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Created on: 15 Mar 2005
Basically the guy is a total prick... and I'm sure his taste in music ain't too good.

Open to Bush-haters worldwide.


*** Update ***

While Bush is no longer in office, we cannot afford to be idle... President Obama has done little in the way of reversing Bush's legacy:

He has expanded the war in Afghanistan and launched more drone attacks in a few months than Bush managed to do during his entire time in office; he insists on continuing extraordinary rendition, torture has not been definitively rejected and he pushes to keep records of US misdeeds secret; he continues to threaten Iran with military force; he has done little to end US military support for the coup regime in Honduras; and he slavishly acquiesces to Israeli brutality against the Palestinians while providing diplomatic immunity in the Security Council.

And at home, he managed to gut healthcare reform despite the Democratic supermajority (an amazing task); he has completely ignored the gay community; plus he has worked to stymie efforts at serious climate change legislation!

I know that there are probably many members of this group who support Obama and he may yet prove worthy of that support - but not yet... Without pressure from people like us, Obama will not deviate from the radical, statist, and brutal policies brought to their extreme during the Bush years. It is essential that progressives keep Obama's feet to the fire and I hope this group will help to foster this kind of activism.

"Fuck Bush" will live on... It serves as a reminder that just as the citizens of the world rejected everything Bush represented, so they reject Obama's failure to reverse many of his horrific policies.

Long live FUCK BUSH!

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  • TheGoobs21


    26 Aug 8:38pm Reply
  • kebikec

    Fuck Obama too.

    3 Aug 4:33pm Reply
  • bloody72

    pozdrowienia dla wszystkich członków grupy

    20 Jul 10:40am Reply
  • BlackMetallizer

    Long live president Bush. Both of them. Let God bless them!

    18 Jul 7:10pm Reply
  • Nekro__b


    15 Jul 8:58am Reply
  • Superdgisus

    They summoned the spirit of Kurt Cobain and he sang the song "I love myself and I want to live" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqtscqFZXy8

    15 Jun 5:47pm Reply
  • waarsnico

    I hate Obama

    4 May 6:35pm Reply
  • severalg

    "Fuck you, Bush It’s time to get out of Iraq, Bush What were you even doing there in the first place?, Bush You didn’t even get properly elected, Bush Are you happy now?, Bush Fuck you, Bush" — Jeremy Usborne

    26 Apr 8:49pm Reply
  • sebastianplano

    Independents; FUCK BUSH! on the other hand, I would like to share some new music, indie electronic with loads of cello.. Impetus (Denovali Records) You can listen here: https://www.facebook.com/sebastianplano/app_212097992149339 & a free download: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbBl0P6LxDA Seb

    9 Apr 10:53pm Reply
  • Sludgehead

    @milkchan: /facepalm As someone "lucky" enough to be born into and grow up watching this "great" nation exploit everyone and everything in sight including it's own people I'm not surprised you're a cheerleader, because in addition to locking people up, waging war, obesity, sucking Israel's dick, and whimsical pointless presidential elections we're also number one and churning out passive ignorant sheeple who buy into myth that "We're Number One!!!". /facepalm

    31 Mar 8:07am Reply
  • aggroroofer

    @ MilkChan: Why jealousy? Quite a few 'first world' nations have comparable or better living standards. I think many are just afraid of this semi-literate nation that only needs to hear the words "America" and "Freedom" to agree to any war. Here is some what makes the US such a dangerous nation (combined with their firepower, that is)..

    28 Mar 6:16pm Reply
  • NargaCuuga

    George Fucking Bush :v

    27 Mar 9:27am Reply
  • CrowZeroTwo

    im a german and i hate america . We're all living in America, America is wunderbar. We're all living in America, Amerika, Amerika. We're all living in America, Coca-Cola, Wonderbra, We're all living in America, Amerika, Amerika.

    14 Mar 3:07pm Reply
  • mot00rzysta

    fuck bush ? i'd rather fuck a tree....

    4 Mar 6:44am Reply
  • MilkChan

    "and that the most people hate the USA has a reason." - yeah, like jealousy.

    28 Feb 8:59am Reply
  • Registeel

    Fuck Bush, they haven't made a good album in 20 years.

    9 Feb 10:24am Reply
  • nnnienke

    Fuck policies anyways.. and that the most people hate the USA has a reason.

    20 Jan 9:57am Reply
  • Dulukk

    cant wait for dis tard to be gun. ..

    18 Nov 2013 Reply
  • johnhorton91

    I suggest this be the new pic: https://lh3.ggpht.com/-Jk7U_4iPS-Y/UDkOVXkxXqI/AAAAAAAAATc/5zqvRmH_GY8/s1600/Bush+Obama+War+Crimes.jpg

    23 Oct 2013 Reply
  • TheDarkSide73

    Two idiotic moron presidents back to back who ruined this country..I wish the next president won't be the same as Bush and NObama..

    7 Oct 2013 Reply
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