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Created on: 17 Jan 2006
Thats right, we've put up with enough of their new mallcore/scene trash, its time we stood up for what this revolutionary melodic death metal band stands for;

And thats the unique gothenberg...

This group is designed to show a mark of respect to the old, and predominantly True, sound of Inflames. Note: we are an ANTI-NEW In Flames and an ANTI-Nu Metal group. Please do not apply if you still like or can tolerate their new material, this will not be the group for you.

Rules & Regulations:

* There must be no SUBSTANTIAL evidence of their NEW material in your profile
* In Flames must be in your top 50 and you must have played 100 of their tracks
* If you listen to Nu-metal music, don't expect to get in
* NO FUCKING SCENE KIDS (and no, im not implying just because you listen to their new material, that you are one, i just don't want scene kids in ;)
* If you don't like any of these rules and regulations, and they prevent you from becoming a member, please feel free to scream out loud in anger or start your own group :)


Petiton to Stop Good Metal Bands From Going Commercial

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  • nymik

    Check out my band Hatespire if you like this sort of music. or

    16 Jan 2010 Reply
  • TapiQQ

    Oh, i wasnt even aware i got accepted. Thanks a bunch for that!

    23 Nov 2009 Reply
  • Slorafossen

    Charts need more WINTERSUN FFS

    24 Mar 2009 Reply
  • KeyserSoz3

    Hey, check out my mates´ band, CauseInstinct. These videos have very bad quality, but theres going to be better vids in the future.

    3 Feb 2009 Reply
  • Vampyric

    Dead_Eternity: You probably should of just created a thread to promote your bands song (cover), im sure you would of got more coverage ;). Having said that, i managed to pick up and i thinks its great, good job :).

    11 Jan 2009 Reply
  • KeyserSoz3

    This group is more or less the thing I have been searching for. It has some attitude and it´s not too easy to join in ; D

    10 Jan 2009 Reply
  • Vampyric

    Oh there is doubt my friend, there is doubt indeed.

    6 Sep 2008 Reply
  • Rawe-

    Wintersun is amazing, no doubt about that.

    3 Sep 2008 Reply
  • Vampyric

    Thanks Lucia :)

    27 Aug 2008 Reply
  • bru_bru

    I wrote a little review about IF at metal camp '08, you can find it in the "Metal Festivals '08" discussion or on my page.. =)

    27 Aug 2008 Reply
  • Vampyric

    I find them somewhat tedious. Don't get me wrong; i think there a decent band, and they certaintly have some unique and interesting sounds (at times), but in general they just don't do it for me. Check out the new Scar Symmetry album (Holographic Universe) btw, its awesome.

    26 Aug 2008 Reply
  • Fossekall

    No Wintersun on the charts??

    25 Aug 2008 Reply
  • Jester-Head

    if you want to laugh, read throegh the IF Shoutbox!

    15 Aug 2008 Reply
  • bru_bru

    @Vampyric: yes, I can do it :) I'll be working on it on Monday ;)

    26 Jul 2008 Reply
  • Vampyric

    Food for the Gods \m/, is a pretty cool song, i never really thought anything of it in the past.

    26 Jul 2008 Reply
  • Rawe-

    Btw, saw In Flames last month at Nummirock, they were rather .. good .. even though I was expecting way crappier performance. Colony, Graveland, Only for the Weak.. Some RTR songs.. were cool, it's a no brainer to realize they play mostly their new stuff - that's what every band does (especially when there's 3 newer albums after all the others!), but yeah, better than what I expected :)

    21 Jul 2008 Reply
  • Vampyric

    Bru: Feel free to write a full report on the Metalcamp festival, im certaintly interested to see how you rated band performances. If you do decide to write one do it in the music festivals 2008. Thanks ;)

    20 Jul 2008 Reply
  • Rawe-

    Thanks for letting me in :)

    20 Jul 2008 Reply
  • Vampyric

    Yeah, we must not forsake the Jesters dance, that is indeed a classic instrumental. Hey, that gives me an idea for another Survivor series; "instrumentals". Win. Btw (and im not saying were anywhere near running out of Suvivor series's yet) if you have any ideas for a new survivor series, please just go ahead and suggest one here on the shoutbox. If we get some good ideas going, ill open up a suggestion thread. P.S Wellcome to the group Rawe :)

    19 Jul 2008 Reply
  • Rawe-

    Dialogue With the Stars is probably the best instrumental, yeah. The Jester's Dance is damn amazing aswell, though.

    19 Jul 2008 Reply
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