• 20 Things That Need to Happen In Music In 2013: New Paramore, Thirty Seconds To…

    7 Jan 2013, 11:21 by Katie_7

    1.) A New Jonas Brothers Album: While there was that solo album from Joe Jonas, a Broadway role for Nick, a reality show for Kevin, a "reunion" performance in New York City, as well as assurances from the Jonas boys that there's music on the way, there still hasn't been a new album of Jonas Brothers material since 2009. And if you've ever seen fans lined up outside one of their appearances, (or been to one yourself), you know they're not a patient bunch.

    2.) A New Tokio Hotel Album: Speaking of taking your time, the architecturally coiffed German rockers Tokio Hotel have been been out of the action for almost as long. It's not like excitement from fans is dying down either, based on our Musical March Madness tournament, and the O Music Awards, but there hasn't been any **official** word on new releases since their best-of and live albums in 2010. Are they afraid of causing some sort of international panic incident when millions of fans around the world faint with glee simultaneously when it finally comes out? That's probably it.

    3.) A New Paramore Album: Finally, a bit of actionable intelligence we can work with here, because Paramore finally set a date for the release of their fourth album, Paramore, on April 9, 2015. (Kidding, kidding, the new Paramore album comes out April 9, 2013). Maybe they spent all that time trying to come up with a better title? BTW, the title of the first single is "Now," which is roughly when fans of the pop-punk cuties want to hear it. Fortunately, they'll only have to wait a couple weeks.

    4.) A New 30 Seconds To Mars Album: More like 30 years to a new album, right? We know that 30 Seconds to Mars frontman Jared Leto has been busy acting again lately, but would it kill him to get back to what made fans fall for him in the first place? Oh wait, that was acting. You know what we mean. In their defense, the band did play about 50 kajillion shows and set a world record touring around the world in the last couple years, so let's cut them a little slack. Plus, as Leto has said of the new album, set for a 2013 release, "I really think that this could be the best thing that we've ever done."

    5.) A New A Day To Remember Album: Are you also saying their new album is some of the best material they've written? A Day To Remember's Jeremy McKinnon said, "I know people say that with every album, but I know it is." They've been cryptically dropping teasers, so fans should hurry over to the website now and find out what they got you for Christmas. Maybe it's a puppy?

    6.) A New Evanescence Album: Maybe we're just impatient, since Evanescence did technically just release the final single from their last self-titled album in May, but COME ON! We're not saying three Evanescence albums isn't enough. We're just saying WE REALLY NEED A FOURTH EVANESCENCE ALBUM!

    7.) A New Miley Cyrus Album: Did you wish for a new Miley Cyrus album on your last birthday? Guess what! It worked! Magic is real. Last we saw, Miley was in the studio with a couple of dudes you may have heard of by the names Pharell Williams and Tyler, the Creator. And Pharrell himself told us Miley's next album is totally not what you think it'll be. Now all we need is Miley's release date... and Miley's wedding date.

    8.) A New Britney Spears Album: While we love Britney Spears on "The X Factor," it'd be nice to see her working a bit of her own x-factor magic back in the studio in 2013, especially since we've already played "Till The World End" 10,000 times in a row and people are starting to think we're weird. (Screw them, though!) Sure, Brit may have been the top-earning woman in music in 2012, and that's very nice to hear and all, but we can't exactly dance to it.

    9.) A New Beyoncé Album: When you're Beyoncé, which you're not, sadly , you can pretty much call up anyone you want and get them to work on a new song starting yesterday. For her forthcoming record, she's already got tracks in the works with Hit-Boy, Kanye West, and Miguel, who must have really thought he was in the middle of a Kaleidoscope Dream when he got that call.

    10.) A New Justin Timberlake Album: We know he said he can't "pump out albums every year," and fine, we get that, but how about every seven years? At least we all got to hear Justin Timberlake sing a new song at his wedding. Remember that? Oh, you weren't there? Yeah, me either. (#hangsheadsolemnly)

    11.) Lady Gaga's ARTPOP to Come Out: Last we heard Lady Gaga had some 50 songs to choose from for her forthcoming ARTPOP, (and we tried to help her narrow things down a bit). But since she didn't seem to speed the process along, how about this for a solution: 50-song album. Boom, problem solved. Or, failing that, five 10-song albums, one a day every day for five days. Does that work for everyone? Cool.

