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    The Project Hate MCMXCIX are totally unique: no other band out there sound like them. For anyone here who hasn't heard them yet then try to imagine typically Swedish Death Metal that is spiced with an extremely generous helping of electronica and symphonic elements with both Melodic Female vocals and harsh male Death Metal vocals. Now try to imagine that metamorphosising seamlessly into a mellow and hauntingly beautiful but very eerie and sinister sounding elecronic soundscape and the transformation sounding so unbelievably natural, unforced and inevitable while doing so. Imagine long truly epic songs that swing back and forth from heavy to mellow and back again, all expertly weaved into a single apocolyptic musical rollercoaster ride. Imagine an obsessive level of pefectionism and attention to detail combined with a very rare committment to quality and a total unwillingness to compromise on anything at all. Actually, you can't imagine, so you need to go and listen to Armageddon March Eternal several times to get an idea of what they are about.

    They are actually a band that it took me a bit of time to properly appreciate - I did like them when I first discovered them a couple of years ago, but not to anywhere near the extent that I do now. They are definitely a band who's music seems to get better and better with repeated listens. My favourite album by them is definitley Armageddon March Eternal, although all of them are great. It took me alot longer to get into When We Are Done than the others for some strange reason. I used to not rate it highly at all (which seems totally bizarre to me now), but then one day I played it on a long car journey and it just clicked in a way that it never had before. Once the Project Hate clicks, they will remain clicked.

    I can't wait to hear their next album.

  • hm.

    nah it's chad again..


    but anyway i can't w8 for the new album 2 bcuz their last 1 was good you guys should check it out

  • Death Metal, Harsh vocals not for me. I prefer metal with normal vocals.

  • Here is a Project Hate song that is very mellow and only has female vocals. Take a listen:

    Loveless, Godless, Flawless

  • TPH have always been one of my favourite death metal bands, and they get better with repeat listens. I also love Jo Enckell's voice, especially on their last album.

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    Pretty nice stuff! \m/

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  • There are 2 bits of news from the Project Hate camp...


    Over the last few months while we have been recording the coming 5th slbum, we have had some damn giving discussions with some people about signing a new deal. We are now very happy to announce that Swedish (but a US resident) bound-to-be legendary actor/lunatic Peter Stormare has decided to work out a deal with us for his own record label StormVox. We would like to take the opportunity to thank the other labels we have talked to a little after the split from Threeman Recordings. We appreciate the interest.

    So, Mr. Sturm is now our label boss and we really look forward to working together with him. Having one of the most insane actors in the movie business taking interest in what we do... Things could be worse. We have some more things lined up which we will announce asap if shit goes as we want them to, but more of that as soon as we have something more concrete to say.

    We have told you some of the following before, but we'll make a short rundown of everything to keep you guys on track:

    We are planning to have the album completed sometime in late March/April and this means it should see the light of day a few months after that. We'll get back to you with a definite releasedate as soon as we have one, ofcourse.

    Michael Håkansson will start doing his bass around Feb and we have made loose plans as for when to enter the studio to record vocals. It looks like we'll utilize the services of Robban Eriksson in Örebro, Sweden for all the vocals this time around. The very guy who we recorded Ms Jo's vocals on "Armageddon march eternal".

    All the guitars are completed since a while back, we might add a solo or two while waiting for the vocals to be recorded, but that remains to be seen, if guitarist Mazza can get his ass away from the X-box 360 that is.

    Dan Swanö is ready to sink his teeth into this piece as soon as we have all the shit down, and we are definitely looking forward to complete this album with Mr. D. It will be pure joy as always as D knows us so well by now.

    In the meantime, hang in here, check the forums for all the latest updates on the recording and get ready for album 5 when the time comes.

    / The Hate, January 23rd, 2007

    As if that wasn't enough, it has also just been announced that the Deadmarch album is finally going to be released...

    Yes, it seems like it anyways...

    I'm awaiting the contract but we have gotten an offer and we will re-master the whole thing with Dan Swanö and then release it as it was recorded. This feels very nice since that album is very special to me in alot of ways. It's not like we'll make any money off it, and basically I don't fucken care for shit. I just think it's a nice thing that it gets out, whenever that happens. As soon as the contract's arrived we'll discuss a releasedate, and as soon as I know more you will be informed in here.

