• Past Spotlight Artists

    Here we list female artists and female fronted bands that have been recognized as one our SPOTLIGHT ARTIST.

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  • Marybeth D'Amico

    I have chosen to start our discussion of sharing discoveries with the very first artist to join our group, the talented Marybeth D'Amico. Marybeth is a folk acoustic singer/songwriter. She is a master of spinning tales in her music that have a bit of an edge to them.

    You can find out more about Marybeth D'Amico and her music by visiting her Last.fm page or by going to her own website http://www.marybethdamico.com/.

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  • Livin Fire

    Livin Fire is a Cracow (Poland) band playing the mix of hard rock and melodic heavy metal in the style of 80s. It shines out thanks to characteristic female vocal and dynamic, full of energy solos without which it’s hard to imagine a real 80s rock band.

    You can find out more about Livin Fire and their music by visiting their Last.fm page or by going to their website Livin Fire.

  • Molasses

    Molasses is an energetic two-piece noise-rock outfit currently out of London, U.K. Drawing upon elements of punk, stoner-rock and even a hint of math-rock, Molasses really shakes down the walls. Molasses is Katie Weeks - Drums and Alessia Lee - Guitars/ Vocals.

    You can find out more about Molassses by visiting their Last.fm page or by going to their website at Facebook.

  • White Lung

    White Lung are a four piece punk band from Vancouver, B.C. They have released three 7 inches (“Local Garbage”, “Magazines”, “Atlanta”), an LP “It’s The Evil” on Deranged Records and a tour split 7 inch with Nu Sensae. Their second LP “Sorry” was released June 2012.

    You can find out more about White Lung by visiting their Last.fm page or by going to their website at Facebook.

  • Sarah Packiam

    Sarah Packiam was born and raised in Ireland. Her mother is Irish and her father is a blues musician from India. You can hear her parents cultural influences in her arrangements. Mandolin, traditional Irish instruments and tablas have been combined to create beautiful backdrops for her extremely catchy alternative/pop melodies.

    You can find out more about Sarah Packiam by visiting her Last.fm page or by going to her website at sarahpackiam.com.

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  • Light Among Shadows

    Light Among Shadows is a metal/gothic band formed in Algeciras, Cádiz, Spain in 2010. Their style is a mixture of Gothic-Symphonic Rock with some of the New Progressive metal tendencies. The band was formed by the German female singer Tatjana Klee and 3 Spanish musicians, Adrien Fowl - Lead Guitars, Alejandro Tineo - Drums and Christopher Red - Bass.

    You can find out more about Light Among Shadows by visiting their Last.fm page or by going to her website at Light Among Shadows.

  • Darling Parade

    Darling Parade is a female fronted Rock/Pop band from Nashville, TN. Their first EP solidified their place in the music industry by landing TV Placements with Showtime, ABC, The CW, and The SyFy Channel. The Latest EP “Until We Say It’s Over,” brought that point home by grabbing #8 on Billboard’s “Next Big Sound” chart the week of it’s release.

    You can find out more about Darling Parade by visiting them at Last.fm or by going to their Facebook page.

  • Erin McCarley

    Erin McCarley (born January 8, 1979 in Garland, Texas) is an alternative music singer-songwriter. McCarley attended college at Baylor University, and is now based in Nashville, Tennessee. She has been compared to Sara Bareilles, Regina Spektor, and Sheryl Crow. Erin released her follow up to 2009's Love, Save the Empty on August 28th, 2012, titled My Stadium Electric.

    You can find out more about Erin McCarley by visiting her at Last.fm or by going to her Facebook page.

  • The Duel

    “Frantic energized original female fronted Punk Rock’n’rollers from London England, with spirit of 1976-77 and the songwriting also sitting firmly in the future with their war cry and album name “Lets finish what we started”, which is fully available for free download.

    The Duel (Punk) Free: Last.fm Free: Reverbnation Free: Facebook

  • Drink Me

    Drink Me is a folk pop duo from the Bordeaux region who started the adventure in August 2012. Vanessa and Philip singing while two are trading at leisure piano, guitar, ukulele, and other instruments. Sometimes joyful and sometimes melancholy music Drink Me is inspired by artists such as Priscilia Ahn, Agnes Obel, Cocoon or Sia and many other artists.

