• Mo Beatz releases new capital single ‘5 Star General’

    4 Mar 2015, 16:25 by mobeatz1

    The DJ, composer and producer of instrumental hip hop known as Mo Beatz has released his latest flagship single, “5 Star General.” The track has been proudly published on the Mo Better Beatz independent music label without the influence or participation of the corporate music industry. Full of groove, packed with drum ‘n’ bass, and emotionally charged with the social injustices of the continuing struggle for true, civil rights in the United States, “5 Star General” by Mo Beatz is a hard-hitting hip-hop instrumental with a striking official video available soon for viewing worldwide.

    Mo Beatz is the creator of such popular hip-hop releases as “Mo Better Beatz than Blues” and “Black Devils,” both of which have come to be seen as blueprint examples of how to make quality hip-hop and rap compositions in the modern music era. “5 Star General” takes Beatz’s ingenuity up a notch from his shadowy chord progressions and urban-styled drum tracks to add an evocative visual component that has a strong social statement to make.

    “’5 Star General’ is a bass-thumping, orchestral-sounding instrumental single with an intense cinematic vibe,” writes Mo Beatz. “The title came about because the strings in the track sound so aggressive. It has a dramatic, warlike, movie-scene feel to it but with hard hip-hop drums on top.”

    Concerning the video (available for public viewing online worldwide soon) Mo Beatz writes: “It’s also because of [the song’s dramatic power] that led to the idea to shoot an intense YouTube video inspired by Michael Jackson’s ‘Man in the Mirror,’ with a message of ‘Let’s help heal the world and stop the violence.’ The video was edited in New York City by a video director who goes by the name of Donald Robinson Cole and contains footage of mostly non-violent protests from around the world.”

    “5 Star General” by Mo Beatz is the followup single to his “Black Devils” track which appeared in fall of 2014. Both are available for listening and download online worldwide. Also be sure to watch for the release of Beatz’s official “5 Star General” music video on the World Wide Web soon. [youtube][/youtube]
  • Mo Beatz releases new single 'Black Devils'

    28 Nov 2014, 05:15 by mobeatz1

    The producer of hip hop known as Mo Beatz has released his latest single,"Black Devils.”The track is the followup official single to his 2013 LP record,“Mo Better Beatz than Blues.”Both have been proudly published on the Mo Better Beatz independent record label.Shadowy, crisp and bearing a razor-sharp edge,“Black Devils” by Mo Beatz is evidence that this Nigerian-born hip-hop artist is here to stay. Mo Beatz cites as main artistic influences such titanic names as Quincy Jones,Michael Jackson,Bob Marley,Fela Kuti,John Lennon,Pete Rock,and J. Dilla.His own style on“Black Devils”takes cues from the early'90s hip-hop tracks,many of the best of which which used sparse,deep beats and minimalistic loops,often with eerie melody lines to create a subtly nightmarish ambiance.This atmosphere is thick in“Black Devils,”and Mo Beatz uses it expertly to provide a rolling groove that pulses like a beating heart and pours from stereo speakers like running water.
    Producer Mo Beatz describes his latest track in no uncertain terms.
    “'Black Devils,'”he writes,“is a dark and bass-heavy track that you can ride to in the car, and also hear bounce from wall to wall through the speakers as deejays blast it in the clubs.”
    Mo Beatz cut his teeth in the hip-hop scene of the 1990s, but soon grew tired of working with other producers and began working in the studio himself.In not much time, his beats were in high demand for up-and-coming singers and rap artists.This,also,would come to an end.
    “However,” his official artist's bio relates,“due to the lack of freedom, airplay, respect for the underground artists and their creativity,and the constant changes in the music industry,Mo Beatz decided to take a break from music and went on a little hiatus.During this time,he would listen to some of his favorite music and got inspired from instrumental albums by such artists as J. Dilla and Madlib.”
    It was this deep appreciation he felt for these talented performers which sparked his renewed vigor as a musician in his own right.Nevertheless, his perspective had permanently altered.He would become an instrumental artist and composer,rather than merely a producer.
    “I love making music,” he writes.“It's a passion of mine.The money is secondary, but the joy of making a song and having somebody else feel it is priceless. That's the validation.”
    “Black Devils”by Mo Beatz is now available online worldwide. DOWNLOAD BLACK DEVILS
  • Mo Better Beatz Than Blues By Mo Beatz

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