    I don't think any year in the past has started off this good before. Great things for TPH happening, Deadmarch being released and Insects getting a new deal as well... Insane.

    I have looked thru the contract and it's all fine. The album will be released as Deadmarch: The Project Hate MCMXCIX - Initiation of blasphemy

    As it was recorded as Deadmarch it should be released as that as well, not the other way around. But don't worry, you'll all be able to see the connection in quite a few ways when you get the actual album in yer hands.

    Vic Records will release it and as soon as we have a releasedate, we'll announce it here. Now we need to master it and everything.

    There is apparently also one other item of news waiting to to be announced that Lord K cannot tell anyone about yet.

    Here is what Peter Stormare has to say on the
    Stormvox website

    The Project Hate M C M X C I X

    Happy to announce that this fantastic multi talented Swedish band is on board.

    The new CD “666″ will be a StormVox release.

    Lord K. P. is a Master and we are over our heels to have one of the best bands in their genre on our label.

    We will work hard to get the US to embrace the talent this band contains. Tellin’ ya’…This CD is awesome. Release date: Not set yet, hopefully April/May.

    Check out their web site:

    Peter has certainly shown himself to be a man of great taste. It would be really cool if he could get TPH onto the soundtrack to one of hs films.

  • A new update...

    Since a week back or so we are finished with all guitars for the coming album. Guitarist Mazza came over to K's studio and put down his remaining solos as well as some neat additional guitars that made everything even better. We guess that's kind of the point. We are also happy to say that the contract with Peter Stormare is signed and delivered. We so look forward to see what this madman can do for us. We have no idea when the album will be released, but we plan to have everything complete and delivered to Peter by late March/early April. And no, the title for the coming album is not "666" as Stormare's website for StormVox says. But it kinda gives a hint as for what this piece will deliver. Or something.

    Next thing for us is to have Michael put down his bass. That should be done by the end of February if everything goes as planned. If he avoids half of the hassle he had last time this could work out. We can definitely do without broken computer monitors and whatnot. We all know what Michael can deliver and we are so looking forward to hear what he comes up with on this album.

    It looks like the only female element in the band (if you don't count Jörgen as one) will do her vocals the 24th and 25th of February, in Rat Productions, Örebro, Sweden. Yes, the same studio and producer used for her vocals on our last album. After that we will try to enter another studio in Örebro to record J's vocals over a couple of days. This will hopefully happen in the beginning of March. And after that it's time to ship the whole thing to Dan Swanö so he and K can start mixing and mastering it in Unisound.

    A few weeks back we also took the last shots to use for the booklet. Huge thanx to Mats Wiman for the great work with those. We can promise a very nice looking package, once again created by Marko Saarelainen. Thanx guys, you fucken kill.

    That's where we are at right now... There is actually one more thing we wanna tell you, but we have to wait a little longer to see if it works out... Stay tuned and expect another fine release of christloving ballads in a while.

    / The Hate, February 6th, 2007

    Can't wait :D

  • Good Music, the lyrics are not my style but I can get over it...I think they are way obsessed with the devil, lol

    The One and Only Pebster
  • The legendary Dan Swano had this to say about the new album on the Project Hate forum...

    K asked me to write a little something about my experiences from this record, so here we go.

    Working with K is always a trip.
    He is one of the few friends I have left since "the old days" and he hasn't changed a bit.
    He will always give you what he thinks, straight to your face. Praising or wrath!!
    (I have only experienced the praising this time, which is nice!!)
    This makes the mixing a very easy process in one way, no messing about with psychology to get an honest opinion, but his obsession to details is enough to drive any studio-engineer to tears, lucky for me that I am a perfectionist to the core myself and can relate to his uncontrolled joy of "that perfect fade" or when I magically inserted an "S" sound to Jörgens vocal!!
    We both share the vision that we first and foremost do this for ourselves.
    The only thing that matters is that WE can listen to the album, back to back without annoying us to death with little details.
    Once achieved, it´s sonic nirvana, sex for the ears, for all mankind!!
    And this time we got there, faster and more painless than ever!!

