Ur most fave game character in the whole world...

  • Ur most fave game character in the whole world...

    omg i have to say...a tie between

    Princess Peach


    Isabella Valentine -Ivy- (Soul Calibur)

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  • - Morrigan (Darkstalkers)
    - Raiden (MGS)
    - Pyramid Head (Silent Hill)

  • -Miles Edgeworth (Ace Attorney series)
    -Kyle Hyde (Hotel Dusk: Room 215)
    -Yoshimitsu (Tekken/Soul Calibur)

    Though I must admit, Ivy's pretty badass, too.

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  • - Chun-Li (Street Fighter)
    - Sakura (Street Fighter)
    - Kula (The King Of Fighters)
    - Pyramid Head (Silent Hill) Niaaaam n.n He´s so hot!

  • The Prince of Prince of Persia: WW

  • Agent 47 or Clank (as in Ratchet and )


  • Horny, Dungeon Keeper 2 (Now give me a fucking no. 3 ! And it better be awesome !)

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    • eringe said...
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    • 14 Sep 2009, 18:49
    - Curly Brace (Cave Story: Doukutsu Monogatari)
    - Irvine Kinneas (Final Fantasy VIII)
    - Freya Crescent (Final Fantasy IX)

  • Psycho Mantis (MGS)
    The Sorrow (MGS3)
    Falco (Star Fox)
    Yoshimitsu & Marshall Law (Tekken)

  • Morrigan (Dragon age) and Frog (Chrono Trigger). :D

  • - Nathan Drake (Uncharted) <3
    - GlaDOS (Portal)
    - Wheatley (Portal 2)
    - Lynch (Kane & Lynch)
    - Anthony Williams (Bad Day L.A.)

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 8 Oct 2011, 01:37
    - Isaac Clarke (Dead Space & Dead Space 2)
    - Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect & Mass Effect 2)
    - Thane Krios (Mass Effect 2)
    - Craig Boone (Fallout: New Vegas)
    - Cate Archer (No One Lives Forever & No One Lives Forever 2)

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 25 Nov 2011, 08:08
    "Soap" MacTavish (CoD4, MW2&3), Jack (Mass Effect 2) and Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell) are the ones for me.

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