    Drink Me (Pop Folk/Duo) Free: Last.fm Free: Facebook Free Reverbnation

  • Little Kim & the Alley Apple 3

    Little Kim & the Alley Apple 3 play swing music in the broadest sense of the word. They love all kind of old time roots music, be it the sensuous swing jazz of the roaring twenties or the piercing lyrics of the fabulous Hank Williams. Kim is both a member of the Last.fm community and of our group.

    Little Kim & the Alley Apple 3 (Swing/Jazz) Free: Last.fm Free: Bandcamp

  • Valora

    Valora is a six piece hard rock band from Whittier, CA. featuring electrifying frontwoman Syd Duran. Syd's powerful vocals and stage presence have catapulted the band from obscurity to national attention.

    Revolver named Syd the Hottest Chick in Hard Rock for July 2011.
    AP named Valora one of the 100 bands you need to know for 2011. Breaking Benjamin's single "Blow Me Away" features Syd Duran of Valora, and is now Top 10 on Active Rock Chart.

    Valora (Rock) Free: Valoraofficial.com

  • Next Stop Atlanta

    Next stop Atlanta hail from Preston, England. The band of close friends formed early January 2010 through members Georgia Peters, Nik Taylor, Anthony Joy and Blake Sale completing the line up.

    The story of this band is brief, they believe in raw, passionate music and have the drive to match. Nothing will stop this band from achieving all that they desire. They are hard working realists, and are ready to take on the music industry and all that comes their way…

    Next Stop Atlanta (Pop Punk/Rock) Free: SoundCloud Free: Bandcamp

  • Rachael Yamagata

    Rachael Yamagata (born on September 23, 1977 in Arlington, Virginia) is a singer-songwriter. She plays piano and acoustic guitar, and her dark, smokey alto garners frequent comparisons to Fiona Apple. Her first full-length album, Happenstance, was released on June 8, 2004.

    Her songs have featured on several TV shows, including How I Met Your Mother, ER , Nip/Tuck, Men in Trees, Alias, One Tree Hill, Brothers & Sisters and The O.C., to which she made a guest performance in season 2.

    Rachael Yamagata (Pop/Indie) Free: Noisetrade Free: SoundCloud

  • Neverstar

    Neverstar is a Symphonic Metal band from the UK described as “Evanescence meets Godsmack”. The band was officially formed mid 2009, but has been a six year ambition of founding members, Pieter and Vega.

    The band’s signature sound is inspired by classical and symphonic tones combined with pounding guitars and immense vocal melodies. Neverstar masterfully mixes emotion with theatrical settings and dark characteristics, which is amplified by ear splitting yet melodic guitar riffs. On stage, they convey electric energy, leaving the audience captivated and entertained.

    Neverstar (Metal/Gothic/Symphonic) Free: Last.fm Free: Reverbnation

  • of Verona

    of Verona is a Los Angeles based band whose sound can best be described as a blend of futuristic/indie rock with an electro heartbeat. MTV featured them as a ‘Band to Know’ stating, “If you like melodic music with great female vocals like Florence & The Machine, you’ll definitely dig of Verona.” Their song Dark In My Imagination has received considerable play on specialty stations such as KCRW and reached the top 10 on the Hype Machine online., while their song Castles has been featured on more mainstream stations such as KROQ and has helped their album climb the CMJ charts.

    of Verona (Electronica)Free: of Verona Free: Reverbnation Free: Facebook Free: Facebook2

  • Jamie Rumley

    Summertime Rock, to Folk Fall, Deep into Winter tunes, Jamie Rumley has a style for everyone. Rumley's music is such a perfect mix of Rock, Folk and all out melodic genius. Inspired by artists like Sheryl Crow, Janis Joplin and The Cranberries, Jamie Rumley’s bittersweet lyrics and diverse music might remind you of these artists but her uniqueness makes her a genre all her own.

