Messi's Injury

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    • 14 Nov 2006, 21:22

    Messi's Injury

    I don't know if you've heard, but messi's injury got really bad and he had to make an operation yesterday.

    Unfortunately, he won't be able to play for 3 months.
    Which means the rest of the first fase of champions league and also at the Intercontinental Cup which will take place in Japan, next december.

    What an awful news this is!
    We've lost Eto'o for a long while and now messi?
    What's next? Ronaldinho?

    Without them two, barça will lose a lot of speed and, of course, quality.

    Messi has been one of the barça's best players lately, and frankly I think the argentine has a great future ahead and may become one of the best player in the world soon.

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    • 15 Nov 2006, 10:16
    yes! its a mess that it happened again... i really hope messi will get fit soon. but as you said it will be at least 3 months so...
    he has the same injury that wayne rooney had before the world cup, so lets hope he will be fit as soon like rooney was.
    but i dont know if some of you remember in 2004 where there wasnt no eto'o and no messi? it was rijkaard's first year and after half of the season we were on the 11th position. but in the second half Barça did amazing things and played the best second half of the league history so they got second! and did you know which strikers we had? ronaldinho,saviola and giuly! thats quite impressing isnt it? :D
    so lets hope they will do it well this time again! allthoug saviola is injured during one month too.. and i dont know how you opinion about gudjohnsen but i dont think he's the man :)

    ah and hopefully we will get to see Giovanni dos santos play! the young mexican guy that has amazing skills, resembling ronaldinho. i think he's 17 now but why shouldnt we try it out? now that everyone is injured...

  • maybe we should promote the wonderkid Borjan to the first team and give him a try
    and definitely Giovanni!

    personally i don't think gudjohson is good enough as a striker. he has been converted to a midfield by Mourinho

    ~raising your voice.. trying to stop an echo~
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    • 16 Nov 2006, 12:25
    I haven't heard of one person that actually thinks Gudjohnsen is a good player...

    And I wanna see this Giovanni that everyone talks about playing!

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    • 16 Nov 2006, 16:58
    it seems they will play with giuly,ronnie,guddy and ezquerro for substitute. well it seems logical cause poor ezquerro does never play so he should get his chance now. but giovani and the other youngs would do great...

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