Rate your own music taste

  • i'm the fucking king of loving my own music.


    but in seriousness i'd say that i'm at a about a 7.5 because i'm not down with enough new music, read too much pitchfork media, and sometimes listen to shit like crank dat soulja boi and walk it out. haha actully with that last statement i'm going to change my self rating to a 5/10.

  • I like music.

    • Room215 said...
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    • 24 Sep 2007, 04:04
    I would give myself 5/10. I like the music i am into but i am mad at myself for the music i have yet to find.

    OCD alphabetizer. Does it go under Jethro or Tull? (Jethro)

    • Meo_oeM said...
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    • 24 Sep 2007, 04:41
    It depends on what I'm rating it against. If I am rating my chart against my current musical taste, then it would probably be 6-7/10 because I filled my chart with punk music back around when I first joined. However, if I'm rating my current musical taste, I would naturally rate it a 10, simply because I quite like the music that I listen to.

    My eclectic score is currently

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 27 Sep 2007, 13:25
    Currently, I'd say my taste is at a 9.0 because I just recently discovered this immensely excellent sort of post rock outfit called Under Byen, from Denmark. Huzzah for obscurity.

    • gwalla said...
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    • 2 Oct 2007, 05:48

    Actually more like infinitestimal, because as much as I listen to, there is still far, far more I have not yet experienced. Also, my listening has a lot of breadth, but little depth (I barely scratch the surface of some genres, even ones I tend to like).

    Plus I listen to some shameless cheez whiz like Lordi, Manowar, and '80s pop.

    Wait, that wasn't hostile enough for this thread. I R HAV TEH BEST TASTES U ALL IS SUX!!!1

    EDIT: BTW, thanks, mubydram, for linking Under Byen. That's good stuff.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 2 Oct 2007, 20:13
    gwalla said:
    EDIT: BTW, thanks, mubydram, for linking Under Byen. That's good stuff.

    Only the best stuff evar.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 3 Oct 2007, 18:07

    :D 7.777777776667777777777

    My favorite band is one of the most popular on last.fm and around the world right now: Modest Mouse.
    On that note - 1/10

    No, no, no... there's NOTHING wrong with liking a popular band, but be ready to explain to all of your anti-major label, anti-radio, anti-so-called "indie rock", & anti-modest mouse friends why in the world ya dig um so. I'm real tired of explaining to people why I dig them! I'll just say, they're like cake (not the band, the baked good): they're fucking tasty.

    I don't know shit about jazz. I like some "acid jazz" or "free jazz" that I've come across 'cus my dad's really into it, but I can only get into the piece of music if it's almost not music, if it's almost noise.

    At this time in my life, I don't have a real appreciation for blues probably because well, I'm a whilte, 20 year old, middle class woman... I got some livin' and growin' up to do.

    Neither Hip-hop, rnb, nor rap (on or off the radio) float my boat.

    I think I've got alright taste, if you disagree, eat shit and die. And that's exactly what a 15 year old girl in Sidney listening to Kylie right now should say, "eat shit and die," to anyone whom rates her as a 1.54/10. What shall she do now? Go out and buy a Pavement album - I'd still give the bitch a 1.54/10. To each their own.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 3 Oct 2007, 23:58

    • Ivaron said...
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    • 4 Oct 2007, 02:54
    Room215 said:
    I would give myself 5/10. I like the music i am into but i am mad at myself for the music i have yet to find.

    Amen. Same here.

    This is my old profile, that lives on as a database :)
    New profile is RockinNelis.
  • I gotta agree with Room215 too. There's so much good music out there that I haven't found yet and that sucks. Though, i love the music i'm into at the moment since i'm so much more openminded now than i've been before. I'll give my music taste a 8/10 i think.

  • Middle-aged man . . . wanking.

    Good question, what do I know about music. I listen to pretty much everything, though I used to be a different kind of musical snob. I used to be a wannabe jazz fusion guitar god, and me and all my friends would only listen to very fast fusion or art rock with everybody playing the same thing together at breakneck speeds. For me, Al Di Meola was god. But all of that classic fusion, Di Meola, John McLaughlin, Chick Corea, Stanely Clarke, Larry Coryell, etc. Yes, ELP, King Crimson on the other side of things. Before then I kinda liked heavy metal when it was really just coming into to being, Sabbath, Judas Priest, AC/DC. Right about the time Iron Maiden was becoming popular I stopped listening to rock n' roll as such. From fusion and art rock, I really moved to Zappa and the idea of "rock n' roll" classical composition. Zappa is definitely a part of my soul. Stopped listening to music seriously for some time.

