Favorite Bands/Artists?

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    • 18 Feb 2009, 16:25

    Favorite Bands/Artists?

    This is a generic topic, but in an effort to spark some discussion, who are your favorite female fronted bands? What draws you to their music?

    I like at least one song from most of the connected artists, but currently, my favorites would have to be:

    me-al art - They have a very emotional pop-rock sound, but with a slight "indie" rock slant. Most of their songs are fairly somber in sound and that's a trait that I'm usually fond of in bands. Undoubtedly, the main reason I enjoy this band is because of Satoko's incredibly powerful and emotive vocals.

    MASS OF THE FERMENTING DREGS - I was initially attracted to them after hearing their kirametal demo in 2007, and while I was let down by their first self-titled mini album, their new album has won me over. I'd say their one of the best female fronted bands in Japan today and both girls have the skills to back it up. I like how their songs are upbeat, yet they still have a slightly tainted sound - never cheerful, but never too dark or doleful either.

    REDЯUM - Although they seem to have dabbled in a variety of genres, I'm mostly a fan of their more recent, rock material which is has that melancholy sound that I enjoy.

    viridian - They're a fairly new "indie" rock band, having released their first mini album earlier this month. Their line-up only consists of an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and drums, but I think the absence of a bass adds to the rawness of their already intense and emotional sound. Like REDЯUM, they also have a prevailing, melancholic sound.

    ミラーボールズ - They're more on the acoustic side, but they have a pretty cool, psychedelic sound.

    101A - 101A's sound is an amalgamation of post-rock, grunge, electronica and many other genres, yet they retain a dark atmosphere and an experimental tone.

    Kacica - Essentially, they're a post-rock band, but their sense of experimentation and their ability to fluctuate from ethereal bliss to just rocking out places them in the same realm as 101A.

    lloy - I haven't come across too many Japanese gothic rock bands (gothic - NOT VK), so lloy has always stood out to me. They also remind me of one my favorite non-Japanese rock bands, Queen Adreena (who are obviously one of lloy's influences).

    UNLIMITS - I'm not really into pop-punk, but the UNLIMITS add a melodic and melancholic twist to a genre that I usually wouldn't care.

    陰陽座 - I don't like most of their recent material, but this band is just epic all around and their discography has a fair bit of variety. Technically, they're a metal band, but they still "rock" :P

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    • 18 Feb 2009, 20:07
    As for me, I'd say:

    フルカワミキ: Former Supercar bassist, Miki's music is really melodic, and bass-driven (..:D). People say she's the last breed of Supercar's sound, and the last chance to ever hear something like them.. and I kinda agree. Plus, her voice is really sweet. ♥

    Head Phones President: Well, I've always been all in for heavy stuff, and HPP isn't any different. Anza's vocals are really good, and she screams REALLY well. You can tell she sings from the soul.

    MASS OF THE FERMENTING DREGS: Once again, the basslines totally won my heart on this one. Plus, the vocals somewhat fit perfectly the music, and they've also got this sweet post-rockish riffs going here and there, specially during the choruses. What else do I need?

    ジン: They remind me so much of Incubus, which are one of my favorite bands. That alone would be reason enough to like them, but Hitan is what make'em really special. Aside having vocals as good as Anza's, she's got a strong personality, and that's great.

    REDЯUM: People say Portishead is the perfect soundtrack for sex. I say they're wrong. REDЯUM is.

    夢中夢: AWESOME mix of classical, post-rock and metalz. This is so great is so many ways. Many songs have a distinct classical tone, with soprano vocals, pianos and violins, whlist retaining a clearly metal tone, with distorted guitars and fast drumming. Wonderful.

    Love the BUNNEY.
    (\ (\
    ( ☆_☆)
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    • 20 Feb 2009, 15:40
    hmmz, this may take some time :)

    me-al art - Well, one80 said ti for the most part. Very nice pop-rock sound with a somber touch.

