• OK, SOAD and Breaking Benjamin are very good, Mudvayne, Rammstein and DragonForce also.

    Overall, about 8/10

    Favorite artist there: Linkin Park

    Recommendation: Dream Theater. They have a lot of variety in the albums I have (Octavarium and Train of Thought) so there are many styles to appreciate.

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 29 May 2006, 22:27
    Again. Right on the dot. I listen to Dream Theater. Just weird that it hasn't added their songs yet. And your another one for variety, about an 8 or 7. My fav. band on your list would probally be the acclaimed Rammstein. I personally reccomend, Full Devil Jacket if you enjoy Nu-Metal, and if you enjoy Progressive Metal- Nevermore.


  • Chainsaw87

    Favourite band outta yours would be wolfmother. Well good album! hopefully going to see them at Reading. Recommendation would probaly be The Pixies or Yeah Yeah Yeahs

    edit: 7/10

    Edited by stonedroses on 12 Jun 2006, 16:33
  • 6/10

    Sorry dude, I just don't really like that genre

    I'd say best band there is either Radiohead or The Beatles

    and hell if I know anything about this genre, but I'd reccommend maybe some Audioslave or something.

    tr00core + nu-kvlt = ftw.
  • I'm giving u a teeen !
    No, actually a 9/10 cuz slipknot should be first :P
    A little foo, a litlle alk, and sum... yeah... u're ok :P I can see u kinda like to mix'em up so, great cuz this is how i do it:P
    I'd reccomend more punk.. ooor within temptation, gathering, nightwish...
    yeah u have to listen to MCR(my chemical romance) ;P

  • Re:

    Quoth DarkDucky:

    Sorry dude, I just don't really like that genre

    I'd say best band there is either Radiohead or The Beatles

    and hell if I know anything about this genre, but I'd reccommend maybe some Audioslave or something.

    Well! haha. Yeah Audioslave are ok.

  • Since I just rated stonedroses, and he never rated vermilionorchid, I'll just go ahead and do vc.

    so, I'll say maybe 8/10
    Slipknot, SoaD, and Stone Sour are some good ones on there. If you like those, maybe try some KoЯn, or some Mudvayne

    And just so you know, my "punk" phase sorta ended right after I joined this site, so there's a little bit of that on here leftover. And besides, I hear enough punk music on the radio, etc. which doesn't record on last.fm. My computer is more for the metal, and stuff that they usually don't play on the radio.

    tr00core + nu-kvlt = ftw.
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 24 Jun 2006, 14:07
    why have you got so few top artists?
    is it audioscrobbler or you?

    im going to give 6/10

    haha i share absolutely none of your music taste. so im not really sure what to say. i like that korn video.....hahaha
    oh wait actually rhcp are alright. i used to be hardcore obsessed with them. i know their whole life stories.
    black sabbath also are goooood
    AND sum 41
    apparently their new album is excellent. i got sent one song from it. i was really surprised. very different from what i remember of them back in the day.

    favourite artist: definately rammstein

    and ill be seeing you at slayer at reading

  • Re:

    Quoth georgiageorgia:
    why have you got so few top artists?

    Because I only listen to a small amount of bands. I'm still in the process of finding more bands to listen to >_>

    Also, a lot of the stuff I listen to isn't tagged properly, so it doesn't get recorded.

    Next person rate georgiageorgia's instead of mine.

    tr00core + nu-kvlt = ftw.
  • Rating georgiageorgia's :)

    7 and a half. You've got some artists there that I personally love, but some I either don't know very well or just am not that into (such as Razorlight)

    My fave artist on your list would have to be Bowie

    I'm not sure what I'd recommend... The Cure?

  • Very interesting music there, interesting to see Marilyn Manson sandwiched between Annie Lennox and Bette Mitler, not really sure what to make of it. Some excellent artists (Bowie, The Cure, Radiohead, The Beatles) sandwiched in between some music which I, to put it lightly, don't like. 4 points for the artists, +3 for variety, so I give it a: 7/10

    Artist to recommend, thats difficult considering the diversity, but I would probably suggest either The Strokes, or the whole progressive rock scene (Rush, King Crimson, Yes, Genesis)

    Oh me, oh my,
    Love that Country Pie
  • I really like you taste in music sir, allot of bands I like. One of my favorites being TV on the Radio. I give you 8.5/10.