    12.) A Destiny's Child Reunion: While we're all ecstatic about Beyoncé's appearance at the 2013 Super Bowl, the only thing that would make that any more exciting is if she brought teammates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams out of the locker room. And then, you know, made an album, and won the Super Bowl on a last-minute touchdown pass to Kelly.

    13.) A New Mariah Carey Album: Speaking of wins, Mariah Carey sounded positively "Triumphant" on the single of the same name she released over the summer. If that's a taste of things to come on her 14th (woh) album this year, then it seems like we all win.

    14.) A New Katy Perry Album: It's been nice of Katy Perry to take a little bit of a break (if you call having one of the highest-grossing music concert films of all time "taking a break") and let some of the other singers have a chance at hit singles. But it's time she get back to work, isn't it? For all we know it might not even be a collection of pop hits, based on what she's said about the darker direction her next album is likely to take. Katy Perry death-metal album anyone?

    15.) A New Robyn Album: Oh, Robyn. When you release the type of album so perfect that every song feels like its own little miracle, it makes the wait for the next album cycle feel so much longer. In the meantime, if you need us, we'll just be over here in the corner dancing on our own.

    16.) A New Janelle Monae Album: What, you think appearing on one of the biggest and best songs of the year -- fun.'s "We Are Young" -- pulling in a handful of MTV Video Music Award nominations, and six Grammy nominations, and managing to be the cutest ever while giving out perfect advice was enough? There hasn't been an album of new material from Janelle Monae since 2010, which isn't very fun at all.

    17.) Taylor Swift Dating Someone For More Than Three Months: On the one hand, Taylor Swift seems like a sweet chick, and we want her to be happy, buuuuuut, then again, breakups are kinda Taylor's thing and usually make for good songwriting material, so you can see how we're conflicted here. That said, HAYLOR 4EVER!

    18.) Chavril's Wedding: Biggest music wedding of the year? Biggest music wedding of the year. That year just happens to be about 10 years ago, but we're still psyched -- the '90s were awesome! While we've already heard what a musical baby from #Chavril (Avril Lavigne + Chad Kroeger of Nickelback) might sound like. So it's high time for the Canadian music royalty to make it official!

    19.) Rihanna Publishes A Book Of Her Twitter/Instagram Photos: Rihanna looks good in just about anything she's wearing, (or not wearing), and we love her constant stream of Instagram and Twitter photos, but wouldn't it be nice to have them all collected together in one big book we could keep on the coffee table/hidden under the bed?

    20.) Kimye's Wedding: Against all odds, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian actually seem like the perfect couple. (Second cutest couple of 2012 behind Jay and Bey. Well, Wiz and Amber are way up there, too, but Kimye is still SO good!) Did not see that one coming. You know what they say: First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the reality show about the marriage, so let's speed this one along, shall we?
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    Se alguém quiser me add no facebook o email é
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    22 Sep 2011, 01:51 by Cle_Evanescence

  • Pokemon Gothic and Pokemon Symphonic POKEDEX COMPLETE

    2 Jan 2011, 22:29 by CGholy


    Yay for special editions.

