• Refined wildness

    26 Jun 2007, 22:38 by egri-nagy

    Powerful blend of eastern european/balkan folk with jazzy freedom plus some classical hints on a string quartet like arrangement with a virtuoso violinist: fiddle, kontra and the double bass. As he becomes older his music gets more mature, but still fiery enough. My personal hero.. ;)

    LF egyre jobb. Több humor, több finom részlet, klasszikus hatás. De még mindig kellõkép vad. Példakép... ;)
  • A truly original fiddler

    21 Jun 2007, 15:53 by egri-nagy

    Lajkó Félix

    Before starting to play the fiddle myself, I already liked his music. Because this is the proper way of making music, making music for fun. Spontaneous but still well performed, full with ideas but with coherent storyline (if this makes sense at all ;), roughness but not sloppiness, tearful deep emotions, but not cheap sugary romantic, and so on...

    But now I'm absolutely biased toward the violin, so it is not really possible anymore to find the proper words to express how much I like this music.