Is anyone here not a goth/whatever?

  • I have a few band shirts, however, I do not dress goth at all. In fact everyone is so shocked when I tell them I like metal because they say that I "don't look like a metal fan." It's actually quite funny LOL.

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    • 8 Feb 2009, 06:29
    I'm quite shocked when I meet a woman goth that's into metal...

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    • 8 Feb 2009, 13:43
    I'm no goth nor any general classification of culture or stereotype, I concider myself dressing ordinary. I don't use makeup so much tho, and I love wearing sweatpants ( <3) so :)

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    • 18 Feb 2009, 12:54
    People usually are very suprised when they here that I like metal. I study languages (listening to metal is a very rare hobby among language students, at least in Finland). I have long brown hair always on pony tale. I wear make up next to never. I usually wear jeans and T-shirts (never band T-shirts) or college shirts. I deny to wear all black (I love red). And why I never wear band T-shirts? I hate big trade marks, no matter if they're by bands or brands. I don't want to be a walking advertisement.

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    • 19 Feb 2009, 04:58
    I agree, I think band shirts lack originality. Some people that wear band shirts seem like they're trying to prove something.

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    • 22 Feb 2009, 15:17
    Some people that wear band shirts seem like they're trying to prove something.

    To someone is probably true, to me is a way to tribute a band I love and to wear something I like.
    Coming more strictly to the topic...
    Well,I almost wear just black clothes,I love piercings and dark nailart: people usually understand what I listen, and that's just because this is me, also loving horror films and literature and so on.
    Told this,I'm a SHOPPING-ADDICTED, I love to make up and I love clothes and shoes...I just buy them black! ;)

  • Helvete777 disse:
    Some people that wear band shirts seem like they're trying to prove something.
    to me is a way to tribute a band I love and to wear something I like.

    same here.

  • I dont dress like a goth, I like to think I dress normally, jeans tee shirt ya know stuff like that...I tend to find girls who listen to metal are like this anyway XD

  • lol I`m not dressing that way I have my own style ... some mix of comfortable,sexy and "metal"looking stuff. I like my style. I think that a big part of girls who waer some gothic cloths will grow up some day and will stop :) I support the unique styles ;)

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    • 1 Jun 2009, 00:27
    I just wear what I like. Sometimes that's just a t-shirt and jeans. Some things I wear look kind of goth, but I don't consider myself to be a goth. And I am also into girly things like shopping and makeup.

  • Yeah me too, but I am having trouble finding stuff I like.

    I always end up with black pants and a simple shirt.
    I have always been the "though" girl, they girl that hangs out with all the boys, the girl that went into the air force, the girl with tattoo's, the girl that like horror/splatter movies, the girl that likes moshpits. And I am not into really girly girl stuff.
    I look for stuff that is both girly but also shows who I am.

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  • from how I look, people have told me I don't look like I'm a metal fan.
    People have said I look like an artist... I like unique pieces.
    I don't dress up often, I'm mostly a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl, who wears a lot of accessories.

  • I tend to wear metal t'shirts to gigs (much comfier than anything else) but other times I usually wear jeans and a pretty or unusual t'shirt. You can't beat an awesome t'shirt, Threadless are my current favourites! People think I look a bit alternative/rocky i think but not in the summer if i'm in skirt, flip flops and a strappy top! I do tend to get odd sideways glances when they realise that I like metal :)

    There are a few deisgners that I love but would never be able to afford anything even similar like Jean-Pierre Braganza or Rick Owens. Probably if I had money i'd look more alternative but in a pretty, unusual way!

    Generally i love clothes :) not so fussed about shoes although a nice pair of knee high boots is always good!

  • My way of dress is usually very comfortable, and I like wearing band shirts. The goth style of dress is way too complicated for me. I also don't like wearing make-up, i look horrible with it. So, i love the goth lifestyle. But i guess it's just not for me =/

  • Uhm... well, as a teenager I think it's usual to dress the Grunge way. I wear a lot of band t-shirts, skinny jeans, converse and stuff like that. I tend to abuse a little on dark make up and black nails and such, but I don't look (too) scary :] I'm not trying to prove something, I'm just another rock fan, and I like the way I dress ^^

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  • I don't dress as a goth,but many that ask about my musical interests automatically think that I do all because I listen to metal,which really doesn't make any sense since all that ask me see me face to face. >.>
    If you saw what I wore,you'd probably think that I was some thrash-metal kid from the 80's.

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    • 0jade0 said...
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    • 15 Jul 2009, 04:52
    At all the gigs I've been to I've been just about the only girl wearing a band-t, all the other girls are dressed up with massive boots, an assortment of shredded black clothing and fishnets on their arms. I don't understand it at all frankly so I guess 'goth' is the norm for metalhead girls in Australia.
    Unless I am wearing a band-t no one guesses that I listen to metal, I 'don't look like the type'...

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 15 Jul 2009, 13:14

    Is anyone here not a goth/whatever?

    I´m not a goth, I just like clothes that are black. And I never wear fishnet or latex.
    I wear band T-shirts because I´m into the bands, not to prove anything. What is there to prove?

  • Nice discussion. When you are very young( I mean teenager), it's easy follow the style you like. Mine, I don't think Gothic, although my clothes are mostly black. But, echoing the reasoning ... You grow, then have to work. It's clear that not all places that allow for visual freedom. The important thing is continue hear what you like.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 23 Jul 2009, 22:59
    I'm not having a go at all people who wear band shirts, I'm just implying that some people who wear band shirts may do for reasons beyond supporting a band.

    • _ooo_ said...
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    • 28 Jul 2009, 10:01
    ... some mix of comfortable,sexy and "metal"looking stuff.

    It's the same to me. I wear mainly black and like looking dark, mysterious and seductive. I don't think I'm a Goth though. As some girls have already said, I also think goths have nothing in common with metal.

    As for band shirts, I rarely wear them. And I also think they are to support the band.

    What else? So long as I like painting, I like cosmetics and 'painting' at my face.

    In general, I love to be myself.

  • Most of the time, people could probably tell I like metal. But most of them probably wouldn't know the different sub-genres and the other genres I listen to unless they talked to me about it or went through my iPod (and knew what artists were of what genre). I wear band shirts for reasons of tribute, and because I just like them. I like black fingernail polish, but I don't wear it. I dunno, I wouldn't really seem like a typical metal fan if someone talked to me about something other than music (ie, I don't destroy everything, I'm not obsessed with dead people, etc.). I actually like different things and I enjoy doing things totally unrelated to metal.

  • Not I. Never have been. I actually get really irritated by goths.

    All I wear are darker colored shirts/band shirts(black moreso) and jeans..have been that way ever since I was a kid, just disliked going shopping for clothes or better yet those trendyass clothing you see nowadays so people can fit in with a current style. So yeah I just basically wear what's comfortable and what you feel right in, that's how you should be is what I say.

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 5 Aug 2009, 09:16
    no :-? i'm not a a goth, but I prefer to wear black. just because i like this :P
    where I live, Styles dont mean anything to most of people. And if a girl wears black or make-up like a goth, it doesn't mean she is a goth, or she knows what is a "goth". so yeah.. I have my own style :D and I like it, and i'm not trying to prove "i'm a metalhead!" with it. and i also like makeup, and shopping, and girly things..

    As for band shirts, I rarely wear them. And I also think they are to support the band.

    Agree :)

  • :) I listen to glam hair and heavy metal;P don't really like gothic music^^ ;D ... 80s forever!!! \m/

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