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Created on: 12 May 2011
Backing tracks are lame, unless they're produced by someone in the band, and even then just get a Keyboard player.

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  • nable7

    Added Evelyn (PL)

    26 Jul 2013 Reply
  • Evelynmetalpl

    8 Jul 2013 Reply
  • nable7

    I got to shake Tuomas' hand once… twice actually but I think the second one was ironic…

    3 Mar 2013 Reply
  • kornmanson112

    Tuomas Nightwish <33333

    27 Feb 2013 Reply
  • nable7

    I don't care to go through and delete them just yet, but I'm not going to connect anymore 60's-70's bands or / acts from any generation. The music we're interested in here has gone through so many stages of evolution since the the 70's that they are no longer relevant to each other. As for the pop and electro it's musically relevant but a lot of those groups aren't really bands as much as production teams…

    1 Feb 2013 Reply
  • nable7

    straight up.

    21 Oct 2012 Reply
  • Blue_Fatty

    Without keyboards, a band is incomplete.

    6 Oct 2012 Reply
  • OphidianSpell

    Hi ! maybe you will like my band : We play symphonic death metal. 2 tracks are available in full length : Blood Enough, and Lost Souls (in video section).

    29 Sep 2012 Reply
  • nable7


    20 Sep 2012 Reply
  • alfie_1991


    9 Sep 2012 Reply
  • nable7

    Hey we finally hit 100 Fans of Bands with Keyboards

    5 Sep 2012 Reply
  • nable7

    Go to to register and vote to help Vancouver's First Symphonic Rock band (and one of the first ones to prominently feature keyboards if you're really into that) onto the scene!

    22 May 2012 Reply
  • nable7

    Aleksander, I responded to your Discussion post because I saw it first. Dream Theater is connected and Jordan's cool, but he's a keyboardist not a band. Thanks for your suggestions though. =)

    7 Apr 2012 Reply
  • nable7

    =) nice.

    7 Jul 2011 Reply
  • tartainia

    Having grown up (yeah right) with the likes of Jon Lord,Ken Hensley,Rick Wakeman et al,i have always loved bands that HAPPEN to have keyboard players...As a music fanatic i have constantly evolved over the decades..and now i listen to bands like Nightwish,Epica,Therion & Kamelot who also HAPPEN to have keyboards in their music..Coincidence?....I think not. :)

    2 Jul 2011 Reply
  • nable7

    I added a few piano rock bands that I found on the piano rock group. It's not a genre I know much about, but I need to balance out all the symphonic music…

    2 Jul 2011 Reply
  • nable7

    Someone asked me in a PM if most bands don't use keyboards. So this might be one of those things that not everyone thinks about, but very few rock bands include a keyboardist. They hire a producer to add keyboards lines on their albums and sometimes play along with pre-recorded keyboard lines called backing tracks when they play live. They may be a band with a keyboard but they don't give keyboardists the respect of being in the band. One of the few kinds of rock where it's normal to have a keyboard in your band is symphonic rock/metal. Also, most my friends and I are into that kind of music, so for those reasons that's mostly who's in the connected artists so far. But there are a few others, like Muse and The Dresden Dolls that I happen to know about even though they're outside of my general area of interest.

    30 Jun 2011 Reply
  • jose2jp

    THX! nable7. Mari Hamada, She's the Metal singer who is famous in Japan. I think that such a music is particularly good. Keyboard player is Takanobu Masuda. This song is "Fantasia"

    27 May 2011 Reply
  • nable7

    Oh I see, it's 浜田麻里 She's a singer that uses keyboards in her act. I guess that's close enough.

    22 May 2011 Reply
  • nable7

    who's the artist, jose2jp?

    22 May 2011 Reply
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