Into the Wild Green Yonder

    • Dehmon said...
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    • 25 Feb 2009, 18:56

    Into the Wild Green Yonder

    A new movie is now available on dvd! Did anybody watch this already? I did, and it's not the greatest part of Futurama, but also good. I'm waiting for your comments.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 4 Mar 2009, 19:19
    It's alright, but the ending is weird and fast. :/ I rate it a 3/5, Bender's Game gets a 3.5/5, though. :P

  • I'm pretty mad at the Futurama staff. All they have done in these four movies is write crappy scripts and pack them full of past references from previous episodes, just so all these 'biggest fan' kids can clap their hands while they're watching them and shout "HAHAHAHAHAHA YAY!!!!!"

    The first four seasons of Futurama were extremely good, but I have lost faith in this show as of now.

    "Gimme the record, Jimmy." - Special Ed
    • k31V said...
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    • 8 Jun 2009, 22:35
    I frankly, loved it, along with all the other straight to DVD films

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