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    I just watched "High Fidelity" for the first time.
    I loved it.
    It got me thinking.

    if you could put a mixed cd together of autobiographical songs, what would they be?

    Let's go with at least 1 song for every 5 years of your life.. at least.

    but really do whatever..

    yeap. when I get to thinking more, i'll post mine.

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    • 14 Feb 2007, 08:59
    Bleh. I'm sorry but I guess I could never decide, or, after deciding, I could make a new one, because I noticed I miss some. xD

    Then again...Wait.

    From my journal:

    break out the exaggerated simplicity of my proposal and just point out as many songs as you need to let a musical profile of your life show up in your comment.
    Heh, I'd know too many for this, so I'll stick with not too many songs. Less than 10 for sure. [x
    Hope repeating is okay!

    La Noyee
    Give Love a Chance
    Sometimes (I Wish)
    I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You)
    The Lonely Shepherd
    (Sorted in a somewhat chronologic order..I won't say much more. :D)

    Does this work? ^^

    But seriously, if you'd ask me now, I could already think of 10 new songs. Instantly. >.< Ohwell. I guess I change quickly.. D:!

  • But that's sort of the beauty of music... and being a music fan.

    It's ever-changing.

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