AutarkiA - new songs online!

    • ccblood said...
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    • 22 Jan 2009, 10:43

    AutarkiA - new songs online!

    Hi guys'n'dolls,

    we have some new material online, so check out this new stuff and keep your head moving!!!


    Comments are welcome!!!

  • Don't know if the songs you put on are the new, but I checked em.

    First, it lacks bass. It seems kinda "empty" without a strong bassline.
    Then, the vocals are strange, not bad, but a bit disturbing at first glance.

    The ensemble is pretty good though, keep it up.

    "...At some disputed barricade,
    When Spring comes back with rustling shade
    And apple-blossoms fill the air
    I have a rendezvous with Death
    When Spring brings back blue days and fair." - Alan Seeger
  • /agreed

    • ccblood said...
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    • 2 Feb 2009, 14:11
    hmmm really a lack of bass? i thought the mix is to, you are the first one who says there is a lack of bass :D

  • Well, this might be caused by the fact that we are listening to music with a bass boost (all the time). And... We fucking love bass. nuff said. :D

    • ccblood said...
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    • 3 Feb 2009, 09:14
    hehe ok, but extreme metal with bass boost??? hmmm k :D sounds odd to me but yeah, allright :D

  • Why not? Without bass, the music sounds very weak to my ears.

    With "too much" (well, I have my own limits too), it's rich, and you can truely feel it with your body. :p

    • ccblood said...
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    • 3 Feb 2009, 12:09
    yep there you are right but for my taste, there is enough bass in the mix...with more bass, the mix gets really muddy :) but maybe i will do a "nostradanus-mix" especially for you *lol

  • Basically, that's the entire fault of AbdulelRazad...

    Now, seriously, I always feel a lack of bass on the "myspace rips", the original one should be better.

    • ccblood said...
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    • 4 Feb 2009, 07:09
    hmm maybe u should listen to the songs on soundclick

    i think the quality there is much better

    so long Jason

  • That's way better, yes. You were right there is enough bass.

    The problem seems to come from the mastering, if I really have to criticize.
    Else, I enjoyed.

    • ccblood said...
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    • 16 Feb 2009, 08:38
    yeah i just used a singleband compressor for mastering although everybody advices to use a multiband one... so the lower frequencies are driving my compressor and everything is falling behind them but yeah, for now, i think it is ok....i will do a new master when we are recording some other songs of our portfolio

    but all in all: so much thx for your feedback!

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