    I have been there in the background from the very foundation of the unique union that is TPH and have always been fascinated with the blend of the hardest and heaviest of metal clashing against the sound-scapes from the world of electronics.
    (Nothing you ever dreamed of hearing when the metal-fans puked over the heavy used of synthesizers on "Turbo" by Judas Priest, that I secretly loved together with "Somewhere in Time"...and, god forbid, Depeche Mode!!)

    What always surprises me is their ability to write even better songs...
    all the fuckin' time.
    I thought the last album was gonna be impossible even to match.
    But, of course, they had to make it so much better than the last one it hurts!!

    A big part in what makes this album so incredible is the perfect aligning of many important elements. First of all, finally, at last.. REAL DRUMS!!

    Say it with me R E A L D R U M S ! ! !

    And, my...I was gonna say God, but that doesn´t really go with the K-man, so I say..Dra åt hela jävla helvete what an amazing drummer he found!!
    Even though K's drum-programming skills are out of this world, Me and K used to dream of contacting (and blow the budget) on a drummer-for-hire like Gene Hoglan
    Back to the praising of Mojjo.
    When K told me he had found a real drummer to record the album, alarm bells the size of the Malmköping went off in my head, but I shouldn't have worried.
    If there is one man more picky with drumming than me, it's Mr. K!!
    He can tell you more about how magnificently Mojjo pulled off the whole recording. He's worth a grammy for his performance, goddamn!! Hat Off!!

    This time Michael once again proved that he is a true talent. It's so good to hear him really "find his space" in the world of TPH. He runs over those strings (Not sure how many, 5 I guess!!) like a rabid squirrel from beyond!!
    His timing and his ability to NOT play what K plays all the time and still not clash is uncanny!!
    And the bass-sound we got is awesome too!! '
    Even loud and "cloinky" enough for the K-master...

    Both Jörgen and Jonna were much better recorded this time.
    Robban and Ture did a tremendous job in capturing the beauty and the demon in both their voices!
    It was a pleasure to mix. A little spanking from an UAD 1176 and some proximity-reduction with a Pultec (Hey, a little bit of geek-talk is cool!!) was all it took to place these voices right in your face!!!
    And K....I promise, there is No reverb on Jörgen!!! Ever!!

    Since it is no surprise that K is one of the best rhythmguitar-players in the world and Mazza is a mean bastard on all the six-strings, I really don't have to mention this, but I just have to say that some of the riffing present on this record is top ten death metal riffing!!
    K is sick!!
    There is a passage in "The Innocence of three faced-savior" that just blew my fucking ears off, no joking!!
    I had just imported all the files from Reason and had really no idea of what was on those tracks since you export and import them in silence.
    Once you get to hear (or see!!) the web-single you will all know what I mean.
    Then imagine this at 110 dB!!

    Another spooky incident was when I had finished listening to one of the early mixes on my 25€ computer-speakers, I turn around and see my Decibel-meter reading 66.6 dB. I nearly crapped my pants.... again!!!
    Every now and then I would find the perfect balance of a guitar at -6.66 dB...of course....and when a disturbing frequency turned out to be 666 Hz I nearly told K that I was off the project, and volunteer to mix the new Stryper or something!!
    I told K today, that if the whole album would have been 666 MB instead of 660, I would have stopped my involvement with this record right there!! (Since I had a flight to catch later that same day...I am actually writing this 38.000 feet in the air, closer to God than to the ground...I hope he's not pissed!! If you read this, I survived!!)

    I also hope that you hear that the mix is a notch up from my previous work. I have finally given in to the physics of sound-engineering and done everything according to the book and it's weird, I have never used Less stuff to mix an album, but it sounds so much More that it brought me to an extreme outburst of joy after hearing the finished master in my so-fucking-hard-to-please car-stereosystem.
    I am one happy man writing this!!

    It was a pleasure to mix this album and it's and even bigger pleasure listening to it.
    I am sure you'll all agree with me once this bomb of blasphemy is released upon mankind!!!

