Now we are free! lets run and play and listen to our favourite bands! ... or just lethargically scrobble badly tagged songs...

  • well...

    ... i start tagging all my stuff as 'freedom' ... well.. not many ppl listen to the music that i listen to ... aiiiight ! ... oO

    everything will be okay
    in the end.

    if it's not okay,
    it's not the end.

    • sk8boi said...
    • User
    • 3 May 2007, 11:46
    go to school, go to work, follow fashion, walk on the pavement, have kids, obey the law. repeat after me: I AM FREE

    pass the joint to the left hand side, left is best, right is wrong, now pass my bong
  • YEA WE are Free. All of us...

    Просто зделай это!
    Just do it !
  • Dont support a football club
    Dont like *STARS* and people
    Dont like fashion
    Dont listen to crap music from MTV and the radio

    Living with our passions
    Living without taking care about tomorrow
    Only listen to last.fm <3

    Yeah, I M FREE

    • rimas55 said...
    • User
    • 2 Jun 2007, 18:33
    i like to feel that way
    the freedom is some thing we need it to our self
    and it's so cool

    Hard Rock
    Gothic Rock
    Alternative Metal
    Always The Best <3
    • Alex3m said...
    • User
    • 4 Jul 2007, 13:56

    Free, yes, we're free!

    Freedom is the best a human can get. So let's just feel the music, and touch the good vibrations of the summer!

    Be the Love.
  • I'd just like to say that this group's existence brings a great amount of frustration to me and others.

    Thank you.

  • hello everybody. i'm free , you're free and we have holiday so all thinks are free:)

    "I will come to you in the daytime.."
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