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Group for friends and supporters of the experimedia record label.

experimedia is a record label, arts organization, and online record shop based out of Ohio, United States which is involved in the digital and physical publication, promotion, and distribution of exploratory music and visual arts. The Experimedia catalog covers a broad stylistic palette of exploratory music including ambient, electronica, electro-acoustic, experimental, dance, sound-art, microsound, glitch, avant-garde, abstract, minimalist, and more.

The Experimedia online mailorder shop has recently expanded to include the availability of releases from other select labels and artists. This is intended to make more conveniently available some of the worlds most innovative experimental music. By including labels from overseas countries such as Japan, England, Germany, Austria, Australia, and more we intend to make more readily and conveniently available, music from around the globe within the United States.

Experimedia also acts as a community based platform for creative and conceptual media projects based upon collaborative research and project development efforts. The projects.experimedia.net domain and the Experimedia Projects Wiki have been developed to facilitate the collaborative information gathering and organization for these research efforts. The goal is that the Experimedia Projects Wiki will become a large resource of relevant information to the exploratory sound and visual arts community as well as a historical account of the collaborative efforts involved with Experimedia related projects. If you are an artists interested in contributing research data to our Projects Wiki or would like to initiate and curate a project within our framework please feel free to contact Experimedia for access and permissions.


The Experimedia catalog of physical releases, and free digital releases features work by the following artists:

Carlos Suárez, Jonas Ruchenhever, Ryonkt, OFFTHESKY, Billy Gomberg, JASON / SHINOBU, Shinobu, Ian D Hawgood, Sylvie Walder, Koen Park, Asymmetrical Head, jeremy bible & jason henry,Jeremy Bible, Halfadder, Illusion of Safety, Paul Mahoux, BOX, Milieu, Hydroplane, Resynthesize, Miles Tilmann, kruhft, Bell Labs, the jack bohlen book club, Bazaar, Casio Commander, Grasshoppa, Vhom, BRTLMN, Fieldtriqp, Phase for Stereo, Dissolved, AWT, Mosca, Jed Whitaker, Helen Keller, Silo Romano, Plantre, Amoeba With Mouth, Loafeye, Project 65, Idee Fixe, jbible, Mesu Kasumai, Tangible, In Broken Key, Jason Henry, burke henry bible, Chloroplastic, tibbar, meadows and labyrinths, WordSalad, androne, tauboo, Qorser, Maphive, omeggga:blue, A Compulsion, bigballincolin, Evil Vili, brady wilks, dorian albatross, The Word of God, betamax family, Kaylow, Ourson, thak, the blaok project, Antidisastablishmentarianism Man!, Earthman, brother thadeus, Acid Burp, Nick S, DJet, Freqtronik, Port orchard, Marshal Watson, 1KB, Octoforce, Pym, Dane Jacobs, Mrs. Jynx, Blue Vitriol, Solenoid, Sekret Hush, Sascha Mueller, Legowelt, Soundbionics, Max Marlow, Sunao Inami, glasse, Nubot, OCP, Bangkok Impact, Orgue Electronique, It & My Computer, Luke Eargoggle, chenGOD, yan g, Bizzart, big Epoch, Chris Moss Acid, MasKinE, Dreamcrusher, Niture, Five Step Path, cheonyi, Cubus.

Experimedia is also operates a mailorder catalog with releases by the following:

labels: 1000füssler, 12K, LINE, and/oar, audiobulb, Dragon's Eye, duckbay, experimedia, Gears of Sand, INFRACTION, koyuki sound, Molotov, Mute, nexsound, non visual objects, patternbased, ROOM40, Slaapwel, Spekk, Touch, winds measure.

artists: Adam Pacione, Alla Zagaykevych, Aloof Proof, Amplifier Machine, Andrey Kiritchenko, Arsenije Jovanovic, Asher, Asmus Tietchens, Asymmetrical Head, Autistici, Brian Eno, Jah Wobble, Busdriver, Celer, Christopher McFall, civyiu kkliu + ilya monosov, Eluder, Erikm, Luc Ferrari, Thomas Lehn, Evapori, For Barry Ray, Fourcolor, Francisco Lopez, Friedl & Vorfeld, Funckarma, Greg Davis & Jeph Jerman, Gregory Büttner, Gutevolk, He Can Jog, Heribert Friedl, Ignaz Schick + Dawid Szczesny, Illusion of Safety, Janek Schaefer, Jason Kahn & Asher, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Jeremy Bible, jeremy bible & jason henry, Joe Grimm, Jos Smolders, Kamran Sadeghi, Kiln, Koen Park, Lawrence English, Lloyd Barrett, Low in the Sky, M.Rösner, Machinefabriek, Stephen Vitiello, Marc Manning, Mathieu Ruhlmann, Matt Borghi, Ben Fleury-Steiner, Michael Northam, Minoru Sato (m/s, SASW) + ASUNA, Minoru Sato, sasw, Asuna, Moskitoo, Mou, Lips!, Northern, oSone, Perlonex, Keith Rowe, Charlemagne Palestine, Pjusk, Richard Chartier, Richard Garet, Robin Fox & Clayton Thomas, Rod Cooper, Sawako, Schurer > Steinbrüchel, Seth Nehil & Matt Marble, Son of Rose, Stefan Funck, Steinbrüchel, Steve Peters, Taylor Deupree, Taylor Deupree, Christopher Willits, Kenneth Kirschner, Tomas Korber, Aaron Ximm, Tenniscoats, The Moglass, Tomas Phillips, Tujiko Noriko, Tyler Potts, Various Artists, Vend, Will Montgomery, Heribert Friedl, Wyndel Hunt, thom heileson, Yann Novak, Yui Onodera, Yuki Kaneko, Zavoloka, AGF.

