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Created on: 21 Aug 2010
With dedication, this legion hails the original, recondite black metal / dark ambient music of Li Chao.

“An unjust death is regarded as the world's most miserable thing as described in oriental folklores. The resentment of the victim left when he was alive will not disappear but grow even stronger and melt into a spirit, which could be wandering in every dark, charnel corner. Such spirits are trapped between this mortal world and the inferno, and never get the chance to be released. Suffering for a long time, these spirits would become evil and be full of hatred towards all living things. They cry and scream night by night, and are always attempting to murder the living if possible. Such spirits, namely, Enemite, are formed by such resentment of the souls that died an unjust death.”

Enemite is the musical manifestation of Li Chao, who created 巫怨 (Wuyuan: The Necrolatry), black metal’s single greatest achievement in 2004. Aesthetically, this is dark ambient with folk and industrial overtones but philosophically, an alienated album parallel in ideals to the second wave Norse movement lies within. The music here uses technology towards a ritualistic tradition, terrorizing the core of postmodern existence with an inventive sound and structure that defies convention. This album is authentically imbedded in eastern culture while simultaneously utilizing the gamut of western classicisms. It is intransigently anti-humanist as emotion here comes from the intangible, spiritual past rather than mere flesh and bone, resulting in a truly chilling, unsentimental but genuinely otherworldly experience.

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