    1. Tarja (Fire)
    2. Sharon den Adel (water)
    3. Liv Kristine (grass)
    4. Anette Olzon (Normal) Can evolve to any type, like Eevee.
    5. Amy Lee (Ice)
    6. Christina Aguilera (poison/fire)
    7. Britney Spears (fire/flying)
    8. Roy Khan (dragon/fire)
    9. Simone Simons (Fire/Dragon)
    10. Michael Jackson (ghost)
    11. Nicki Minaj (Steel)
    12. Emilie Autumn (dark/water)
    13. Robert Westerholt (electric)
    14. Tuomas Holopainen (bug) Only females can evolve to Katy Perry
    15. Katy Perry (bug/flying)
    16. Lady Gaga (electric)
    17. Vibeke Stene (Ice)
    18. Lisa Middelhauve (fire/psychic)
    19. Maxi Nil (ice)
    20. Nienke de Jong (poison/dark)
    21. Andrea Datwyler (grass)
    22. Sabine Edelsbacher (electric)
    23. Charlotte Wessels (fighting)
    24. Anneke van Giersbergen (flying)
    25. Floor Jansen (normal)
    26. Kelis (Rock)
    27. Madonna (dragon/dark)
    28. Ben Moody (fighting)
    29. Alexander Krull (dark/ground)
    30. Meat Loaf (Ground/Flying)
    31. James Hetfield (Dark/Steel)
    32. Seal (water/flying)
    33. Shakira (ground/fighting)
    34. Cristina Scabbia (fire)
    35. Martijn Westerholt (grass)
    36. Alla Fedynitch (ice/ghost)
    37. Nell Sigland (fire)
    38. Tim Curry (fighting/grass)
    39. Fergie (normal)
    40. Jonsu (grass/electric)
    41.Michael Kiske (water)
    42. Johnny Gioeli (steel)
    43. Frida Ohrn (flying)
    44.Emily Ovenden (fire)
    46. Mark Jansen (dark/poison)
    45. Scott Stapp (psychic/fighting)
    47. Helen Vogt (steel)
    48. Fernando Ribeiro (dark/poison)
    49. Peter Steele (steel)
    50. Carly Smithson (ghost)
    51. Marcela Bovio (fire)
    52. Mariangela Demurtas (ground/fighting)
    53.Ailyn (flying)
    54.Morten Veland (ice)
    55. Siobhan Donaghy (Ghost/water)
    56. Mutya Buena (Fire/flying)
    57. Lotta Höglin (water)
    58. P!nk (normal)
    59.Sarah Brightman (psychic/dragon)
    60. Mana (dark/psychic)
    61. Sakis Tolis (ground/steel)
    62. Jade Ewen (fire/ground)
    63. Amelle Berrabah (grass/ground)
    64.Heidi Range (ice/grass)
    65.Keisha Buchanan (electric/ground)
    66. Taylor Swift (grass)
    67. Andrew Fletcher (dark)
    68. Martin L. Gore (dark/water)
    69. Dave Gahan (dark/electric)
    70. Alan Wilder (Dark/ghost)
    71. Hannah Montanna (normal) [Miley Cyrus when holding the Disney Stone]
    72. Miley Cyrus (normal)
    73. "Weird Al" Yankovic (any pokemon can evolve into Weird al with the weird stone and will maintain it's type.)
    74. Justin Beiber (Noob/Normal)(When you breed Michael Jackson with Tuomas.)
    75. Kanye West (dark/fighting)
    76. Justin Timbalake (grass/fighting)
    77. Anders Jacobsson (dark/rock)
    78. Lisa Johansson (psychic)
    79.Sonya Scarlet (ghost/poison)
    80. Lord Vampyr (ghost)
    81. Lil' Kim (Steel)
    82.Lil' Wayne (normal)
    83. Chris Barnes (steel)
    84. Katie Price (normal)
    85. Will Young (normal)
    86. 50 Cent(steel)
    87. 2Pac (steel)
    88. Jay-Z (Rock/Ground)
    89. Alica Keys (grass)
    90. (dark/electric)
    91. Taboo (dark/electric)
    92. Cheryl Cole (water)
    93. Nicola Roberts (fire)
    94. Usher (dark/fire)
    95. Rihanna (fire)
    96. Slim Shady (fire)
    97.Akon (dark)
    98. Leona Lewis(water)
    99. Cher Llyod (Normal)
    100. Cher (rock)
    101. Beyoncé (fire/water)
    102.Kim Wilde (rock)
    103.Klaus Nomi (dark)
    104. Tracey Chapman (fighting/ground)
    105. Willow Smith (Electric) [breed Will Smith]
    106. Will Smith (Electric)
    107. Emma Bunton (normal)
    108. Melanie B (normal)
    109. Melanie C (normal)
    110. Victoria Beckham (normal)
    111. Geri Halliwell (normal)
    112. Ashley Tisdale (normal)
    113. Vanessa Hudgens (dark)
    114.T.A.T.U (Electric/rock) (Lena Katina and Julia Volkova in the same party and both over level 18)
    115. Lena Katina (electric)
    116. Julia Volkova (electric)
    117. Shirley Manson (Electric/dark)
    118. Ricky Wilson (rock)
    119. Candice (fromEths ) (Grass/Steel)
    120. Courtney Love (rock)
    121. Alanis Morissette (grass)
    122. Leona Lewis (water)
    123. Brian Molko (rock/dark)
    124. Stefan Olsdal (rock)
    125. Stephen Fry (steel)
    126. Hugh Laurie (steel)
    127. David Bowie (electric/rock)
    128. Cascada (electric/water)
    129. Nelly (ground)
    130. Nelly Furtardo (posion)
    131. Lily Allen (posion)
    132. Freddie Mercury (rock)
    133. Kate Bush (pyschic)
    134. Luciano Pavarotti (ghost)
    135. Johnny Cash (rock/pyschic)
    136. David Garret (ice)
    137. Alexander Rybak (ice)
    138. Christofer Johnsson (steel)
    139. Andrew Llyod Webber (dragon)
    140. Paul McCartney (rock)
    141. Jack Black (rock)
    142. Dolly Parton (rock)
    143. Ke$ha (electric/fire)
    144. Paris Hilton (psychic/grass)
    145. Ozzy Osbourne (steel/dark)
    146. Elvis Presley (Electric/Ghost)
    147. John Lennon (ghost)
    148.Rik Waller (normal)
    149.Björk (Ice/Dragon)
    150.Marcelo Cabuli (Dark/ghost)

