Your First Encounter With Blonde Redhead

  • Your First Encounter With Blonde Redhead

    What was your first encounter with the music of Blonde Redhead? I recall being at a friend's house back in 2003, listening to Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons. That pretty much made it for me -- I bought the album a few days afterwards and loved it instantly.

    What's your story?

  • two years ago (or less, i can't remember), i was listening to Sonic Youth almost all the time, and a friend told me "you should try to listen to blonde redhead. it's like a pop version of sonic youth". i downloaded "Fake Can Just Be As Good", and loved it at the first listen.

    then... "misery..".. "melody.." (that became one of my favorite albums)... the first album... "la vita mia violenta"... "in an expression..."... "23"... etc etc etc.

  • Becouse

    I had this little guide-book on Roskilde-Festival in 2004 that said it's something like Sonic Youth, and becouse nothing else played at the moment - i went to their concert... and i've met their music coming from them straight live :D

  • I saw the cover of "Misery Is The Butterfly" in a record store. My curiosity grew and I asked the staff if I could listen to it. After the first song I wasn't in doubt; I had to buy that album. <3 Ever since I've been a huge Blonde Redhead fan!

  • 27 february 2007 is day that i heard the new album, love at first sight. marvelous to discover a band you've never listened to and fits your taste 100%

    2 july 2007 will be the day that i'm gonna see them!!!!

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 19 Jun 2007, 07:40
    about four years ago i was listening to a college radio station in my town. they played 'missile' and i immediately fell in love with it.

  • I actually discovered them on a whim. I was visiting a music store that sells alot of Indie and rare music with my husband. I wasn't looking for anything specific, and I came across their single "The Secret Society of Butterflies." I have this obsession with butterflies, and the singles looked fairly interesting.

    I bought it and instantly fell in love. Since then, they have been my favorite Indie band. I would love to own all of their albums, but sadly, that is the only single I have for now. I also bought 23. Awesome album.

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    • spud79 said...
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    • 28 Jul 2007, 11:09
    I first heard This is Not from a compilation cd 6 or 7 years ago, then I started to buy all their discography

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  • A long time ago my college radio station played This Is Not and it carried me away. I had to find out who it was by.

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  • I downloaded 23 on eMusic and got completely addicted to this album. Now I've downloaded Misery Is A Butterfly as well and looking forward to get through the rest of their back catalouge.

  • The first song i listened to was Elephant Woman at the end of "Hard Candy". I liked that so much that i started to search for the band who make so great musik.
    Since this Movie i love Blonde Redhead.

    Nur wer noch Chaos im Herzen trägt, kann einen tanzenden Stern gebären.
  • My first song was Elephant Woman as well. I heard it on a compilation that came with a magazine. I found it pretty creepy at first (i must have been 14 or something) I got Misery is a Butterfly earlier this year (long hiatus i know, still regret not chasing them up earlier) and I've been in love ever since. Unfortunately I don't own any of their albums since (just digital copies) but I plan to get most of them on vinyl since I love each one barring perhaps their debut.

    • JJTotal said...
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    • 5 Apr 2008, 05:31
    It was in DC at the Black Cat Club in the mid to late 90's ( a blind date; the music,at least,was amazing.:) I have been a fan ever since.

  • Help!

    it was 5 years ago i was looking for some placebo's lyrics at, there are just some specific artists here and those artists that are not THAT Popular have a little sign that says help! next to their name, i planed to check all of those bands, I started from A then i reached B and there was... BLONDE REDHEAD.

  • I only started listening to them about 2 years ago. My sister used to listen to them a lot and my dad too and I grew curious. When my sister bought "23" for me last year I was already listening to them a lot, "Misery is a Butterfly" was my favorite album at that time.

  • I learned about them year ago. I bought one musical magazine, called "Play" (this magazine has closed in the january). "Play" contained disc with pretty nice songs. One of them was "23". From this moment I understood that this is the music, which I really understand and adore. After that, I have knew more about BRH, more about Kazu, Simone and Amadeo and here I go - another indie-kid.

  • I heard a lot of people talking about this band but I didn't listened to it. So finally one of my friends told me it was one of her favourite bands and I decided to search some of them. Got Melody of certain damaged lemons and Misery is a butterfly and I fell in love with them.

  • i heard Elephant woman in the end title of the movie "Hard Candy". That was the beginning of a deep love.

    Nur wer noch Chaos im Herzen trägt, kann einen tanzenden Stern gebären.
  • i read the name of the band in itunes shop, because i was looking for a band called portishead. then appeared a list of names like radiohead and blonde redhead. so i started to listen to some blonde redhead songs and i just loved them all jajaja, specially melody and 23 :)

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  • in the middle of 2005 a friend of mine send me "in particular" and i fell in love. then i download "melod of certain damaged lemons" and "mysery is a butterfly". i couldn't stop 'till get all the albums :)

  •'s indie rock station played me Sciuri Sciura... :]

  • I was visiting a friend of mine at his cellphones shop, and he was listening Blonde Redhead really loud, so i asked him which band was that and he told me it was Blonde... so i inmediatly arrived home looked for them, got 23 and misery... and loved them instantly

    I´ve saw them live once and it was awesome, one of the best gigs of my life!!

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  • i heard the song In Particular and funny thing - felt exactly how its described in these lyrics.. like every word was adequate.

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