been changing. Today's typical synthpop, such as De/Vision, is more likely to be appreciated by listeners of mainstream alternative music (nice phrase :D), such as Coldplay, than futurepop which is musically more similar to classic synthpop.

    For me, futurepop is a natural evolution of classic synthpop. Under term natural I mean because of improvement of technology, and not because of change of fashion. Maybe, if taste of mainstream listeners didn't change so dramatically in the early 90s, there would be no term futurepop, because it would be just synthpop with a bit different lyrics (either darker or more sci-fi oriented or whatever), while synthpop in it's current meaning would be called alternative.

    Nevertheless, the futurepop term is quite new, and it's definition is still in progress. So, everything I've written wasn't meant to be an attempt to describe "the truth", this is just my point of view, and others could have a completely different point of view.

  • Agree with k0sm0tr0n on everything he said.

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  • I think of futurepop as a blending of trance and ebm into a synthpop structure. It has the basic elements of EBM, but it has (sometimes) complex chord progressions that seem to be lacking in EBM in the original sense of the word. But then, instead of the extended song structures of trance, or the lack of song structure of EBM, Futurepop incorporates the structures of synthpop with choruses, bridges, and verses.

    As for theme and imagery, Futurepop deals less explicitly with love, like in synthpop, and deals with either something personally introspective, alienated, or something humanistic in a dystopian/utopian sort of way. There is also a tendency to include a lot of metallic and robotic imagery.

    I don't think one can describe this kind of music in terms of being "mainstream," although it is possible to discuss it in terms of being accessible. People don't usually accidentally get into this music, but are instead initiated by someone who is already well-versed in the meta-genres, i.e. a person who would be offended by someone naively calling Futurepop 'techno.'

    • bobrulz said...
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    • 27 May 2009, 18:40
    It fuses the repetitive beats (but that's not meant to be a bad term) of trance, the more pessimistic worldviews and harsher vocal styles of industrial/EBM, and the melodic song structures and chord progressions of synthpop.

    I guess that's the best way I could describe it.

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