    Dan Swanö, somewhere, way above Germany 27/4 2007

  • Another teaser from the upcoming Project Hate album has been released, this time a 3 minute edit from "And Damnation Is Forced Upon The Weak" which is totally amazing and which also features Jonna quite heavily. it was originally uploaded to putfile, but that site reduced the sound quality too much so Lord K has made it available to download from Rapidshare, and here it is... And Damnation Is Forced Upon The Weak (edit)

  • A new full song is available for download, and info about ordering the album direct from the band has been released. :D

    Check it out...

    Yeah, we made an edited version of this tune some time back but thought it'd be nice to hand out the complete song for you now when the album is actually released. StormVox are still working on closing the distro-deals, and if you feel you can't wait for the album to hit the stores, you know you can buy it from us directly already. Check and these forums for details...

    The reason that we have decided to share this tune with you is simple. We managed to keep the album from leaking until the releasedate, and even a few days more... We definitely made history by doing this. Congrats to us. And now, when we are starting to send out promos - the album will be leaked any given day... That's why we want you guys to hear a full tune, for the first time, coming from us - becoz we have chosen to give it out to the Haters, not becoz of some magazine ripping it and sharing it. This feels great. It's nice to dominate.

    Another reason to share this tune is becoz you already heard a bit of it and we thought it'd be fun for you to hear it in its entirety. Quite some difference between the versions, huh?

    We also decided to post the lyrics for you since we appreciate the support you guys show us.

    Anyways, we know you'll dig this. Enjoy.

    Click me for Domination!


    Ashes to ashes, into the earth
    Bow your heads, you sheep of god
    As we take you down with us

    I bow my head, for Satan, my master, my all
    I bow my head in respect, my lord
    They shalt not speak of you, those spineless, worthless fools
    I stand before Him to end this war

    I drink the blood then concentrate on your death
    I killed your god and watched him take his last breath

    Ave... Ave...
    In hora mortis nostrae
    Ave... Ave...
    In hora mortis nostrae
    Ave... Ashes to ashes
    In hora mortis nostrae
    Ave... Ashes to ashes
    In hora mortis nostrae

    We walk the promised land, with fire in our hands
    They bow their heads in respect
    They shalt not speak to me, they shalt not walk with me
    They should only die for me

    And damnation is forced upon the weak
    And damnation is forced upon the weak

    I'll be your revelation
    I'll be your revelation, as it's told


    Jesus Christ reborn, to be ripped and torn
    And feel the rush inside, we share the blood of Christ
    Jesus Christ reborn, to be ripped and torn
    We are the sinners of the flesh
    We share the blood of Christ, and feel the rush inside
    Oh, how sweet his death

    I'll bring you death with every memory
    This kiss of life will seal the end

    Revelation - it is my name, it's what I am
    Revelation - I'm insane, it's what I am
    Revelation - I bring the nails, I steal the crown
    Revelation - In aeons of blood he will drown

    Ashes to ashes, into the earth
    Bow your heads, you sheep of god
    As we take you down with us

    Father, open up the pearly gates, in hora mortis nostrae
    My mission's not complete until all the saints are dead
    With every breath that I can muster, in hora mortis nostrae
    I speak in the name of insanity

    I'll take you in and let you bleed with me...
    You come inside and see what I have seen...

    Rip off their wings and see them fly no more
    Pour the salt of defeat into the wound of the whore

    Revelation - it is my name, it's what I am
    Revelation - I'm insane, it's what I am
    And when damnation is forced upon the followers of Christ
    I have executed my birthgiven right

    All this carnage is justified for what you've done to me

  • My copy of the new album arrived today and it looks and sounds awesome. It was the perfect tonic after the extremely shitty day that I had at work today. My initial impression is that there certainly are plenty of mindblowingly amazing bits on here, although with there being so many of them and the songs being so long and labyrinthine it will need several dozen more listens just to even begin to fully take it all in (Lord K certainly is not a believer in the "less is more" maxim). Lord K's description of it as being in the same vein as AME would seem to be a good description, with a few extra elements added in to the mix as well (including a guest appearance from the youngest-ever female vocalist in Metal ). I need to go now and listen to it again.

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