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Created on: 30 Jul 2010
dedicated to Faye Wong and Cocteau Twins.
friendship in the evolution period.

Faye Wong and Cocteau Twins: Friendship during the period of revolution

王菲(Faye Wong)与极地双生子(Cocteau Twins)革命时期的友谊

suddenly a mysterious piece of music crying out of the radio programme and Faye Wong felt very fond of that kind of dream-pop sound. then she wrote down the name of the band: Cocteau Twins. who can foresee the cooperation of Faye and Cocteau Twins in the future which is cauz of a radio-broadcast?

☆★ Four-Calendar Café & 胡思乱想 ★☆

1994. Hu Si Luan Xiang (胡思乱想). Faye's new album. which is a half-covered one is spiritually derived from Four-Calendar Café, by Cocteau Twins, released 1993. for example: 胡思乱想 is Bluebeard. and 知己知彼 is Know Who You Are At Every Age. Faye wanna cry and laugh while falling love. Elizabeth combined devil tales with her dreamful sound. "Cry, cry, cry 'til you know why." the flueting mood of grievance permeating in both Faye's and Cocteau Twins' songs, even sang in different language.

from then on, Faye kept releasing music productions: 3 albums, 2 EPs, 1 Selection, continuedly by her willing learning the soul of Cocteau Twins. during all those three silent years, Cocteau Twins was nearly going to break.

"I would like to start a band with Faye Wong." said Rimon. Cocteau Twins had heard the sound of Faye Wong, or, it's because of Faye's deep adorement, they got to each other closer and closer. appreciation originated, and becomes freindship.

☆★ Milk & Kisses & 浮躁 ★☆

1996, Cocteau Twins published Milk & Kisses, their new album, which born after having been silent so long. from that album, the single Serpentskirt was produced into two different songs. one is original European version, another, which added Faye's cooperation, is selected into the special Asian version only. you could hardly tell who is a goddess while who is an fairy. like a kiss to milk.

for Faye herself, she also has a nice personal peformance. Fu Zao, which means anxiety, is her new album. 8, most of the songs, are writen by Faye, and two others are by the help of Cocteau Twins and recorded at Londun studio: 分裂, 扫兴. ( the two are then recycled by Cocteau Twins. 分裂 is changed into a British song Tranquil Eye, selected into their single CD Violaine; and 扫兴 is Touch Upon Touch selected in the various artists music collection called Volume 17 )

there's a special claiming adherent to the front of Fu Zao:
"100% 原创,Cocteau Twins 参与制作《分裂》、《扫兴》。”
"100% original creation, involving Cocteau Twins's works: Break-up & Tospoil."

and as the note inside the album Fu Zao images says:
----“special thanks to Alex Chan for putting Faye Wong & Cocteau Twins together.”
----“特别感谢 Alex Chan 促成 Faye Wong 与 Cocteau Twins 合作。”

1997, Faye published her new album, the title '你快乐所以我快乐' means'you're joyable therefore me joyable' . among the 10 singles from 你快乐所以我快乐, 怀念 is a cover of Cocteau Twins, its original name is Rilkean Heart, Faye sings like an old Shanghai folk, different from dream=pop, the sign of Cocteau Twins. so as to 分裂, Chinese folk style makes it not easy for us to find out that is writen by an European indeed.

and another relating to Cocteau Twins is 娱乐场, which is especially writen for Faye and they has never recycled back.

1998, Faye is still marching on, while Cocteau Twins band had a break. an she is still loving Cocteau Twins, by the greeting way of sampling. "la la la la… …". Faye sang in part of that song 小聪明. how similiar they are! samiliar with Calfskin Smack! even 10 seconds only,but it's obviously we can see how much love and affection Faye shows to her friend Cocteau Twins.《Milk & Kisses》,《浮躁》,这两张专辑成为 Faye Wong 与 Cocteau Twins 之间友谊的最好见证!

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