Favorite Song of SFU!

    • maxi666 said...
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    • 12 May 2008, 11:45
    snakes, Cadaver Mutilator
    & old stuff

  • still alive

    elvis'in torunu black sabbath'ın oğlu olmayan bizden değildir
  • Ugly

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 8 Jul 2008, 23:32

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 20 Sep 2008, 16:19
    there are many good songs, maybe:
    Impulse To Disembowel
    The Day The Dead Walked
    One Bullet Left
    Dead And Buried

    But i like ALL songs of the albums 13, Bringer Of Blood, True Carnage and Maximum Violence.

  • Sick In The Head, Shadow Of The Reaper, The edge of the hatchet
    I love all SFU song, they don't have bad song.

    One People, One Nation, One Leader.
    • ficlh said...
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    • 20 Dec 2008, 21:04
    victim of the paranoid, the enemy and bonesaw

    C'est la vie
    • sfusyron said...
    • Subscriber
    • 14 Apr 2009, 01:02
    Insect,Drowning,Lycanthropy,TheMurders,Revenge of the Zombies,The edge of the Hatchet.To name a few!!

  • War Is Coming, Human Target, Murdered In The Basement, My Hatred, Sick In The Head, Ten Deadly Plaques

  • Torture Killer, Feasting On The Blood Of The Insane, Waiting For Decay, Involuntary Movement Of Dead Flesh, Killed In Your Sleep....

    Only truly fucking brutal slamming gore groove brass knuckle cuntgrinding twatslammin gorectomy guttural illbusting sickass necrocunted bluntslaughter beerslam sickpit smashfest ingorgity brutal shit is fucking good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Victim of the Paranoid, Impulse to disembowel, White Widdow

    " War does not determine who is right - only who is left "

  • No Warning Shot & 4:20 & Bringer of blood

    Monarch to the kingdom of the dead
    Angel of Death
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 21 Feb 2012, 19:09
    Feasting on the Blood of the Insane

  • this'd be hard

    my fav used to be Haunted but since Undead came out, along with the almighty Talley, my fav turns to Frozen At the Moment of Death !!!

  • Feasting on the Blood of the Insane is great!

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