NEWS: 11/28/08

  • NEWS: 11/28/08

    Friday 28TH NOVEMBER:
    Fiona Apple guests on David Garza's new album, Dream Delay..

    Fiona Apple is rumored to be working with Sara Watkins of Nickel Creek on her solo album due in February of 2009. There is no confirmation yet but it is likely to be true (we hope). This is to replace the rumor of Nickel Creek releasing a new album.

    All these collaborations could mean Fiona has found the spark to make another album for herself. Let's hope it's sooner rather than later.

  • Oh, that's awesome. Fiona should work faster, but we know, genius take their time :)

  • i hope fiona's new album comes soon. but it's fiona we're talking about, we should be prepared for the worse.

  • I hope She release album this year¡¡

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