HISTORY [20090927] //

In the summer of 2000 Experimedia was founded, originally as the name for a weekly experimental multimedia event at gallery and performance venue The Peanut Gallery located in Akron, Ohio. During these events recordings were made (now lost) which led to the initial presence of experimedia on the web by making these recordings freely available. In the fall following that summer the venue was closed.

The following summer another venue was found which acted not only as a performance space but as a gallery workshop for many local artists. This venue became known as The Archetype Group Studios also in Akron, Ohio. At this venue many more events took place and from there Experimedia events expanded into other venues in surrounding areas including Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Cincinnati, and Columbus. Over the next several years many fantastic events took place and Experimedia became a staple in the local experimental and electronic music and arts community. At this point its hard to remember every artist at events Experimedia was involved with but here is a short list: Twine, Joshua Treble, Jimmy Edgar, Stewart Walker, Geoff White, Sutekh, DAT Politics, Legowelt, Orgue Electronique, Girl Talk, Hearts of Darkness, Joe Williams, White Williams, Matt Borghi, Michael Kirson-Goldapper, geoff nostrant, 20goto10, Notek, Tretcher, Emotional Joystick, Curtis Chip, Destro, Le Syndicat Electronique, It & My Computer, porn.darstellar, Ottomas Adventure, Helen Keller, Sendex, $tinkworx, Speculator, Bangkok Impact, tlr, Macho Cat Garage, Novamen, Ultradyne, AUX 88, Tangible, Mesu Kasumai, Project 65, DJ Overdose, Ectomorph, Solvent, The Mitgang Audio, Pole, Andrew Pekler, Mitchell Akiyama, Invasion Planete. Experimedia was also responsible for the organization and management of the US Tour for French experimental electro label Invasion Planete.

During this time the Experimedia net-label was born which grew and developed over the years to include a broad range of experimental artists and styles. There was also one 12inch compilation released under Experimedia's Molotov sub-label which is now a rare and sought after item.

Between the years 2003 and 2005 Experimedia hosted, managed, and programmed a local pirate FM radio station, Radio Free Canton. This radio station had about a 10 mile radius broadcast area and featured 24/7 commercial free obscure music from a broad spectrum of styles. The station would also rebroadcast some independent shows, most notably Negativland's radio show, Over The Edge. The Experimedia House at the time was a strange sight to see as it had an FM antennae sticking about 100 feet off the top of the house. This came to an end when the antennae was struck by lightning (even though it was grounded), taking out the transmitter, the computer used to program the station from, and many other electronics throughout the house. The antennae was thus passed back onto other members of the station's circle of friends and has since been repaired and back on air with new programmers. Amidst this time period the focus on events gradually lessened while the focus on the net-label increased.

2007 - began releasing cd format
2008 - increase in cd releases with newly designed custom packaging
2008 - expansion into a mailorder record shop

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  • majorel

    *AR - Echoless http://aeolian.bandcamp.com/album/echoless *AR is Richard Skelton & Autumn Richardson

    17 Aug 2013 Reply
  • jbjh

    Jasper TX, Anduin, Jeremy Bible & Jason Henry - July 8 Cleveland http://www.last.fm/event/1099209

    8 Jun 2009 Reply
  • jbjh

    nigel samways veilleur de nuit exp051 // Experimedia brings you the new EP from English sound artist Nigel Samways is part audio diary, part sonic love letter to the city of Paris. Based around field recordings made on the rainy streets of a night time metropolis - we find memories from magnetic tape & digital disc resurfacing to drift amongst re workings of multiple versions of Cole Porter's standard 'I Love Paris'. Here, distant jazz piano dissolves into steaming kitchen doorways emerging from labyrinthine side streets in an evocation of a personal recollection. This work constitutes a companion piece of sorts to his previous "Mestre Full Stop" EP which was based around field recordings made around Venice, Italy. // http://www.experimedia.net/catalog/exp051/exp051mp3.zip http://www.experimedia.net/catalog/exp051/exp051flac.zip // In a strange tale of coincidence... our friend Christian at the Resting Bell label just released their rb051 release today! // http://experimedia.net

    30 Jan 2009 Reply
  • jbjh

    mental health consumer the measurement spoils the data Scientist and artist Brian Ruskin (aka Mental Health Consumer) seeks to achieve the careful balance between the calculated and emotive, well-crafted music that also resonates with the listener. His new EP, The Measurement Spoils the Data is inspired by the differences between spring and autumn. exp050mp3.zip exp050flac.zip

    15 Dec 2008 Reply
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