What is your vision lacking performance?

  • What is your vision lacking performance?

    There's plenty of combinations already, but infinity of grounds is still to be revealed. Do you have any specific visions of black metal arranged differently than it's already done?

  • I want to see more Jazz and Raw Black Metal. Carpathian Forest did a few songs like that and Shining and Ihsahn are doing it. I really think if that combo can bloom it will influence a lot of interesting future bands. Progressive/Avant Garde Black Metal is picking up a lot of speed and it's awesome! the Atmospheric Black Metal like Darkspace where it tries to be space-like is incredibly interesting as well.

  • Oh! Sigh also does Swing Black Metal. :D

  • Gagaku black metal, I haven't really found a band making that kind of stuff. Same for Dark Psychedellic Trance+black metal and Gamelan black metal. All can be extremely atmospheric and interesting. For all around mindfuck: black metal+vocaloid xD

  • Blackened Glam Metal.

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