    Default Moves may include
    Bootie Shake

    Gym Leaders



    Alice Cullen

    Doctor Who

    Franziska Von Karma

    Maya Fey

    Mr. Bean

    Main Characters - Luke and Flora

    Professor J.K Rowling and Professor Layton

    Rivals Harry Potter and Hermione Granger

    Nurse Marco

    Officer Emmpu - Always chasing down members of Team Hip Hop

    Elite Four: Fantina, Gandulf, Flannery and Voldemort

    Champion: Hermione.

    ===Team Hip Hop===
    Team: Taboo,, Fergie, Cheryl Cole, Nicki Minaj and Usher

    Exectutive Eminem
    Team: Slim Shady, Nicki Minaj, P!nk, Rihanna, Akon and 50 Cent.

    Exectutive Missy Elliot
    Team: Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Madonna, Usher and Jay-Z.

    Exectutive Snoop Dogg
    Team: Katy Perry, Alica Keys, Beyoncé, Fergie, Sharon den Adel and Tim Curry.

    LeaderSimon Cowell
    Team: Cheryl Cole, Rik Waller, Will Young, Leona Lewis, Justin Beiber, and Cher Llyod.
  • Banda Brasileira plagia SUGARCULT!

    18 Sep 2010, 02:03 by kellmsa

    "Brazilian band plagiarizing music from Sugarcult. MEMORY USIC is the band's name is SOOBWAY. He traded THE LETTER OF MUSIC, BUT ALL IS equal"

    Eu não queria começar esse post com outra frase, a não ser essa entre aspas. Estava eu passeando por alguns foruns de discussões sobre sugarcult, quando vejo um video de um fã, dizendo que plagiaram a Banda Sugarcult.

    NA hora eu pensei que fosse mentira! Sugarcult nem são muito conhecidos no Brasil, mas, ninguem ousaria. Burrice minha pensar isso. Longo que começo a vê o video eu fiquei espantada com a semelhança das músicas.

    Vi e ouvir todo video e ainda não acreditava que alguém teve a coragem de plagia-los. Procurei por mais alguns videos e encontrei um video de explicação da banda. Rapidinho eu comecei a assistir e fiquei com mais raiva ainda, quando eles começaram a dizer que era só coincidencia e tal, MAIS NÃO ERA.

    Chegaram até a fingir não saber falar o nome da banda, que aqui no Brasil se pronuncia SUGARQUILT. O que me deu mais raiva ainda.

