Fuck Lil B

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Created on: 12 Jan 2012
this rappers calls girls bitches and him self GOD .... -_-

The First rapper who is really Gay in reality

this rapper got No talent. he keeps calling girls bitches and talk trash he giant alot attention about he being a GOD how can you be a god ? lame get serious like you ever did something for the people did you ? second I'm based god i fuck bitches bla bla PLEASE STOP THIS ACT this is not funny lets hope God have mercy on your soul for calling his name out in public you need to respect Jesus and God to get respect from others

Rapper Lil B caused a stir recently when he announced that his upcoming album would be titled "I'm Gay." Now don't get it twisted -- the rapper known as the "Based God" loves women. He's just very, very happy. "I've never been attracted to a man in my life," he told MTV News. "But, yes, I am gay, I'm so happy. I'm a gay, heterosexual male." That reassurance didn't stop B from receiving death threats, though. "People been hitting me up like, 'I'm gonna bash your head in,' 'you f****t,' 'I'm gonna kill you.'" GLAAD told "XXL Magazine" that they hoped the album title is "not a gimmick."

you should first listen to the bible before you talk TRASH read the : Ten Commandments

My God is this that Based basement dogg material ? he looks so goofy in his retarded untalented songs

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The Game Speaks On Gay Rappers In Hip Hop

click on the link you find out what other rappers think about this child

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