    相対性理論 - Only discovered them early this year with HiFi Anatomia, but that album just is one of the best things I've listened to the last year. Same as with me-al art, it has a pop-rock sound with a somber touch. Simply awesome.

    Drop Army - Nice upbeat poprock, too bad they've disbanded already, and they really aren't that unique, but the voice of the singer just has something, well, awesome about it xD

    KAREN - Well, mostly thanks to the awesomeness that is the combination of Achiko en Kinoshita Riki, but really, KAREN is awesome. Too bad it's only a session band, but I'm still waiting for something that can top MAGGOT IN TEARS.

    ostooandell - Love the psychedelic sounds in their songs, which made their album music one of my most listened albums of 2008.

    シギ - Though I don't listen to that many Jpop artists, Shigi hassomething so awesome in her voice, especially in 証明 her voice is SOOOO awesome. Love this song.

    ジギタリス - Mostly depended on their first album (not really listened that much to syzygia yet, must do it soon :P) but really, it's just awesome. The voice of Mineko is again so, well, yeah, unique in a way. Again a pop-rock sound with a somber touch thanks to her voice.

    Feels like I forgetting a ton of bands/artist (like Rie fu, but haven't listened to her in a while now), so maybe I'll be adding more

  • simply put each of these bands/artist at one time or another I was obsessed with and still love dearly:

    do as infinity - Favorite artist period. <3

    KAREN - I looove their sound and Acico's vocals are just gorgeous. They've produced pretty much one of my favorite minis ever.

    school food punishment - Great sound. They get better each mini. once again vocals are great.

    human cube - aquario <3 nuff said.

    me-al art - love love love the vocals. Great sound as well.

    fra-froa - one of my first and favorite bands period. chisako mikami is pure love.

    Fukurou - they're really high up there for me. vocalist kind of reminds me of chisako.

    hi-endorphin - even with just scraping some song here and there from them, the vocalist has such a lovely voice and the overall feeling of their music is kind of ethereal and sweet.

    yaneka - I love the folkish-ness in their sound. Overall great band.

    muuchuumu - Love their sound. really epic to say the least.

    A LUNCH - amano tsukiko with more fire. nuff said.

    sloth love chunks - Their album is still probably one of the few albums where I love every song and can listen to the whole thing straight through without wanting to skip a song. Perfection.

    strawberry record - I just find them hella cool. Though vocally she can reach some annoying heights it reminds me of shiina ringo in that it still somehow fits and I actually like it.

    Super egg machine - once again simply great band. all the girls are great musicians and they made some really rockin' tunes.

    bleach03 - these girls kick ass. after seeing them live I was even more assured of this fact. Their bassist is my hero.

    Head Phones president. - Anza <3 nuff said

    the brown - A progressive band with female lead that just screams awesome. Seriously awesome.

    kimura kaela - lol, I don't care that she's more along the pop side psh. She's quirky and makes some funky tunes. Iono I just think she's awesome.

    SHAKALABBITS - female fronted ska/rock band. one of my first and favorites. Though vocals can get high at times, I don't mind at all, plus she's just so damn cool. Exploring of the space will always be classic.

    spangle call lilli line - simply put. gorgeous music.

    tornado tatsumaki - read above.

    etc. etc. etc.

  • Ringo Shiina and Tommy Heavenly6 :D

    . : E v e r b l u e S u N S H i N e : .
  • errr ... from my top 5 on last.fm library ... ^^

    school food punishment
    Spangle call Lilli line

  • mine would be

    BLUE SUGAR SPIRITS (their have nice catchy yet slightly melancholic music)
    Who the bitch ( catchy,quirky with lyrics i can't understand at all,reason enough to buy their cds xD just for the lyrics booklet)
    こけしDoll (raw vocals with raw sounding music ala bleach03)
    つしまみれ (funny catchy high pitched jazzy rock)
    MASS OF THE FERMENTING DREGS (i can listen to them non stop)
    ミドリ (nice experimental jazzy punk)
    LAZYgunsBRISKY (awesome ^^)

  • bands;
    High And Mighty Color - used to be my favorite of all female fronted jrock bands, but after Maaki left, I just... lost interest. Not saying HALCA is any bad or anything.
    妖精帝國 - more towards dark-trance/symphonic rock. My current obsession.
    The Brilliant Green - everything Tommy touches just turns to gold.
    Asriel - doujin band, but they're all good.
    Black Shelter - too bad they disappeared from the face of the Earth after their debut release.
    六弦アリス - doujin band too, but they're all good. very good.
    大鴉 - wish I can find more stuff from them
    SCANDAL - more towards Girlish Rock, but they're awesome.

