The Truth

  • The Truth

    I would just like to point out that Rammstein pwns all.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 1 Mar 2005, 13:46
    I regret to inform you, sir, that you are mistaken. If you think Rammstein is better than, for example, Rasputina, you should be put down. You also have no taste and know nothing. Not to mention that you're an American pig-dog.

  • Good point, well made.

  • Rammstein are over-rated.

    There, I said it.

    We're young, we're fast, we're dangerous, and we're hard to catch!
  • American Pig. I think not. Anti-American if anything. But seeing as I really hate rock/punk/metal except Rammstein. Then ya, Rammstein > * (in its genre). But I guess my opinion is very valid since I don't like any other songs/band from the genre. I'm just pointing out that they poon.

  • Rammstein are a bunch of cardboard face pansies, and deserve contempt accordingly. I sneer at their unintelligable lyrics, their incessent growling, and shall instead listen to the peaceful mutterings of New Slang.


  • Lyrics doesn't have to be intellectual to make a good song.

  • No, you're right. You can have garbage lyrical content if the music makes up for it.

    Rammstein, however, fail on both counts =P

    We're young, we're fast, we're dangerous, and we're hard to catch!
    Edited by Psyonide on 8 Mar 2005, 10:03
  • Rammstein's music isn't garbage. Their beats are awsome and if they can motivate someone that hate the genre, then they are pretty good. Their lyrics, I don't care for much because I can't speak German, but I know most of the lyrics and they do sing about kind of pointless things, but it goes with the flow of the beat.

  • I was joking back there, just trying to rile you up. Hence the smily face thing.
    I'm not really into Rammstein, but they have their moments. I'm not going to go out and call them shitty just because I don't like their entire repertoire =)

    We're young, we're fast, we're dangerous, and we're hard to catch!
    • nek_ said...
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    • 10 Mar 2005, 15:02

  • You should wank to boobies nek, so i can win the contest :D

  • They're not bad... just not as good as people thinks it is. Woo for me.

    • Soeru said...
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    • 20 Mar 2005, 00:33
    Rammstein are a good introduction into metal, but once you check out more bands you'll realize that they aren't anything special. They're horribly overrated, but they do have some songs that even I still enjoy every now and then.

    Their lyrics are garbage, though. ;) I think that Finnish band, Tumiton Kali... uh, something, are much better. Ask GODJonez for the band name. :P

  • An into to metal is not what Im looking for because I hate metal/rock/punk/emo/etc. Rammstein, though, is the only band out of this genre I like.

  • Then you clearly need to broaden your horizons.

    We're young, we're fast, we're dangerous, and we're hard to catch!
    • Soeru said...
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    • 27 Mar 2005, 18:59


    Quoth Psyonide:
    Then you clearly need to broaden your horizons.


    Indeed, but not just in the metal genre, lots of rock and punk bands you're missing out on... Get some Bad Religion and Pearl Jam to start off...

  • Nothing ouch about it, I didn't mean it in a 'you suck because you don't listen to as much music as I do', rather a 'you're missing out on a metric-shitload of awesome music, you should try listening to some more' way.

    We're young, we're fast, we're dangerous, and we're hard to catch!
  • I really just don't like metal or rock. Not that i'm ignorant and havn't heard metallica or others. Its just that I do not like the music one bit.

  • I think that, since you've just said that you despise everything in the rock/metal genres, which are sort of the genres that Rammstein is aiming for, then your opinion is null-and-void because you haven't listened to enough music in each genre to know what to compare it to.

    For example, if you dived deeply enough into the genres you will find countless bands (some with only one song, but still) that are much, much better than Rammstein. And if I do say so myself, while they may put on a good performance and give it a good effort, for the most part I find that a lot of their stuff is repetitive and, failing to understand the language, meaningless.

    And everyone's fascination with "Du Hast" has totally ruined life for me.

    Rape me
  • Looking at your track listing, I can see that you seem to enjoy hip-hop/rap. Which, suffice to say, may appeal to some, but for the most part rap has gone everywhere it needs to go. There may be a few catchy songs here and there, but the lack of general evolution in the genre does not appeal to me.

    Now, this is the problem I have with your statement. According to your track listing, you listen to primarily rap/hip-hop songs. Nothing wrong with that, but what happens when you focus on one genre is that you start to lose sight of what else beyond that genre can accomplish, because you're so transfixed on that genre being "the genre to end all genres" that you can't quite see outside of this narrow band that you've created for yourself.

    This doesn't mean that you should start diving into a bunch of other hard-core metal bands right away. Perhaps start off a little slower. Find a hard-rock band that also deals with rap/hip-hop like lyrical styles. I can't think of any off the top of my head, 'cause I don't tend to go for those sorts of songs, but I'm sure someone else can aid me in this.

    What you'll find is that you'll start to progressively enjoy different genres of music. This doesn't mean you can go from rap to hip-hop to metal to emo to punk and back again in the same hour -- most people can't stand that. But what might happen is you'll see what other great music is out there that can suit different moods. Me, I'm partial to depressing, acoustic, melodramatic songs when I'm in a bad mood or when I'm feeling depressed (call it "emo" if you want, but I don't think it is). Or when I'm feeling real energetic, I like a good hard-rock/punk song to get me going. Or when I'm feeling like killing every motherfucker in existance, I turn on some heavy metal, sit there and thrash around, maybe headbang until my neck falls off.

    It's all about horizons.

    Rape me
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 26 May 2005, 10:04
    Primer 55 is "rap metal" or so. Might want to try that.

    • norgus said...
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    • 26 May 2005, 16:02
    In Flames I can understand people being over enthusiastic about, but Rammstein are... ok I guess. Im not much of a fan but they sound alright.

  • I think they are cool but over-rated... unlike the best band, Daft Punk, which are under-rated and are rated highly. =)

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