How did you discover Mr. Turner?

  • How did you discover Mr. Turner?

    tell your stories!

    mine's short, all i have to say is: this guy told me about Million Dead first, then told me Frank Turner went solo, and there i was, unable to press the stop button. :)

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  • Leeds fest

    As part of a little artist research before going to leeds festival. I came across a few Frank Turner songs. I instantley loved the songs, in a matter of days he went from an unknown artist to a must-see for me.

    i have to say i did see him at leeds fest and he was amazing definatley one of the best performers

    • Theop36 said...
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    • 17 Oct 2008, 16:26

    Biffy Clyro Gig

    was off to a Biffy gig in Leeds sometime last year
    and he was one of the support acts

    never heard of him beforehand, but soon as i was home i was searching his stuff
    seen him few times since
    and seeing him again on Tuesday =D


  • a friend of a friend of a friend introduced me to million dead.... frank went solo, i listened, i loved :)

  • Boyfriend

    He was actually my boyfriend's favourite artist, and he sent me over some of Frank's songs, I fell in love, and then I saw his gig here a little bit ago and he was fantastic.

  • A Hallowe'en gig at the (in)famous Ferryboat Inn in Norwich as a member of Million Dead. Thought Million Dead we ace, carried on following Frank's solo career after Million Dead.

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  • Miffy
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  • he was recommended to me at dot-to-dot, and nothing clashed so i went. totally awesome. anyone seeing him at the scala on 29th oct?

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    • Wezzeth said...
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    • 19 Oct 2008, 21:17
    I Found Frank, Through my love for Dave house, Dallas Green, Ben Kweller & Ben Gibbard.

    One of my ex partners, adored him and one night we sat there and listened to Franks cds i havnt looked back since, hes now one of my favourite artists. He really is a truely amazing person! He even answers me on myspace haha witch makes him an even better person for bothering about what his fans have to say!



  • 2000 Trees Festival '08

    I manage Jim Lockey on and he'd told me on numerous occasions what a great bloke, (Not to mention songwriter), Frank was. Got to see him at 2000 Trees and got to understand what Jim was harping on about - Frank finds time for everyone - but doesn't like being idolised - his work ethic is incredible. He played the opening set on Friday in the acoustic tent, hung around the site watching other bands and meeting the crowd all day - spent all night jamming with Jim and others at "camp Rueben", chilled out at Jim's house the following day imparting sound advice and encouragement, before playing an instore set @ Rise in Cheltenham, then returning to 2000 Trees to play his set on the main stage Saturday night - and kindly invited Jim onstage with him. I believe he finally left the site on Sunday evening after another day of chilling with the crowd. One in a million?

  • At Leeds '07 me and a couple of friends really didn't want to go to see The Gossip and hadn't heard of any of the other bands so decided to see Frank Turner purely cause he was called Frank.
    After that I loved him but when I got home I forgot to check him out until about 6 months later when my then boyfriend was listening to him and I said 'can you send me that?' and his response was 'Why do you know who Frank Turner is?' and my response was 'I've seen him live =D'
    He was ever so jealous =D
    Might I also add that every time I think of Leeds '07 I remember Frank Turner and love him a little more xD

    • Jax_H said...
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    • 29 Oct 2008, 20:16

    In a bar in Weymouth, where he performed to about 25 people...

    ... it must have summer of 2006? I kind of bumped into friends, who were on their way to see them. They told me that I should come along, but I was knackered and wasnt in the mood for seeing someone I'd never heard of. But, Thank God, I went, and of course loved it. "What a nice guy! What amazing lyrics!"

    He returned to Weymouth this summer, straight from Glasto without a shower bless him, and played at the hippy again, this time in front of a few more people.

    What a dude, going from playing Glasto to playing Weymouth. Gotta love him.

    I saw him last night in Bristol as well, and it was fucking ACE! Got a well nice polo neck too.


  • Got his first EP from a mate when it came out.

    Have known him since then really, only got to know (and love) Million Dead after I got to know Frank's stuff. Mike Davies punk show on Radio 1 was involved a bit too but its all a bit hazy. He's been top of my pops for a fair while now anyway.

    Met him for the 1st time at Middlesbrough Music Live in 2007 (where being Frank he played 2 sets) and after chatting for a bit realised how insanely sound he was. Have seen him a few times in York since then and went down to 2000 Trees Fest this summer.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 6 Nov 2008, 21:37


    went to see million dead at Fonofest2005(
    then in Fonofest 2006 i met him personally at the campfire when he was playing his songs to about 10 people.
    i was really amazed. the greatest man i`ve ever met.
    (sorry if there`s mistakes)

    • owen73 said...
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    • 9 Nov 2008, 21:22
    Stumbled upon FT by sheer luck. Shamefully missed out on Million Dead and then one day last year saw an interesting looking CD cover and the rest is history. He always seems to write the words to describe how things are in my life. Uncanny! ...and great music to boot!!

  • cheese

    all thanks to thirtysecondhero for introducing me to ft. apart from it was the only thing any good on his ipod??

  • He was supporting a band called engerica just after million dead split and haven't stopped listening to him since

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 8 Dec 2008, 09:23
    Someone told me that there was this guy playing on a small festival in Finland who had played an acoustic version of a Propagandhi song. I was intrigued. I went to the festival, saw him play (not Propagandhi, but a bunch of his own songs and some Queen) and fell in love. Chatted briefly with mr. Turner and bought a CDR version of Campfire Punkrock from him.

  • Found him mentioned on the Los Salvadores forums a while back. Been hooked ever since.

  • I caught the end of his Steve Lamacq session on Radio 1 at the back end of 2006.
    I was at work and I was scanning the radio waiting for my shift to end; Frank was introducing the song 'The Ladies Of London Town', I really liked Frank's story and his personality so I listened to the song, liked it and decided to listen to the end of the set. Frank went on to play a cover of Queen's 'I Want To Break Free' and 'Nashville Tennessee'

    Did some research upon getting home and found out that he used to be in Kneejerk - and I LOVED Kneejerk; strangely enough I was never a really big fan of Million Dead (Don't shoot me!).

    Absolutely love the bloke and his music, and all of you too for being fans of him as well :)

    I'll be seeing you in all the old familiar places
  • A mate got me into him...

    Gave me Campfire Punkrock and the rest is history. I like the stories about him playing gigs to scarce amounts of people...mines would be at Bar Bloc in Glasgow, was a free gig and we had a chat about a book he was reading on spanish history! Such a down to earth guy!

    ps. I love how so many people are hearing FT through word of mouth :)

  • Sorry...

    Mines lame.. read about him in Rock Sound, heard The Real Damage, fell in love... extolled the virtues to EVERYONE i've met to the point i get hit... seen as many times live as i can and will see more... got into trouble at last night of the astoria for standing on the table waving beers and screaming his songs at the top of my voice (sorry to all those around me!!!)..

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 25 Jun 2009, 20:51

    Get Cape Wear Cape Fly

    I was listening to get cape wear cape fly radio and reasons not to be an idiot was on there

  • Mine's a stupid one. Was in HMV and saw Love, Ire & Song and then realised that I saw someone I vaguely knew wearing a "I'm the real Frank Turner" T-shirt so I thought I'd see what the hype was about.

    Listened to it on the way home and loved every tune, and worked my way back from there.

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