    Tommy heavenly6
    香奈 - I missed her...
    Miz - she used to be all Rock before changing to Mizrock and does Pop and all went downhill ever since. I still love her though.
    天野月子 - My Queen of Jrock<3
    上木彩矢 - a bit of Avril-ish Rock, but she's okay.
    志方あきこ - I won't call her a Jrock artist, but her music has an influence of Pagan Metal of sort. VERY ADDICTIVE!
    亜矢 - another of My Queen of Jrock!
    Youjeen - my third Queen of Jrock<33
    シギ - this girl needs to release moar!!!

    not Japanese, but worth mentioning;
    Cherry Filter - Youjeen's band when she's in Korea.

  • *double posted sorry*

  • exist†trace,LiCKER and DecoLa Hoping

  • exist†trace, Danger gang, RAMPANT, DecoLa Hoping, Dazzle Vision, GoDeath, Guardian Hacker)


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    exist†trace, Danger gang, RAMPANT, DecoLa Hoping, lloy, flip, Zwei, taia for now

  • Head Phones President, exist†trace, RAMPANT, Dazzle Vision, Gille' Loves/Fiction, MASS OF THE FERMENTING DREGS, Guardian Hacker

    meanwhile millions of miles away in space
    the Incoming Comet brushes jupiter's face

  • alright, heres my top 5 (in order on my top artists page)

    PUFFY - my favorite band ever. i love their sound, and how they can change styles so easily, without losing what makes them individuals. (they always have their PUFFY sound). god theyre so great.

    Mutyumu - also known as 夢中夢 this band is epic. i actually dont even know how to describe how amazing they are. both albums are awesome, but ilya/イリヤ is OUT OF CONTROL beautiful.

    Do As Infinity - what can i say, i LOVE the lead singer's voice.

    Tommy heavenly6 - shes more of a guilty pleasure for me :p . her songs are so catchy.

    The Brilliant Green - LOVELOVELOVELOVE. the only reason theyre so far down on my top artists (#31) is because when i was really into them before i got my last.fm (i didnt upload my entire history, i just started from scratch). anyways, its much more pop/rock, really amazing though.

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    Rampant, TommyHeavenly6, Red Bacteria Vacuum, Misako Honjo, Melt-Banana, Power Line - the japanese band, not the cartoon from A Goofy Movie.

  • mass of the fermenting dregs, rondorats, mummy the peepshow, judy and mary, princess princess, tつしまみれ, molice shakalabbits, フルカワミキ , ミドリ

  • Liv Moon

  • Good Female Fronted "Japanese" Bands I know

    Do As Infinity, Go!Go!7188, KAREN, Mutyumu, School Food Punishment, Oreskaband, Lolita 18, Polysics, ミドリ, Super Junky Monkey, チリヌルヲワカ, 東京事変, つしまみれ, Gonin-Ish, 陰陽座, Bloody Panda (Yoshiko is Jap singing in Jap even if the Band is from NY, okay weaboos?), Asobi Seksu (Yuki Chikudate sings in English though), Galhammer, Comanechi & PRE (Akiko is sexy, ain't she?)

  • Foreground Eclipse, definitely. Both male and female vocals, but who cares.
    And ミドリ.

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    • 15 Feb 2014, 20:22
    GO!GO!7188 - YUMI & AKIKO <3
    noodles - YOKO <3

    and many more.. just check it by yourself on my profile xD

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