    Jamie Rumley is a both a member of the Last.fm community and of our group.

    Jamie Rumley (Rock/Pop/Folk) Free: Jamendo Free: Bandcamp

  • Rhevan

    RHEVAN is a Symphonic Metal band from Grande / MS - Brazil. It was formed in 2007 by Thiago Azevedo (guitar/vocals) and Daniele Navarro (vocals - only remnants of the first line-up) to cover bands like Nightwish, Epica, Within Temptation, Tristania and other ones such as Cradle Filth and Iron Maiden.

    In 2009 the band start composing new material for the debut album: Perpetually. In August 2010 the band released their first video "Fortune and the Name" which took the award for best clip of the year by an affiliate of MTV Brazil, Rock do Mato. In August of 2011, a promotional EP was released containing four songs from the new album "One More Last Attempt" and new versions of "You Said Me" from the debut album and a cover of "Me d? Motivo" of the late Brasilian singer Tim Maia.

    RHEVAN has recently announced that they have signed a contract with the German record label Metal Del Mundo for the releasing of their brand new album ONE MORE LAST ATTEMPT and also the first one PERPETUALLY, in Europe and all over the world!

    Rhevan (Metal/Gothic/Symphonic/Brazilian) Free: Rhevan Free: Reverbnation Free: Myspace

  • VK Lynne

    VK Lynne is a BMI singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, CA. Working mainly in the rock and blues genre, she has completed 3 full-length CD’s, including her most recent, Whiskey or Water, which was recorded in Denmark with producer James Thomas (Cher/Beth Hart/Høgni). It has been well-received by critics and internet radio, and garnered VK a prodigious cyber-following.

    VK does not restrict herself to her solo efforts; she currently sings and co-writes for several developing acts, in genres varying from metal to blues to country. She has performed with her band throughout Southern California at venues ranging from the House of Blues on Sunset to the Viper Room to the Brixton South Bay. She has shared bills with such notable artists as: Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Beth Hart, Cross Canadian Ragweed, and Dilana.

    VK Lynne is a both a member of the Last.fm community and of our group.

    VK Lynne (Rock/Blues/Symphonic) Free Last.fm Free Purevolume Free Reverbnation Free Soundcloud

  • My Elysian

    My Elysian was created by guitarist Alex and singer Alison in summer of 2007. The project began as an acoustic project.

    After writing enough songs to record a demo, Alison and Alexxx joined forces with producer Logan Mader (Five Finger Death Punch, Dommin, Divine Heresy). Mader engineered and produced My Elysian's first two heavy songs, "Face Yourself" and "Demise". The songs naturally took a heavier route, and this set the tone for the future musical direction of My Elysian.

    My Elysian released their first self-titled album in January, 2011. Their debut album was nominated at the 2011 San Diego Music Awards for "Best Hard Rock Album".

    Later that year, My Elysian's founding members (Alex and Alison) relocated to Los Angeles.

    Currently, the ladies are recording their follow-up EP that is scheduled to be released in February 2013.

    My Elysian (Rock/Alt Metal) Free: Facebook Free: Reverbnation

  • Lost In Atlantis

    Lost In Atlantis is a female fronted Electronic/Rock Band based in Phoenix, Arizona. LIA consists of Elisabetha Rosnowski, Tim Pinedo, Eric Pinedo, David Allen, and Ryan Streeter.Their music video "Tek No" has been featured on MTV.com, MTV Latin America and has been played on the 2012 MTV Hits Station (Latin America) and the VH1 Megahits Station (Latin America).

    Lost In Atlantis has gained a solid fan base through multiple US tours, and national and local TV Appearances including ABC Good Morning America, ABC Nightline, KTLA, KTVU, and KICU. With constant touring and a growing online presence, Lost In Atlantis has gained national notoriety and a slot on this years WARPED TOUR.

    In April, 2013, Lost In Atlantis released their highly anticipated new album LOVER FREAK. They recorded with producer Erich Talaba (Yellowcard, Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy, Sara Bareilles).

