• Underrated bands you seriously, seriously need to give a chance - Part I

    2 Sep 2007, 16:34 by kidofthecentury

    I'm a little upset about people @, they only listen to things someone else listens and that way many bands have been ignored for too long. Some of those bands are just not popular, others are criminally underrated and most of them you just don't have mp3s to listen to.
    Well, this time I've thought about everything so take your seat, take a look at this journal entry and prepare yourself to discover music you never thought about.

    First of all, I'll look at my own charts and start recommending one of my favourite bands ever: Enchant. They play some kind of with a little (verry little to be honest) and the result is just OMFG. Ted Leonard is one of the most awesome singers I've ever heard and it can be proved with their superb Live At Last record and that one is an excellent beginning with this band. I also recommend picking Blink Of An Eye first if you can't find Live At Last, or my favourite by them: Juggling 9 Or Dropping 10.

    Next in my list is Rishloo. They play what I'd call " " (yeah, WTF) that can remind you of Tool and A Perfect Circle. Their debut album, Terras Fames is very influenciated by the mentioned bands, but in their sophomore release, Eidolon, they reached their own identity and now are amazing. And yes, I know they look like emo kids, but you should give them a chance anyway, you won't regret about it ;)

    There's a band I discovered a couple of months ago just because they are uknown! Yeah, at least for me they weren't easy to get and when I finally did I fell in love. This band is Jadis, a british group of musicians I found because of Frost*. They sound similar to Marillion, Arena and all those neo prog bands, but there's something about them I couldn't explain that makes me love them so much... I guess it's the nice melodies' fault. Try More Than Meets the Eye or Fanatic first and don't expect anything heavy here :P

    Some time ago I was obsessed about a - power trio named Firebird. They sound like the best of the '70s but guess what... they're not an old band but the last efford of the ex-Carcass, ex-Napalm Death guitarist Bill Steer. Come on, I could never imagined Bill was able to do something like this... I mean, he's a son of a bitch motherfucking genius!!!! They've released four albums, being Bill the only band member in of them (yeah, it's *his* band) and I'd recommend Hot Wings.

    In the vein of comes Cast, a Mexican band very, very prolific, having released albums twice or even three times a year! Well, they sound like nothing I've heard before and that's excellent but yet difficult for me to explain why you should try them. Let's put things this way: take Marillion or Pendragon, give them latin roots and add then traverse flute, saxophone and you'll get Cast. Yeah, absolutely amazing.
    Try Al-Bandaluz first, trust me ;)

    Well, this is enough for now, if you wonder where you can get those cuties, take a look at my profile :P