Slavonic folk/pagan metal

  • Slavonic folk/pagan metal

    Hey folks! I'm new proud member of this group and I feel free to open this new tread.

    So, Slavonic Folk and Pagan Metal. Anyone listen to? Converse about best/worst bands and albums...

    There are realy good bands, Arkona, Volkolak, Alkonost, Pagan Reign, Svarga and many others.
    Also the Folk/Pagan Black Metal bands like Nokturnal Mortum, Inferno, The Stone, Temnozor, Kroda, May Result, Slavogorje...

    lets hear you :)

  • hehe

    hello slovenska krv :)
    yes, folk pagan bends with slavic themes are great
    did you tried izmoroz?

  • Yes, I think that albums name is "The Church Burn Under the Mountain" or something like that, they're good too ;)

    Slavonic Pride

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 16 Feb 2008, 11:46
    I'm quite fond of Zywiolak-- one of the few Slavonic bands I've found whose politics don't make me feel a little squidgy. Altar Shadows also makes some lovely folk-influenced black metal-- And Forests Took The Sun Away is a gorgeous album! I've listened to an Alkonost album, and I remember enjoying it.

  • Slavonic Folk

    Arkona, Volkolak, Alkonost, Pagan Reign, Svarga
    I think that in this list we can include GRAI (Грай) from Naberezhny Chelny (as Alkonost).
    I added all their songs in my player as I listened to them first... I also have Live Video of a song that will be included in their future album.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 10 Mar 2008, 23:43
    listen to Elfsword, Slavland, Rodovest, and Severnye Vrata

  • Dub Buk
    Nokturnal Mortum

    hm... something else?

    TEMNOZOR - Did-Dub-Snop

    .:.:.: slava :.:.:.

    • malitsu said...
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    • 13 May 2009, 13:08
    Hey, what a nice discussion! I've got couple of questions I've wanted to ask someone so I'll just post them here:

    I've been planning to familiarize myself with Slavic music and mythology quite a long time, but the artists seem to be rather hard to find if your understanding of the languages is next to zero. Any ideas where to best listen them?

    I generally enjoy happy, versatile and energetic music, less often over-aggressive, melancholic or wannabe-viking sort. Which bands do you reckon would be ideal for me start with?

  • malitsu pisze:
    I generally enjoy happy, versatile and energetic music, less often over-aggressive, melancholic or wannabe-viking sort. Which bands do you reckon would be ideal for me start with?

    Maybe you shoud try polish RadogosT. You can download Radogost's first album and demo from

    • malitsu said...
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    • 14 May 2009, 05:43
    I will do that. Great thanks!

  • please, check this band...

    album: "Parastki Pamiaci na Ruinach Byloha" / "Sprouts of Memory on the Ruins of the Past"
    genre: Slavonic folk doom metal
    label: Fatal Ecstasy prods.
    origin: Belarus

    release date: 2009
    number of tracks: 10
    total time: 46:00


    01 – "Praz Dzivosy Naprastki..." [intro] / "Straight on through the Miracles..." [intro]

    "Popel Nadziej" / "Ashes of Hopes"

    02 - Voucy Syn, Dacka Krumkaca / Son of Wolf, Raven's Daughter
    03 - Krou Brata / Brother's Blood
    04 - Pomsta Raba / Revenge of the Slave

    "Salodka-horki Smurod Zyccia" / "Bittersweet Stench of Life"

    05 - Prysusyla Chlopca Dzieuka… / She Made Him Pined Away...
    06 - Navala [instr.] / Invasion [instr.]

    "Pad Abcasami Losu" / "Under Fate's Thumb"

    07 - Viera Prodkau, castka 1 - Bajuc Kamienni / Ancestor Belief, pt. 1 - Speaking Stones
    08 - Viera Prodkau, castka 2 - Razbity Kielich Susvietu / Ancestor Belief, pt. 2 - Broken Cup of the Universe
    09 - Spradviecny Bol (Serca Maci) / The Eternal Pain (of Mother's Heart)

    10 –"...Chadziem My Da Piakielnaj Bramy" [outro] / "...We Walk to the Gates of Hell" [outro]

    official site
    group within
    myspace page
    lastfm page

    WEEPING TWILIGHT discography

    Twilight (demo - 2001)
    Voddal ad Tvaru Bagou / Far from the Assembly of Gods (demo - 2002)
    Parastki Pamiaci na Ruinach Byloha / Sprouts of Memory on the Ruins of the Past (CD - 2009)

  • Žrec, Slavland, Rodogor, Simargl, and of course Arkona and Svarga.

  • oh nice topic! Slavic languages are almost a fetish for me, tho' i understand none of them... just how they sound so harsh and choppy, yet they make sense of it. bringing order from chaos.
    Alkonost, Slavogorje, Hromovlad, Ancestral Volkhves, Stribog, Kalevala and Radigost are my favourites. anything with a melkor is awesome. beauty and brutalty combined.. :O

    Za Vjecan Ponos i Cast!
  • For Slavonic languages and folk metal lovers :o)

    WEEPING TWILIGHT - Viera Prodkaŭ, častka 1 - Bajuć Kamieńni [live] (YouTube)

    • Matti81 said...
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    • 2 Apr 2010, 15:27
    Калевала from Russia
    you can download their last album Кукушкины дети for free...

    • pryroda said...
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    • 2 Apr 2010, 20:29
    Чур, Опричь, Камаедзiца, Slavland

    Maybe I'm biased but I've always thought Slavs handle their folk/pagan metal the best.

  • I recommend folk rock artists from Russsia: Алевтина and Мельница, and also folk metal band from Poland called RadogosT.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 23 Aug 2010, 13:36
    Check Stworz and Retra, polish Pagan Metal, two of the best albums from 2009

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 23 Aug 2010, 13:36
    Slavonic Metal is so fucking great, Nokturnal Mortum, Master's Hammer, Graveland, Temnozor, Kroda... Such great bands!

    • pryroda said...
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    • 30 Aug 2010, 13:20
    I haven't seen these bands mentioned - Кобь and Kurgan.

    They are more harsh, black metal type of slavic folk but have a lot of folk influence to them.


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