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    • 13 Feb 2008, 00:20
    What about Liquid Mind ?

  • Autumn Tears should be added, too.

  • Please check out my Siouxsie-Bauhaus-Cure-influenced musical project Dada Dumdums
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    • 3 Dec 2008, 13:02
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    • 11 Dec 2008, 23:25
    don't know if I'm already in this list or not , but my music should probably be connected here - Tegan Northwood

    I have a new album coming out now through Endgame Records (Australia):
    Last Days Of Home: mix of electronica, jangly guitars, layered vocals, soundscape, field recordings.
    I usually get the Cocteau Twins comparison (past albums).

    Three of these tracks are remixes by Pete Rivett-Carnac from Single Gun Theory:
    Web To Protect (Pete Rivett-Carnac mix)
    Like The Sea (Pete Rivett-Carnac mix)

    also this:
    Inner Flow


    Endgame Records
  • Mors Syphilitica

    also Autumn from US is a pure ethereal wave...

  • Music for your Group!

    Album: The Landing
    Artist: David Clavijo
    Label: Podenco Recordings, Ibiza

    OUT NOW on Beatport "The Landing"

    A new concept of New Age Music lands of the hand of the composer David Clavijo and under the label with more projection of future of Ibiza, Podenco Recordings. "The Landing"

    To speak about "The Landing", is to speak of warm sounds and paces hypnotists who intermingle with the richest ethnic sounds. A fresh air mixes of ideas and melodies taken care even the most minimal detail, a work in which every track transports the listener to a world of tranquility and quiet, managing to be electrifying. Melodies that are recorded in the mind.

    "The Landing " a new concept of music.

    Tracking List:

    1. Dancing On The Moon
    2. Distant Love
    3. Es Vedrá
    4. Nowhere
    5. Sailing In My Dreams
    6. African Spirit

    David Clavijo Official Site

    Link to Beatport

  • Dark Patrick

    Dark Patrick's E.P "Riddles" would be a good connection! :)

  • Sati & Agama from Lithuania

  • For consideration

    Can I suggest These Crimson Dreams. Dreamy, ethereal vocals over swirly, spacey guitars.

    Suggested listening:
    Dance Alone


    Try These Crimson Dreams. Free download of new album Manaslu.
  • G.A.N. 665+1

  • heres a g.a.n. 665+1 lastfm page

  • 志方あきこ

    A great ethereal wave/dark wave. (:

  • Dark Patrick

    This is downtempo/ambient/ethnic-trance music with hurdy-gurdy, bandura, uilleann pipes, bodhran, woodwinds and hypnotic, haunting female vocals.

    Blessed Strangers

  • More to add...

  • Spooncurve

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