    Lost In Atlantis (Alternative/Rocktronica/SynthPop) Free: Purevolume

  • Sacrificed

    Using various aspects of Heavy Metal style as a whole, the group Sacrificed has been slowly gaining space in the Underground scene of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. The group consists of five young people who believe that in addition to interaction and musical knowledge, respect and friendship are key factors in the coexistence of any group and are those things that keeps Sacrificed together and with more and more will follow forward in the music market.

    It all started when, in mid-2004, Diego (guitar), Gustavo (drums) and Gabriel (bass) wanted to form a band to cover Metallica's songs. Victor, a school friend of Diego, had an interesting vocal power and assumed the vocal and the guitars. The group was called Metalbreath, a mixture of the name Metallica and the song MotorBreath. Rehearsed about a year and a half a diverse repertoire with Metallica's songs, but with little repercussion alongside the public.

    With the musical evolution of the group, came the need for a larger musical development. Therefore was needed a new singer. It was then, in May 2006, Diego knew the powerful voice of Fabrício in a gig. The test was done and then Fabrício became the new vocalist of Metalbreath.

    From there the group decided to do not only interpretations of Metallica, but other bands like Megadeth, Pantera, Iced Earth, Ozzy, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, among others. They changed the name of the group to Sacriffice and began to work also with songs of their own composition.

    After some turmoil, the band went through a reformulation. With the departure of Fabrício and Gabriel, was invited to take over the vocals, the prodigy who has a lovely voice, but very powerful, Kell Hell (former Helltown and Vienna) and to occupy the position of the 5-string, the owner of a very powerful picking and great stage presence, Bruno Bavose (former Heaven Ghost and Culttruth).

    After released their first EP, which took the name "Streets of Fear", in February 2008, the band changed its name to Sacrificed, to avoid problems with a homonymous Canadian Sacrifice.

    At this moment, the group works for the release of their first album. Alongside of this work, the group has just released a self-titled EP to ease the wait of the first "full-leght.

    Sacrificed searches to take off in the national metal scene leading to the listeners an innovative Metal with great passion for its ideal.

    Sacrificed (Metal/Heavy/Melodic/Brazilian) Free: metalmedia

  • Sick of Sarah

    Sick Of Sarah began in Minneapolis, MN in April 2005 as an all-female band with catchy hooks, unique lyrics and thoughtful, well-crafted music. The band displays talent, passion, and an ever-present sense of humor that shapes many of their songs. They combine sympathetic acoustic moments with driving electric rock, often in the same song. With influences ranging from John Fogerty to Joan Jett, Sleater-Kinney to Vanessa Carlton, Sick Of Sarah brings an energy and blended alternative pop-rock style that has listeners singing along after the first chorus.

    No one in the band is named Sarah. The namesake for the band is in fact a Sarah—the lead singer’s former roommate who stated one day she was just plain sick of her own name. It caught the girls’ ears and then caught on.

    Sick of Sarah (Rock/Pop/Indie) Free: Reverbnation Free: RCRD.LBL

  • Ghosthill

    The Ghosthill was formed in the spring of 2009 in the western part of Russia, the city of rainy clouds called Kaliningrad (former Koenigsberg). The Ghosthill performs the music filled with epic, fast and heavy melodies combined with vital and mystical lyrics.

    In January, 2010 the band released its first debut album called “Embrace Of A Chasm”. During 2010 The Ghosthill played at various shows in the city of Kaliningrad and Kaliningrad region promoting the first album. On March, 26-th, 2011 the band released an Internet single "Sometimes in my heart" which showed Power Metal style in another way: the saxophone and the viola have added a special and romantic feature.

    The second Internet single "In Cage" was released on the 1-st of August 2011. It tells of the individual restricting himself in his inner and outer world. This single appeared to be the exact antithesis to the song "Sometimes in my heart".

    September 1, 2012 marked the release of the first video clip called "My Garden Of Seasons". On October 3, 2012, Ghosthill released its second album called “Flying Through Imagination”.

    Ghosthill (Metal/Power/Russian) Free: Bandcamp

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