    Isso foi hoje a tarde, A noiute já tinha esquecido o assunto, quando entro no meu TWITTER, e por incrivel coincidência, vejo uma doida falando que SOOBWAY ( esse é o nome da banda) está on no Twitcam!

    Fui lá e começei a digitar

    P.S: Tive a decência de não xingar!

    Falei que nem perfil no last eles tinham, etc. Enquanto SUGARCULT tem mais de 10 milhões de execuções. Putz, fiquei muito revoltada. Na boa, eles podiam ter confessado. MAS NEM ISSO.

    O que me deu mais raiva e que bandas brasileiras podiam ter futuro, se começasse a se inspirarem em bandas como SUGARCULT, mais acharam melhor plagiarem, achando que não existia fãs de SUGARCULT, aqui no BRASIL!

    Que erro fatal!

    Muita gente pode me chamar de a-toa, mais não sou. Eu AMO sugarcult, e não quero vê bandas brasileiras jogando letras horriveis por cima do música e cantando como se fosse deles. SUGARCULT tem muito tempo de estrada, cara!


    P.S: primeira vez que me revolto desse tanto.
  • The Greatest Vol. 1

    7 Sep 2010, 17:38 by nick-felix

  • Guardian D world ~ A D forum and International Fan Club

    23 Aug 2010, 17:37 by GuilhermeDbanda

    Hello Dear D fans! I'm here to promote a D forum that is very good! I know the most of the people don't meet this forum, it's young! Let's go with me and with all D fans make this forum a true sucess! [] it's simple to register yourself here! And the best part is that with it, who knows D realize that there are so many fans around the world and decide make a world tour?
    More once I pray: let's support D!
    This forum called "Guardian D world" and it's with projects so fantastic, enter and meet so much more!
    Actually we have peoples from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, France, Equator, Germany, Greece, Italy, Paraguay, Peru, Romania, Russia, Spain and USA! Your country isn't here? So, please, join this forum and become a president of your country! I hope your help <3

    Thanks for attention
    GuilhermeDbanda, user of lastfm and president of "The rose relation" on Guardian D world !
  • My life according to... Evanescence. [1]

    24 Jun 2010, 20:17 by i_am_unnami

    Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions.
    It's a lot harder than you think!
    Repost as "my life according to (band name/artist.)"

    The Most Played Arist in my library:

    Pick your Artist:

    Are you a male or female?

    Describe yourself:
    The Only One

    How do you feel:

    Describe where you currently live:

    If you could go anywhere, where would you go:
    Farther Away

    Your favorite form of transportation:
    Heart Shaped Box

    Your best friend is:
    My Immortal

    What's the weather like?
    Listen to the Rain

    Favorite time of day:
    Before the Dawn

    If your life was a TV show, what would it be called:
    Fields Of Innocence

    What is life to you:

    What is the best advice you have to give:
    Call Me When You're Sober

    Thought for the Day:
    Lose Control

    My soul's present condition:
    Going Under

    My motto:
    The Last Song I'm Wasting on You (explain: I can wast on you everything)
  • Evanescence/Novo Álbum

    10 Aug 2010, 05:59 by WiltonBlack

    O Evanescence é minha banda favorita desde 2005, e me lembro muito bem das vezes em que eu escutava Bring me to Life, e ficava viajando como se eu fosse um RockStar. É claro que naquela época eu nem imaginava que essa seria a minha banda favorita, e que seria fonte de grandes inspirações pra mim. Me lembro do tempo passando, e aquela voz e aquelas canções permanecerem na minha vida. Elas foram se fixando, fixando, até que hoje eu sem a banda não sou nada. Eles me ajudaram se transformar em quem eu sou, me curaram da melancolia, me tiraram da solidão, me devolveram o sorriso, me fizeram chorar, me trouxeram a escuridão, me fizeram respirar...
    Por isso, dedico ess post à essa banda sem igual que eu nunca esquecerei e que bate forte em cada palavra que eu canto com meu coração.
    Evanescence Forever

    Breath No More
  • Subscribe or not?

    26 Jul 2010, 12:06 by nick-felix

    What do u think about ? While i thinking please answer on my wall :) THANKS