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  • Free artists found on

    In no particular order:
    alternative - folk - indie - indie pop - lo-fi - singer-songwriter - summer

    alternative - band i want to hear more of - folk - lesser known yet streamable artists - lo-fi - new weird - america - should listen more - texan

    bOa & The Super Vixens:
    fusion - guitars - jam band - math rock - postrock - prog-rock - rock - stoner

    Half Asleep:
    belgian - belgium - female vocalists - folk - indie - post-rock - seen live - singer-songwriter

    Baby Blonde and the Downs:
    alternative - rock - folk

    Josh Gray:
    acoustic - checkout - cream of the crop - either they have beards or they should have beards - guitar - mellow - singer-songwriter - young

    Tom 7:
    bands that i am in the band or i am the band - i used to think indie had something to do with indians which was pretty dumb - indie - indie rock - lo-fi - post-indie - post-postism - singer-songwriter

    00s - acoustic - bestof06 - folk - pop - relax - singer-songwriter - songwriter

    americana - canadian - favourite bands - indie post-rock - sadcore - singer-songwriter - slowcore

    acoustic - alt rock - alternative - alternative rock - canada - canadian - indie - songwriter

    Audio Simplicity:

    folk - need to find album

    aus - brit pop - british - indie - indie rock - japanese - rock - xoza

    Garden Grows:
    alternative - bremen - guitar - indie - niels paul - pop - power pop - rock

    Eleanor L.Vault:
    acoustic - folk - folk rock - indie folk - instrumental - male vocalists - romantic - singer-songwriter

    avant-garde - avantgarde - free jazz - jazz - jazzy - lesser known yet streamable artists - nu jazz - nu-jazz

    all that i listen now - england - high-grade childrens - programming - indie - sheffield - south yorkshire - uk - yorkshire

    Frozen Silence:
    ambient - chillout - classical - ethereal - instrumental - new age - piano - relaxing

    Lorenzo's Music:
    alternative - blues - current favs - indie - indie rock - rock - rotems current favourites - singer-songwriter

    The Bottans:
    alternative - electronic - experimental - indie - indietronica - lo-fi - post-punk - russian

    alternative - alternative rock - aussie - australia - australian - brisbane - pub rock - rock

    german - mellow - post-rock - seen live - slow rock


  • frantic
    indie - indiepop - pop - folk - piano - swiss

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 9 Sep 2007, 14:01
    Billie the Vision and the Dancers

    indie indie pop male vocalists pop seen live singer-songwriter sweden swedish

    Allison Crowe

    canadian female vocalists folk indie jazz piano pop singer-songwriter

    boston creative commons do not play me this again excellent streamability experimental indie underdog 100

    • ghozza said...
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    • 28 Sep 2007, 08:21
    Dear music lovers :)

    Check out the following artists from the Netherlands. All songs are fully streamable and available as free mp3's.

    Inna-Truth & Number 9

    Release: The Lost Pages
    Genre: hiphop

    collaboration between Inna-Truth & Number resulting in an awesome collaboration album. definitely worth to give a try!!


    Release: Good Mourning, Leech and Shards of Glass
    Genre: groove metal

    complete free discography so far by metal act Karbo, including an awesome cover of Breathe by the Prodigy


    Release: Hier is et
    Genre: dutch language hiphop

    very funky debut EP by liveact Vers2

    Number 9

    Release: Music and Me
    Genre: hiphop

    early demo-cd by Number 9 created before 'The Lost Pages'-release


    Release: 2007 EP
    Genre: alternative/progressive rock

    fully streamable (no mp3's) debut EP by upcoming band Killteam

    'There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.' -Alfred Hitchcock-
  • Found another group... The "Blumen in Erichs Garten". German rock form Hamburg, I think, nice to listen to...

    Two albums:

    Blauland (12 songs)

    Herzschlagradio (5 songs)

  • Thanks

    Thanks for including me (and my free music) in your group!

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 27 Oct 2007, 14:33

    one song for free on,
    more on their website

  • hey thanks for your great community work! especially mistermatcheu! :D

  • hello

    hi everyone, my name's angus and i make music under the name The Peach Tree. I believe in free music for everyone, and all of my albums are available for streaming or download right here at and at a number of places. some of my earlier albums were poorly recorded, but my latest effort, the 12-track electronicafest that is Psychosis, is a killer. sorry to self-promote, but i like this group idea and would love to have my music connected.

    seeya round!

    My music: The Peach Tree
    My label: Tribal Dancing Kid
    My reviewing blog: Gus Reviews
    My demeanour: \m/o_0\m/
  • SFIAS is free

    beth aven]My Short Films
  • Xera

    asturian - bagpipe - celtic - folk - instrumental - electronic

  • Corrientes - All of our music is available for free download from our page.

    Todo es música y razón
    • RenatoV said...
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    • 26 Dec 2007, 13:50
    Hi to all,

    my music is in free download @ Renato Ventura

    Renato Ventura Music Fan Club - Free For Free
    Play all my music just in one Click.
  • Antero Tienaho, my own project, has a lot of free tracks up for grasp. If ambient, drone, folk and such interest you, take a listen.

    Antero Tienaho Listen to me. And tell me what you heard.
    • fillide said...
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    • 1 Jan 2008, 06:11
    DANFORTH Paris Hardcore
    Les Vieilles Salopes French Punkrock
    Start Of The End Deathcore
    Miss Helium Cyberpunk
    M26.7 PunkRock

    French Alternativ Festival BetiZFest :
  • The Cakes
    post-punk - punk - indie - pop - rock

  • UXL ++

    UXL From Birmingham are free to listen to with many full tracks, but no downloads.

    As are The Strangerhood:
    and Black Poets:

    Chris Singleton is free to listen to on and his ALBUM is FREE to download for a limited period on;


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  • Doom metal: Torture Garden

    Ultra-depressing doom metal for all the perverts (that means you!):


    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 17 Feb 2008, 23:01
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 18 Feb 2008, 00:11

    naked neighbours on tv

  • alien time again

    Fili O (so cool) sounds utopian extraterrestrials in organic light speed vessels

    woke up laughin' about comic strips and backflips...
    • RenatoV said...
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    • 12 Mar 2008, 18:59
    RenatoV said:
    Hi to all,

    my music is in free download @ Renato Ventura

    Sorry, no more, at least for now.

    Renato Ventura Music Fan Club - Free For Free
    Play all my music just in one Click.
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