Help the innocent ones making the switch

  • Help the innocent ones making the switch

    Hey guys, I've started to really appreciate for all its worth, and dear god same goes for this group. I'm making the 'switch', or 'transition' towards more electronic music, but now that i live in the netherlands i NEED more. i don't mean to sound amateur or whatever, but lately the most 'electronic' i've got is tv on the radio, hot chip, boards of canada, notwist kinda stuff.

    but the boards of canada, and junior boys is more the kind of stuff i want to get into!

    SO, if anyone can help a canadian out, much apprecaited. if anyone is maknig the transition the OPPOSITE direction, i'll lend a hand.


    take care. be safe
    • womoma said...
    • User
    • 25 Sep 2006, 18:25
    Ill step up first and I wouldnt be surprised if theres many people who wanna reccommend some stuff.

    By the sounds of things you like electronic style stuff but arent too pushed on the overtly electronic house/club music.

    Along the lines of Junior Boys, Id like to reccommend Cut Copy.
    They really have some great stuff and if you like that "electroclash" type of thing also consider:
    Zoot Woman
    The Presets

    Also a big hit in the charts in this group, and well worth checking out are
    The Knife
    but with both of them its worth checkin out a few tunes because not all their material is that accessable.

    If you have lots of time on your hands, also check out VHS OR BETA, Fischerspooner, Dntel, Bonobo, Vitalic, Trentemoller...

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