    A band I'm surprised not to see on your top 50, and I'm sure you already know of them, but if you haven't checked them out, I HIGHLY advise you check out Silent Alarm. If you already know them though, check out The Back Room and Everything Is. All three are amazing, top notch, solid British rock albums, all relatively new artists.

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  • For the simple fact that I have absolutely no problems with any of the bands in your top 50, I'm gonna go ahead and give you 9 out of 10.

    Naming your A#1 favorite artists at any one time is for me, as I'm sure it is for most people, a very difficult task but The Chemical Brothers, Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters have each been at or near the top of that list for me for over a decade, so I'll give them the nod.

    As far as recommendations are concerned (and with the death of two Aussie legends over the last week fuelling my patriotism) I'll point you in the direction of Eskimo Joe and You Am I. As much fun as The Vines and Jet are/were, (and I say this with no disrespect) how they hit it big internationally and these two bands haven't befuddles me. Anyways, any of Eskimo Joe's three albums and any of You Am I's first three albums especially should show you what I mean.

    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 11 Sep 2006, 16:42
    I'd say 7/10, KitGraham

    Pluses for REM and Nirvana, minuses for SOAD, Jay-Z and Radiohead.

    Do note my profile is a bit jarred and needs cleaning thanks to the profile editor being offline. Death, thrash, power and black metal is what you should be looking for mostly.

  • 7.5/10

    My favorite would either be Alice in Chains or Alice Cooper.

    I don't think I saw any Arch Enemy or In Flames on there.

  • 4/10. sorry, I'm not really so big on the indie scene

    Favorite on list=At the Drive-In

    Recommendation: Placebo

    About mine: I have leftovers from my post-hardcore/scene phase on my top charts.

  • Based on my personal tastes at the moment, I'd say a 6/10,some I like, some I don't, some I used to, you know how it goes.

    Favourite...probably In Flames.
    Reccomendation: Soilwork, if you don't already.

    My profile has bands I haven't listened to for quite some time, but overall, I'm happy with it :D

  • MySweetShadow,
    some excellent artists in there (65daysofstatic, Muse, Mogwai, The Mars Volta, Radiohead, Sigur Ros etc.)
    I don't know alot of the other bands you listen to, but i'll give you a 8/10 (+1 point for Up-C Down-C Left-C Right-C ABC + Start cos its an awesome name)
    I'd probably reccommend more post rock! try Explosions in the Sky, M83, My Bloody Valentine etc. (if you haven't already).

  • Daveclarke5, Good work with belle and sebastian, explosions in the sky, sonic youth, etc. I reccommend listening to less shit bands like muse and more good bands like You am I :p 9/10

  • Incubus, Radiohead, Sigur Ros, The Smashing Pumpkins, Wolfmother. Awesomeness, pure awesomeness. Seriously 10/10.
    My Fav three bands are Radiohead, Incubus and Nirvana, You listen to two of 'em, maybe you'll like the third. If not try out some TV on the Radio, I imagine they'd be right up your alley.

    (This account is no longer in use. New account here; Marx)
  • I like your style. A lot of stuff that I love (SOAD, Smashing Pumpkins, Deftones) mixed with stuff I've either never heard of or don't particularly like myself. I definitely can appreciate that much open-mindedness and variety. 8/10.

    Favorite in top 50 = Deftones

    My recommendation to you: The Toadies.

  • you get a 5. dragonforce accounts for 3.5 of those points. inflames gets the other 1.5

    this isn't my house....
  • !

    vengeance13: I hardly know any of the bands on your list, but the ones i do know i do like. maybe i'll try some of what you have there.

    Makes me think you could do with spreading out your genres though. you get a 5.

    i recommend .. the flaming lips.

  • g_clarkey ...i give you a five out of ten.

    i think you have some interesting bands in their, and then some pretty plain bands right beside them.

    i really like the Bright Eyes in your list and dislike AC/DC...i recommend The Eels for a bit of chilled out indie - rock, enjoy!!!

  • alexjvaughan i give you 7/10

    i haven't heard very much bands on your list, but those i have heard are really good :)

    bright eyes for example are great, but the best bands on your top 50 are the decemberists and modest mouse.

    i recommend Laakso, a very good swedish band ^^

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