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  • New and Needy

    Hey, erm, I'm Alex. I guess I don't really need to introduce myself.
    I just found this site and really like it so far with the bands I'm seeing. However, if anyone has any recomendations for little known or larger bands, I'd appreciate it. Any group that's good, really.
    I'm into bands such as Rogue Wave, Wolf Parade, The Rolling Stones, The Faint, The Kinks, The New Pornographers, The Clash, Bob Dylan, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and The Beatles to name a few.
    This post seems kind of strange after I've read it about 1,000 times but I'd really like the feedback.

  • hello

    and welcome. You've made a smart choice picking this group. We may be small but we're perfectly formed.

    a few suggestions to get you started:

    Patrick Wolf (generally folk with some indie-rock elements)
    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (indie-pop) - if you don't like their album you may be dead inside.
    Vitalic (electro-techno)
    The Robot Ate Me (lo-fi indie with some noise thrown in for good measure)
    Shearwater (indie-folk / singer-songwriter)
    Ladytron (electro-pop, although their new album is more rock influenced)
    The Unicorns (indie-pop)
    The Decemberists (indie-pop)
    Dungen (post-rock, neo-psych, swedish hippies go ROCK!)
    The Boy Least Likely To (happy pop melodies with slightly sinister lyrics)
    Sufjan Stevens (indie-pop-folk)
    The Fiery Furnaces (quirky unpredictable indie-rock)

    alternatively, just copy and paste a selection of the artist connections for this group that you like the names of into your favourite p2p program (i recommend soulseek) online music store. It's (mostly) all good and generally quite accesible.

  • Just a couple more recommendations

    Broken Social Scene - great new album out, eclectic mixture of various indie related genres - even have a good collection of b-sides
    The American Analog Set- pure pop melody, with some electronics
    The Wrensjust another straightforward indie rock group, great lyrics too, and both of their albums are just as good
    Deerhoofa little more left of field than previously mentioned groups, but their songs still retain that essential pop melody backbone so even the random noise outbursts sound great

    I may post some more when/if I can be bothered, but other than that, you could just trawl through the artist connections, although click the names first as otherwise you may end up getting some fucking weird stuff that only 10 people listen to.

  • how could i forget broken social scene?

    i was actually going to come back today and sneakily add them as i was listening to YFIIP on the way to and from uni today. you must send me the new album, i'm having trouble "locating" it.

  • Thank both of y'all a lot. The group seems great and I'll be sure to check those bands out.

    • tufty79 said...
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    • 21 Nov 2005, 20:12

    new too

    just wanted to say hi, y'all :)

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