• Rate The Above Person's Music Tastes

    pretty simple lil entertainement , rate the aboves person likes from 1-10 , while 10 is best possible ;)

    Curious how this works out in a big group with , i bet , a lot different tastes ^^

    rate me ;)

    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 16 Jun 2009, 22:39

  • 8
    A lot of similar things, little bit varied taste (:

  • 5/10

  • some nice bands , some not so nice ^^


  • Jamiroquai, Placebo, Rammstein helps the end result. Which is....: 4/10 :)

  • Oh dear... sorry, but i'll give you 1

    If you can't be a good example, you'll just have to be a horrible warning
  • but some of the rock bands are nice

    If you can't be a good example, you'll just have to be a horrible warning
    • k31V said...
    • User
    • 21 Jun 2009, 01:54
    hmm some good bands 5/10

  • 6.5/10

  • 78/100

    Luv Caz =D
    • klay7500 said...
    • Subscriber
    • 21 Jun 2009, 21:34


  • 3/10 :-O

  • 5/10
    For somebody who listens to that kinda of stuff, what you listen is tops but not far off the beaten path. Check out recommendations of artists similar to them here at Last.fm, and then skip past the Super Similar ones so you try out something compatibile, but not quite the same...you'll like it.

    And yeah, I know I've opened myself to people looking at my library and saying "What THE FUCK is THAT doing there?"

    “There's nothing left to give you, except for everything.” - Aimee Nash

  • I have no idea...

    Mm.. 6? out of 10

  • 8/10 =]

    "Y las nubes pelean con el viento y el espacio se vuelve un transparente campo de batalla."
  • 6/10.

    • fumfuli said...
    • Subscriber
    • 26 Aug 2009, 14:15
    8/10 :|

    • BennT said...
    • User
    • 26 Aug 2009, 14:37
    7/10 i used to be into that kind of music ;)

    • fumfuli said...
    • Subscriber
    • 26 Aug 2009, 15:47
    6/10 "_*

  • 6/10

    Its emo music.... But i can fuking understand going thru all that shit.....

  • well actually not my prefered genre of music.
    but there are some pretty good artists as well.


    • fumfuli said...
    • Subscriber
    • 26 Aug 2009, 21:56
    maybe 5/10

    Oo 'cause I don't know any of his recently listened artists

  • 4/10

    Same reason as you said about the person you were talking about.. but it seems a little bit to trashy...

    Close the curtains and lock the door, I’m sick and tired of this whole situation
    Cause just one thing would make me say that this is like the whole new world
    But they tore me apart like a hurricane, just waiting for the sun to show
    Waiting on a second hand pick me up and it's as if deserting me wasn't enough
    But i'm not angry, I'm just saying that planet Earth turns slowly

  • 3\10

    I just don't sit well with Boys like Girls, Miley Cyrus, Avril L., Black Eyed Peas, Nickelback etc.

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