    Coming back into listening to music seriously, I'm reconsidering everything I always rejected--my parents's taste in music for one: 1. 60s ultra-square folk, e.g., the Serendipity Singers, the New Christy Minstrels, the Limeliters, etc. 2. Traditional American song, e.g., Tennesee Ernie Ford, Jim Nabors, etc. 3. Bluegrass. 4. Popular Country music of the 70s till now, Emmy Lou Harris, the Oakridge Boys, the Statler Brothers, etc., etc. and 5. John Denver. I used to despise all of this music with a nearly psychopathological passion. I forced myself to reconsider it over the years and I now enjoy it on its own terms. I also revisted all the popular hits from the 40s until 2000. They're lots of fun. Love the Classic Rock and the Southern Rock, YEE HAW.

    Fairly serious student of classical music with a focus on the baroque and the modern periods. Meaning to revist this more aggressively soon. Very fond of chamber music with emphasis on the Corellian trio sonata and the string quartet. Enjoy liturgical music beginning in plainchant and polyphony, really love well-performed polyphonic masses, Palestrina by the Tallis Scholars, etc. The settings of the mass greatly interest me. So-called minimalist composers like Steve Reich and Arvo Pärt are also essential to my musical soul. (Never liked Philip Glass.) Enjoy exploring lesser-known baroque composers like Zelenka and Hasse, etc. Interested in pre-Baroque music of the Renaissance, that's an area which I don't know very well.

    Neglected straight-ahead jazz for the most part, will get into it in time (Never really into jazz standards as a player, some bebop, but no heavy study of the greats yet). Same for traditional (pre-rock n roll) blues.

    Some revivalist European folk such as the Bothy Band and Kornog off the Green Linnet label. Not so fond of further expressions, such as Altan, etc. Enjoy some of this goofy pop-folk revivalism with ethnocentric undertones, such as Celtic Woman, etc. But all with a grain of salt. Love classic Bothy though.

    Was a serious student of ethnomusicology for some time, joining the American Society for Ethnomusicology for awhile. Was a student of Indian classical drumming and owned some tabla. Complicated ethnic rhythms and different flutes of the world were particularly interesting to me here, can't touch the shakuhachi. Complex rhythm in ethnic music, modern classical music and Zappa is an enduring area of serious interest.

    Never really listened to a lot of punk or "underground" music. In the process of remedying that. Listened to the Clash before they got really pop when I was a kid, but the Pistols, Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Dead Boys, etc., I've neglected until now. The entire club culture I rejected as well, including all electronic music. As a "serious musician" dedicated to highly demanding performance, I never considered electronic music as music, but as a kind of colorful pastime for people with no skills. NO LONGER! Fact is that I really enjoy electronic music and am revisiting all electronic music from its beginnings, Underworld, Kraftwerk, etc., till today. Same for industrial. Current major interests for me right now are industrial metal, industrial electronica, European and (non-English-speaking) world hiphop and (eventually) European pop (starting with the Eurovision). But right now, major focus is German-speaking metal, industrial, electronica and punk.

    And yet, all things considered here, I am reminded of what Woody Allen wrote in his autobiography about being self-taught, which I rather am concerning my musical tastes, not being a teacher, professor or journalist, saying that although the self-taught can know a great deal about great many things, there are sometimes surprising holes in their knowledge which other, more formally educated people possess as a matter of course. This is very true about my knowledge about music. I think I know a great deal about music, but there are many people who know much more about everything I know something about.

    Agon: To seriously review topics traditionally excluded from mainstream debate. On Last.fm.
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  • I know pretty much fuck all but I love music and know more than most of my friends.

    That's all I can be arsed to say about that.

  • of course i love all the music i listen to...

    but i have so many bands that i like, but never listen to on my own...that i'd enjoy listening to but would never actually bother to research or listen to more deeply than what other people play for me.

    I wouldn't say that i have a limited taste in music, i'm quite open, i won't judge a band on their name, or even a single song.

    honestly i do not listen to much variety, but that is just what i've found to like best. who's to say that listening to every single fucking type of music is the best taste in music?

    seriously, you can't really like every band that you hear equally. or even every musically talented band...some sounds just might drive you crazy.

    i don't get rating other people's tastes, or your own. listen to what makes you happy, and if you plan to be a musician of some sort, or are just curious, widen your horizons.

    who's to say which is better?

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  • grrr, so much undiscovered music still to explore!


    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 9 Oct 2007, 21:08

  • I'm pretty much stuck in the past and when I try to expand my horizon, I always return to the old ones.
    But I'll give myself a nice 7/10..

  • 9/10. sorry to affend anyone, but i HATE rap, and country. i mean, who waits to record and album till the get sick so they sound all nasly?!?!?! BOB DYLAN! thats not talent, thats stupid.sorry...
    hip hop is bad, but since i hear it a lot at school, i dont hate, it but i dont listen to it on my own time...
    i am open to every thing else!

    i <3 Michael Jackson
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